Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Illegal Money outflow the cause of the weak Ringgit

What is Bank Negara doing while the Malaysian currency is sliding further down the slippery slope ?Last december 2012,, Global Financial Integrity (GFI) reported in its Washinton DC based study that from 2001 to 2010, a massive outflow of U.S $285.24 Billion (rm$860 billion) was channelled illegally out of the country.When this was widely reported and circulated by the local media, Bank Negara Governor, Zeti made a public declaration that this disclosure of massive illegal outflows would be investigated and a statement would be made in three months time. This was one year ago and Zeti has still maintained her elegant silence .

You dont have to be a rocket scientist or an expert economist to fathom that massive outflows of funds both legal and illegal source is the single contributing factor causing the decline in the country's valuation of its currency.In a reverse situation where massive injection of foreign funds for investment in industries and the investment in public listed equities,takes place, we see a noticeable appreciation of the country's currency.Conversely when there is an exit of foreign funds we see a weakeing of the local currency.If the country's financial system is not strong such imminent exit could cause havoc to the country's financial system as experienced in the 1998 financial meltdown .

In our present situation, if Global Financial Integrity's report of a massive outflow of rm$860 billion is true and accurate then this alone should suffice to cause a gradual decline in the value of the country's currency.This year alone we see a 10% decline of our currency against the us dollars from rm$3.00 to $3.30 and a 9.3% decline in our currency against the U.K pounds.

When massive amount of money is transferred out of the country to be converted to either U.S dollars or U.k pounds, the end result is that Malaysian dollars will end up in the holdings of foreign banks or if it is exchanged locally then it will caused a depletion of our foreign currency holdings..Either way it is a scenario that will cause a decline in the value of our currency..The Law of supply and demand will simply dictate the value of the currency.. When more currency exit the value will decline and vice versa..

Unless and until Bank Negara exert more stringent measure to curtail both legal and illegal outflow of funds from the financial system, the decline of our currency will continue unabated.For the time being, Bank negara should even discourage statutory bodies and private companies from investing overseas. Only when the decline is arrested can they consider allowing funds to be invested overseas.

Bleak Future For Medical Graduates

New medical graduates as from next year face a bleak future if the statement by the President of Malaysian Medical Association , Datuk Dr. N.K.S Tharmaseelan becomes a reality.According to him, 'there were too many graduates and too many private medical colleges: almost 40 now for a population of 28 million.'

Once upon a time there was such a severe shortage of medical doctors that the govt had to introduce mandatory two years of Housemanship and three years of compulsory service. However the compulsory service has now been reduced to two years.

With 40 medical colleges now producing over 5000 medical graduates yearly, it is most likely that most of the doctors would not be able to be absorbed by govt hospitals to serve their mandatory Housemanship and compulsory two years service.

In view of the bleak prospect of medical graduates finding employment next year, it is imperative that the Health Ministry should immediately review the mandatory Housemanship and two years compulsory service for newly medical graduates..If the Health Ministry refuse to review this policy then its their duty and obligation to ensure that all medical graduates are given a place to serve their mandatory term of service..The Health Ministry cannot remain oblivious to the plight of medical graduates by enforcing a policy that is beyond their ability to fulfil.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mahathir: $20 Million consultancy Job. I can do it.

Mahathir, in his twilight years seem to have lost memory of his tenure as the P.M for 22 years.In those 22 years he was in power he had the authoritative power to do almost anything. He even had the courage to face off the rulers and in one uncompromising stance made changes to the Federal constituition to curtail the powers of the rulers.No leader in the past or even the present would have the intestinal fortitude to challenge the authority of the rulers but credit should be given to him for having that bravado.

Before serving his 22 years as P.M , Mahathir also served a stint as the Education Minister. If he had the vision then he could have transformed our nation into one that is competitive and excelling in the mastery of the English language of commerce. and technology. But instead he chosed the path for the nation to degenerate to that of a third world country with the mastery of the Bahasa Malaysia language.

What is the point of choosing a language that is not globally recognised and which cannot provide employment to those who have mastered it.? But Mahathir changed the whole structure of our education system by placing emphasis on Bahasa Malaysia and downgrading the emphasis of the english language.In one stroke of his foolish wisdom he cast aside a generation of english speaking Malaysians to one babaling in a tongue that no foreigners understood.

Today, there is no demand for our young talent overseas. We have lost the cutting edge advantage that Tuanku Abdul Rahman gave us when English was the medium of instruction. In the Silicon Valley in the States, we see thousands of asians from India, Phillipines and Singapore occupying positions in multi-national companies but none from Malaysia. Our graduates proficient in the Bahasa Malaysia can only survive in the Malaysian landscape and even that seems to have lost its ardour because even local multi national would prefer to employ those who can master the english language.

Mahathir should reflect on what he has done to put our education system to such a state of despair. The foot prints of his structural change still remain deeply embedded in our education system . So how could he now claimed that he can do a proper job of recommending a blue print for our education system when he failed to do it during his tenure first as the Education minister and later as the P.M for 22 years.?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Exodus Has Begun

Those who can have left. In fact statistic has shown that since 2007, 300,000 Malaysians mostly of chinese origin have left for foreign shores.. Surprisingly, 5000 Malays have also left Malaysia and mostly settled in Australia and new Zealand. Needless to say, most if not all who left are the cream of the Malaysian intelligensia.Most began their oversea stint as students or undergraduates in foreign Universities and subsequently apply for P.R status or citizenship.Many in this category would have opted to settle in their new country and have surrendered their Malaysian citizenship.

In view of recent political developments prior to and after the 13th General Elections, the impetus for migration has become more deliberate and urgent. Those with the financial means have already planned for their exit. Money outflows both legal and illegal have already seeped out of our financial system.Understandably , these money parked in foreign banks would provide a safe haven in the event of any catastrophic events occurring in Malaysia.

You dont need to be an expert politcal analyst to realise that our country , Malaysia has degenerated to be a country mired in muslim fanaticsm. Quite correctly stated by the elderly stateman Lee Kuan Yew that Malaysia has now embraced the more orthodox form of Islam.To prove this simple truth, one just have to view films of P.Ramlee produced during the early 60s during our most illustrous Prime Minister, Tuanku Abdul Rahman and the present era.In the film of that era you will find that malay girls wear skirt and do not wear any head scarves. But now, malay woman who do not wear headscarves are condemned and ostracised.Is that not a significant change to be more orthodox?

The current political scenario is very bleaked for non muslims.Religious fanaticsm is already now rearing its ulgly head.Racial discrimination in all spheres of the govt administration including education is becoming more apparent. There will come a time when the failure of the govt to manage the economy properly will be blamed on the chinese.This deja vu situation happening here will be akin to the situation in Nazi germany in the 1930s where the Jews were blamed for everything that happened in pre war Germany.And we know what happened to the fate of millions of Jews in Nazi Germany.

Our economy is currently on a downward spiral and in due course it will collapse caused by poor management of the country's financial system. Fitch's negative outlook of Malaysia's economy is only the begining. Soon outflow of foreign investment and capital will have dire consequences on our country's financial system.The immediate consequence of this will be the immediate devaluation of our currency.The loss of foreign investment and capital will caused massive unemployment and the main victims will be majority malay populace.

In such a worst case scenario, the stage is set for another may 13th where racial conflict will certainly flare.The chinese with their hard earned luxury and comfortable resdents will be the victims.The British and the Germans have planned their exodus by selling their valuable embassies where their land stood and instead rent temporary premises.

For those chinese who can afford to leave should leave now before its too late.Thousands of jews left for foreign shores during the Nazi regime. Many were forced to leave with only the clothes on their back but they survived. Those who remained and they formed the majority were gassed to death in the Holocast.There is a lesson to be learnt from this and it would do well for the chinese to learn from it

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A Kung Fu Actress got a Tan Sri


This year's Agong Honour's list caught alot of people by surprise. Unlike previous investiture, the customary Ministers and civil servants would fill the honours list. Many of them seem to have a penchant for repeat performances practically every year. One would think the recipient had done an extraordinary job in the execution of their duties. But some have been even lucky to receive the hinorary title even before embarking on any distingusih career.

One recent surprise recipient was the young son of MCA President Chua Tee Yong.. Hardly knocking thirty he was catapulted to contest his father's seat of Labis when the latter resigned his Minister and Parliament post over his sordid porno episode.In quick time, his father struck a bargain with Najib and the young protege was duly appointed a Deputy Minister.And in double quick time the young upstart was given a Datukship from malacca maybe perhaps for his boyish smile.

But the last week was really a surprise for the newly minted second time round Agong.In one stroke of his pen or was he adviced by Putrajaya, two distinguish gentlemen and a fame kung Fu exponent actress was awarded a distinguish Tan Sri and Datukship tittle. But what took many by surprise was the rain of villification accorded to the chinese Kung Fu exponent, Michelle Yeoh for her Tan Sri award. The remarks directed at her was pure vitrolic and full of hatred. Some calling her a bitch and a prostitute.The other two, Zang Toi and Jimmy Choo was unscathed by any disparage comments and was well received.

Many people attributed the adverse response to her fervent support for Najib and B.N. But then , this should not be the primary reason because supporting a party of your choice is an inherent right of a budding democracy.

My two cents worth is that Michelle Yeoh's profession in chinese culture and tradition are not worthy of any acclaim. Singers and actresses in chinese scale of respect is a lowly one. In fact it is an established fact of a singers and actress life to sleep their way on a director's couch in order to advance their career.That explains the low respect accorded to singers and actresses.. A famous tale often told was the story of the love life of the fame singer Theresa Teng. At the height of her singing fame she felt in love and was imminently poised to wed the son of a Hong Kong billionaire.. The matriach 's family made one conditon for Theresa Teng to abandon her flourishing fame career before she could marry her son.She opted not to comply with the condition and the rest was history. She continued her singing career with an aging caucasian lover and died under circumstances that could have been avoided had she lived and married the billionaire son.

Michelle Yeoh's current love life have not endeared herself to her many cinema goers fans. Her present and continuing romp with an aging podgy caucasian more fame for his wealth than anything else does not help to elevate Michelle's reputaion.And her continuing illicit fling with the caucasian Jean Todt has perhaps caused an explosion of disparaging remarks that is now flooding the social media.

Nurul's ban entry to Sabah- a shameful act

The recent ban by Sabah's immigration authorities of Nurul Izzah's entry into Sabah not only drew bipartisan criticisms but propelled our country to some degree of notoriety. No country which professed democracy has ever had the cause to ban its citizen from entering into another state which is part of the country's autonomy. But what makes the whole episode a mockery is that Nurul was not a normal persona non grata felon but an elected member of Parliament in the Federal Territory.

What makes it even more interesting was the statement by the newly minted Tourism Minister, Nazri who went on to justfy the ban as something 'based on the provisions of the Law for the safety of Sabahans'. Safety of Sabahans? Safety from whom? Did Nurul's visit posed a threat to the security and safety of Sabahans? What kind of rubbish is this idiotic Minister trying to say? If indeed Nurul was a security threat then it was incumbent of the Home Minister to arrest Nurul and charge her for any impending threats that she may posed. This kind of foolish reason offered by a member of the cabinet is pure fabrication and fiction done with the intention of blemishing the opposition's reputation. Even maverick B.N's politician from Kinabatangan Bung Mokhtar tweeted that the move was a 'mistake and a 'disaster'

According to the Sabah Immigration authorities , the ban was under the order of the Chief Minister Musa Aman who denied that the ban was politically motivated. If it was not politically motivated then what was it that had led to Nurul's ban? Further, the Immigration authorities comes under the Home Ministry which is a Federal authority. So how could Aman intervene to order the Immigration authority to ban Nurul? Unless of course this was done with the tacit approval of the Home Ministry which gave its official the green light to effect Aman's order for the ban. The ban has raised many questions as to the legitimacy of such a ban on its citizens in the absence of any valid reason. Further, does the chief Minister has authority to order a Federal agency to carry out an order which does not come under its jurisdiction. The fact that the Home Minister has chosen to remain silent when its authority and jusrisdiction have been encroached by the state govt only raised further suspicions that there was a covert conspiracy to ban Nurul from the begining.

Opposition member of Parliament must debate this issue with the govt and once and for all correct this anomaly. Such ridiculous situation has been allowed to fester for so long and Sarawak has also been one of the culprit exercising such unreasonable ban on Malaysian citizens. Malaysians deserve the right to know the legality of such frivolous actions by the whims and fancy of Chief Ministers who view their state as if it is their own private domain.

Pakatan should demand scrutiny of all spoilt votes in marginal seats.

One intersting fact emerged during the last 13 General Election which seemed to escape the attention of Pakatan strategists. Five typical cases which should require further attention and scrutiny applies to 1). Labis 2) Bentong 3) Cameron Highlands 4). Kuala Selangor 5) Sungai Besar.The results of all the five constituencies should provoke some degree of suspicions.

In Labis,Chua Soi Lek's young progeny , Chua Tee Yong won with a slender majority of 353 votes. And that after considerable allegations of money being paid for votes by young Chua's campaigners.The wining majority of 353 was overshadowed by a nearly two fold fold increase of 689 spoil votes.

In Bentong,, former MCA Health Minister, Liow Tiong Lai won with a majority of 379 votes but this slender wining margin was overshadowed by the almost triple amount of 988 spoil votes.

In the Cameron Highlands result, MIC President, G.Palinivel garnered a small majority of
462 votes and this again was overshadowed with a two fold increase of 877 spoil votes..
In Sungai Besar, B.N won with a majority of 399 votes and this was out numbered by 699 spoilt votes.
Lastly, Kuala Selangor was won by B.N with a majority of 460 votes and this was conspicuosly outnumbered by a two fold increase of 934 spoilt votes..

Since E.C had mentioned that it will not only accept votes marked with an 'X' but also will accept those marked with checks and dots too, it will be interesting to find out what reason was given for those huge numbers of spoilt votes. A proper scrutiny of all the spoil votes can only lead to a determination whether all those rejected votes were legitimately construed as spoilt.

In the light of the revelation that there was a huge increase of spoilt votes of 332,297, up from 2008's 324,120 ballot papers, it is important that the E.C act transparently by revealing all the spoilt votes for a proper scrutiny by an independent party. This is to allay fears that the spoilt votes were deliberately cast aside as spoilt without proper justification.This is neccessary because spoil votes rejected by the E.C are not included in the final count.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Vote Pakatan for more B,N Goodies

Before voting on the 5th of May , voters should just ponder for a moment. For the last 50 years and the last 12 General Elections never was there so many goodies being given to the rakyat. The goodies mainly in financial terms were so comprehensive that no one was ignored. For the first time in our electoral history, the art of bribery for the buying of votes was so blatant and apparent that had it happened in other democracy the perpetuators would have been disqualified and perhaps charged with attempts to bribe the electorate. However with the common connivance of the ROS, the EC and the MACC  none of the perpetuators were brought to book.

Ask yourself why this election is so exceptional and why you are suddenly bestowed with so many goodies by the incumbent govt? The answer is simple. For the first time in the incumbent govt's history there is a distinct possibility that power may slip from their grasp.And for that reason alone they are pulling all stops to ensure that every effort is made to buy over the people's votes so that their 55 years of reign could be further extended for another five year term.

Ordinary citizens who yearn to have more of such goodies in the ensuing years after the General election should just vote the opposition.  Should B.N win with a strong majority and result in the demise of the opposition then it is unlikely any of the generous goodies would be continued. In the event that the opposition should win, voters can similarly expect the windfall to continue. With good governance and less corruption, the pakatan's coffers could be bolstered with good revenue collection and this may result in better subsidy policies been implemented.

Either way ,its a win win situation for voters if they vote for opposition . But the crucial thing for voters to remember is that if B.N wins with a strong majority , all the current goodies enjoyed will suddenly vanish as fast as it had appeared after the tsunami election of 2008.


Thursday, April 04, 2013

What Pakatan Must Do After Taking over Putrajaya

After the 2008 general election, Pakatan could not fulfill a lot of the promises in their election manifesto for the very simple reason that their implementation required the cooperation of the federal government.

One good example was the promise to hold local council elections.
Pakatan states were willing and able to hold local council elections and this was shown by the Penang government's resolve when they passed a state assembly legislative law empowering them to hold them.

This however was thwarted by the federal government and the Election Commission which refused to cooperate to allow the Penang government to hold the elections.

The crux of the problem facing Pakatan was that as long as the federal government remains with the BN government, it will continue to face problems implementing the promises made in their manifestos.

This scenario should change immediately if federal power were to go to Pakatan. In the most optimistic scenario where the Pakatan government takes control of Putrajaya, the following policy implementation should be effected without undue delay.

1. The Publications and Printing Presses Act should be changed and amended to allow the independence and free flow of information without unnecessary control and government influence.

2. Political parties should not own any newspapers or television media. All political parties who are stakeholders in the media should dispose its shares.
3. The prime minister's term of office should only be restricted to two. Former premier Mahathir Mohamad's 22-year term of office has shown that its long term tenure can only lead to abuse and corruption of its position. The lessons learnt here must be taken to heart.

4. The NEP with all its good intentions was thwarted from the beginning. It was never the intention of its original aims to be based on race. From the onset it should be based on needs.
Nothing is more revolting and disgusting to see a millionaire bumiputera Malay marching into a developer's office to buy a million dollar property demanding a 10 percent discount based on race.
By the same token a struggling non-bumiputera cannot even get a discount to buy a low-cost house costing a mere RM60,000.

5. Mahathir's tenure's saw the corruption of most public institutions. The three most important institutions of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the Attorney-General's Chambers and the judiciary have to be totally reformed in order to regain public confidence.
At the moment, public confidence in the three institutions is at an all-time low. MACC should be responsible to Parliament and not to the PM.

6. The education system needs a total revamp. So far none of the education ministers have been able to grasp the problems facing our education system.
National and patriotic considerations should not take precedence over realistic propositions such as English being introduced as the medium of instruction.
Since English is the language of commerce and science, mastery of this should be the top priority of our education system.

7. Anti-hopping laws should be introduced in Parliament. Candidates who wish to change parties or affiliation after being elected should resign but should be able to contest again without any restrictions.
8. Political parties should not be involved in business. Such a practice only creates avenues for corruption. All political parties with business interests should divest their shareholdings to private ownership.

9. Laws against race discrimination similar to the ones in the US should be introduced. This is to ensure that racist policies and statements will be subjected to criminal prosecution.

10. The PM should only hold one portfolio. He should divest his finance portfolio to another minister. Finance is an important portfolio and he should not be tasked to wear two hats.

The above are 10 of the most important policy changes that Pakatan has to introduce on taking over Putrajaya

Friday, March 29, 2013

Demise of MCA and MIC for B.N to Lose

The unkindest cut that Chua soi Lek experienced beside the porno video revelation is to find that former MCA President Ong Tee kiat will be once again fielded for the Pandan Parliamentary constituency which he won in the 2008 election. It would not have been embarrassing for him had he not on his own accord earlier announced that Ong would not be fielded in the coming election. To publicly announced that Ong would not be fielded and then later found to be over ruled by the P.M was tantamount to a big slap in the face of the MCA President.

His dignity at least would have remained intact if he had the hindside to know of his limited powers in the B,N hierachy. Najib had already made it clear from the onset that his strategy was to field winnable candidate and for Ong to survive the tsunami of 2008 , that was a clear indication that he would be fielded. Despite this obvious decision by the P.M , Chua foolishly wanted to preempt the decision by announcing unilaterally and obviously without consultation with the P.M that Ong would not be fielded. The obvious fear of Chua is that if Ong was fielded and he had won while Chua himself had lost then that would paved the way for Ong's return to the MCA mantle. Hence it would not be too far fetch to assume that Chua's intent was to kill off Ong's comeback by not making him a candidate

This unsavoury episode for Chua clearly is writing on the wall that Chua and his band of MCA adherents are on their last leg of MCA survival. After 50 years of MCA and UMNO's cooperation, one thing remains evident. It has always being an unequal partnership where UMNO virtually call all the shots while MCA and MIC are obedient servants that are at UMNO's beck and call.

The polical tsunami of 2008 should have been a wake up call for MCA and a more intelligent leader would have seek reforms to transform the old party concepts and strategy. But like the old saying a leopard cannot change its spot. Instead of flowing with the tide against corruption ,racism and religious fanaticsm, Chua and his band of MCA men continued to harp on PAS islamic agenda. At the same time they were totally blind to the corrupt and wanton waste of public funds by the govt dishing inflated contracts to their merry band of cronies and families.

The chinese have by now come to the realization that this nation cannot continue on this path of governance . For this nation to survive and prosper there must be a change of govt and leadership. The old govt cannot reform neither can it transform. It has been too familiar and comfortable with their old ways of doing things that it is unlikely they will change All chinese and hopefully the indians will follow suit to effect this change. The first step towards this change is to ensure the demise of MCA and MIC and all its component parties. For every vote that is cast for MCA and MIC candidates is a vote cast for UMNO. And for UMNO to lose MCA and MIC candidates must failed.

The people of this beloved country is at the crossroad where a right or wrong decision will determine a bright or bleak future.The power is in our hands to make that change. If you love this country, if you value your children's future I urge you as a patriotic Malaysian to vote for a change. Vote for Pakatan or this country is doomed.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Najib's last Hurrah

The old saying 'beware of Greeks bearing gifts ' is so true now even though it was common knowledge during ancient greek mythology..During the past year the frequency of Najib bearing gifts to every one and sundry has never been more obvious .Every spectrum of the society seems to be covered in his never ending craze to bear gifts to all and sundry.

But that is not the end. Najib the P.M then becomes the chinese drummer , the indian guru at Thaipusam,then the surprise of it all was his attendance of the Dong Zong chinese New year function. Of course all these generous contribution of his P.M's time was not for nothing. His main purpose for all his appearances were to garner support in the forthcoming general election.

But all these various antics by the P.M only display the uncertainty of his office after the next election.. Never in the history of Malaysian politics have an incumbent P.M being so compliant and accomodative.to his electorate especially the non malays who have bored the brunt of the govt's NEP policies. However , if the recent Gangnum star perfomance at the Penang concert is any indication, Najib's participation in the next election would be his last hurrah.

And the best indication would be the deportation of the Australian senator, Nick Xenophon. People say, desperate man always resort to desperate measures. Najib must have lost total confidence of wining the election if the presence of a foreign senator can appear to threaten his position albeit the senator may only just. be critical of his administration.

The straw that perhaps broke the camel's back was his purported instruction to his Deputy Minister, Ahmad Maslan to show the may 13th movie ' Tanda Putera ' to 3000 Felda settlers.If it was any other movie there would not have been any public outrage but this may 13 movie was about putting the blame on the chinese bent on instigating the malays and thus resulting in the may 13 debacle. Now what was Najib's strategy if it ever there was one? To incite the rural Felda malays to create another may 13th so that going into the election, the malays would give undivided support to UMNO.?. That perhaps was his intention but like all his bad strategy this would not likely work .Thanks to alternative media. The people have now reallised that Najib is playing a double game. ,espousing One Malaysia in front of a chinese audience and inciting the rural malays to unite in order for UMNO to remain in power.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

RPK Spin Against Chinese Support For Pakatan

Discerning readers of RPK's ( Raja Petra Kamaruddin) blog will observe lately in many of his articles he has criticised and castigated the chinese. For some inexplicable reason his has shown his ire against the chinese for many of the things that has lately happened in the current political landscape in Malaysia.. Ever since his appearance in a mainstream television media where he recanted his earlier Statutory Declaration regarding Rosmah's presence at the scene of Altantuya's murder,, RPK since have moved away from his pro opposition stance towards favouring the B.N.

His latest article in his blog, ' Feel like kicking yourself ' perhaps deserves some mention.First he criticise the non malays for incessantly criticisng Maharthir's indian heritage.. Because of this criticism of Maharthir's indian heritage he concludes the chinese and indians to be racist and more concern with Mahathir's indian blood. But why does RPK not direct his anger at Mahathir for always raising the spectre of his own race ? He seems to always project himself as a full blooded malay forgetting his own indian heritage.Is it not a fact that his father is of part indian blood and that his grandfather was an indian from Kerala?In 22 years of his tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia had he admitted in public or in private his indian heritage?. His morbid secrecy of his own heritage reminds me of Adolf Hitler who was of Austrian heritage but in public always trying to act his part as a full blooded German. Closer to home we have another classic example of another personage by the name of Reduan Tee... Like Mahathir, he seems to confuse with the difference between race and religion .You can change your religion but you cannot change your race. Your genes dictate what race you are and your beliefs merely dictates what religion you follow. Therefore even though you profess to be a devout muslim that doesnt change the fact that Reduan genes is chinese and for him to say that the chinese should go back to china is like cutting his own nose to spite his face.Mahathir and Reduan Tee should accept the fact that they are constitutional malays as provided in the constituition because they speak and follow malay customs but genetically both are indians and chinese respectively.Mahathir being indian because his father is an indian muslim and genetically the father's genes supercede his malay mother's genes.As for Reduan Tee he is 100% chinese as both his parents are of chinese heritage.

Next, RPK virtually laid the blame on the chinese for B.N's victory in the 1999, 2004 election. To lay the blame on the chinese support for B.N's victory in both the elections is a blatant lie.. As someone who have lived through six Prime Minister the simple and ulgly truth is that the chinese have never supported the B.N govt after May13 1969.. For those who still supported B.N after that date it was because they had vested interested and not because of their belief in the B.N's policy or their governance.RPK must be living in a different planet to even think that the chinese would support the B.N govt after 1969.Why? Because after 1969, the NEP policies virtually locked out the chinese from every sphere of govt policies.Education opportunities were closed, civil service employment were restricted, Govt contracts were non existence for the chinese and practically all opportunities for advancement in govt GLC were vitually closed to the chinese and indians.

In short they were marginalised under the B.N govt. Those chinese that still supported the UMNO govt was MCA, MIC and Gerakan members who stood to personally benefit from the position of cabinet post offered to them.And to show some semblance of support from the chinese populace these MCA puppets won their seats in mixed constituencies where they derived evergreen support from the malay UMNO supporters.And to prove this point, most if not all chinese majorities constituents were won by the opposition parties principally DAP

Therefore it is really mischievous for RPK to totally blame the chinese for B.N's victory in the 1999 and 2004 General Election.RPK perhaps can be faulted for his failure to be acquainted with the frailities of human nature. He should know that no citizen can ever be supportive of a govt that treat its citizens as second class and after having done so expect support from the same citizen..