Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UMNO's Hand in sex video

Slowly the truth is now emerging. The mysterious trio involved in the sex video are,businessman,Shazryl Eskay Abdullah,ex Malacca CM Rahim Thamby Chik and Perkasa Treasurer- General Shuib Lazim.
The common thread running through these three personalities is that they are UMNO loyalists true and true. Of course Shazryl is denying it. But just look at his background.A former Honarary Thai consul. You have to be some one close to the corridor of UMNO before you can even be an Honarary Thai consul.Shazryl is also currently embroiled in a legal suit regarding his role in obtaining the contract for the crooked bridge. Now, he admitted that it was only through his close connection to the govt that he was able to secure the project for Merong Mahawangsa. Lastly, Shuib is from Perkasa.Is it not that Perkasa is another face of UMNO? So what does this say about the conspiracy theory that UMNO and the present leadership were involved in this sex video.

This whole sordid episode has only made the ordinary people turn with revulsion. If the present leadership envisage for one moment that with the involvement of Annuar in another sexcapade the people will turn against him they are sadly mistaken. We feel sorry for Annuar and instead it has made us more resolute to support him till the end.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Bank Negara to explain illicit outflows soon

How long does Bank negara needs to reveal the extent of the illegal outflows which was disclosed by Principal Financial Integrity?If foreign parties can have access to those information which should in the first place be privy to Bank Negara then it certainly reflects very poorly on the competency of the central Bank. And to add salt to the wound the infantile excuse that they need time to collect the figures only further shows their inaptitude in managing the country's finance. This only implies that they were totally in the dark about the illicit outflows of funds because surely had they been aware there would not be any need for them to deny or substantiate the apparent leakages.

Its about time Bank Negara carry out a revamp by engaging professionals to man the Central Bank.The revamp can start with Zeti being given the boot. I think she is simply not equip to govern Bank Negara with due care and diligence.