Saturday, November 13, 2010

Singapoe's Economy bigger than Malaysia's by the end of the Year.

Its bewildering to now find that Singapore's economy will surpass Malaysia's by the end of the year.The red dot has finally exceeded the expectations of most pundits in Malaysia and Indonesia who viewed the tiny nation with disdain whenever there are any dispute.
According to the world Bank report, Malaysia is 478 times the size of Singapore and its population ,at 27 million is much larger than the tiny neighbour's 4.8 million.

According to the world bank report,Singapore's economy will show in GDP terms of U.S$210billion -$251 billion ($651 billion -$780 billion)based on last year Parity (PPP) while Malaysia's at at $205 billion ($637 billion)) (PPP last yearU.S $383 billion)or rm$1191 billion) will be smaller by rm$5 billion. Singapore's GDP last year based on the official exchange rate was U.S$171.1 billion while Malaysia's was U.S$191.5 billion.

As for the future, it is expected the gap will continue to widen in favour of Singapore and the prospect looks bleak that Malaysia will ever catch up.In 2009, Singapore's GDP per capita was U.S$36,537(up from U.S $512 in 1965) compared with Malaysia's U.S$6,975 (U.S$335 in 1965 ).In the last decade, Malaysia's growth rate fell to an abysmal low of 4.7% while Singapore exceeded its targetted rate of 7.2% in the 1990s.

The emergence of Singapore as an economic power is partly attributed to the presence of 400,000 Malaysians including 150,000 who comutes daily to the republic.This list also includes about 386,000 Malaysians who have become permanent residents or citizens.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Prediction for Galas and Batu Sapi

My analyst of the result of the two by-elections is that B.n will win both election with a handsome majority. With resources and the various carrot dangling in front of voters I simply cannot see how the opposition can win in either of the by-election. So many goodies in kind and cash have been given to the voters in the two constituencies that voters will defintely feel obliged to vote for B.N.

If it was an urban electorate then offering of goodies may not influence the voting trends but here we are talking about Galas, a rural enclave of aborigines and malay settlement with a sprinkling of rural chinese township.In Batu Sapi, Musa Aman has used his resources to influence the rural malay votes and majority of the 65% muslim votes will certainly go for B.N.

From my observation,it is almost a certainty that B.N will win both bye-elections with a handsome majority.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Malaysia should only be Led by the Best

It was Mao tse Tong who made the famous saying that " I dont care whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches the mice'
Indeed this wise saying has found truth in India where today led by Prime Minister Mamohan Singh , a sikh, he has brought India to be an economic power when once it was considered the 'sick man of Asia'. Yes, India with its majority indians has found that it doesnt really matter that the cat is a sikh as long as he could bring India to heights of prosperity never experienced before in this populous nation of a few billion.

The most glowing example of course would be the current american President , Barack Obama, an American of kenyan descent.Why did majority white Americans choose a black American to be their President?Naturally it is the same principle that it happens the black cat was the one that was most apt to catch the mice.

Let us now examine the situation in Malaysia .Why do we keep choosing a cat that doesnt seems to be able to catch the mice?For 52 years we seem to have the same colour cat that enriches himself and his cronies and continually imposing racist policy so that they could continue to pillage the nation's coffers.

Once upon a time the White south African govt also perpetuated what was termed the 'apartheid ' policy which segregated and discriminated the race on the basis of their colour and race.The legality of that practice was also enshrined in their constitution. But the question is whether just because it is embodied in the constitution the racist and discriminatory clause should be there for posterity? Of course not because when the White regime was subsequently overthrown it also saw the end of the 'apartheid policy'.

In our Malaysian context, there is no doubt that article 153 of the federal constitution is both racist and discriminatory.That article was formulated almost half a century ago.It is beyond justifiable reason that article 153 should continue to exist in the constitution when its primary purpose is to discriminate against its own citizens?Our present constitution could probably be the only constitution in the world where its provision condone govt discrimination of its citizens. And it is indeed shameful that our leaders even deem it fit to continuosly harped on their rights and that the constitution enshrined that right specifically only to their own race to the exclusion of the other race who are also citizens of this country.

To suggest that because they were the earlier inhabitants of the country gives them that unalienable right to be more equitable then those that came subsequently is akin to saying that barack Obama and all the rest of the white Americans have lesser rights to Chief sitting Bull and his descendants. Like wise it is also akin to saying that the Australian aboriginies and the New Zealand Maoris have certain constitutional rights than their white counterparts who were all once upon a time mere immigrants .

Malyasians must come to the realisation that our country can only prosper if we have the right and best person to lead our nation.We cannot continue to be parochial and cloud our vision with prejudices of race and religion.

Frankly I dont give a damn whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches the mice.