Friday, March 11, 2005

Our Extravagance will Bankrupt the Nation.

Our national leaders should exercise
restraint in using public funds for unnecessary
expenditure which will deplete our country's
coffers.Using public funds to build 10 units of
bungalows and a club house for State exco members at a
cost of $40 million is a sheer waste of money.It does
not make economic sense to save $1000 per month on
housing allowance for exco member by building bungalow
units that cost few millions.
Half a century after independence and with
all our country's wealth at our disposal, our
country's money reserve is practically empty and we
have to resort to borrow from other nations for our
developemental expenditure.Our national leaders must
ask themselves why we have come to this state of
finincial ruins when neighbouring countries like
Taiwan, Hong Kong and our closer neighbour Singapore
although devoid of any natural resources have
accumulated reserves far in excess of what we have.The
simple answer to this obvious question is our leaders
have failed to manage our natural resources with
prudence, accountabilty and integrity.Government
Projects that were undertaken by contractors with
close political connections were farmed out at
exorbitant cost and infrastrature and highways project
came with a guarantee for profits guaranteed by the
government.How can a country not suffer financially
when projects costing $100 million are given out for
$200million?While private coffers fill to the brim,
the country bleeds its way to financial bankruptcy.
Like the Bukit Cahaya Agricultural Park,
when there are no longer any more Prime land left for
greedy politicians to alienate for themselves, they
will look for Agriccultural Parks and Gazetted forest
reserve(sungai Buloh Forest Reserve) to alienate for
themselves and thier political cronies
Malaysians as a whole must now rise up to
the challenge and demand a more transparent and honest
government. If the government cannot meet our
expectation to that challenge then its time Malaysians
seek a change in that government.