Friday, December 24, 2004

All They Want For X'Mas.......

Kudos to the state govt of Trengganu
especially to the Menteri Besar Datuk Idris Jusoh for
taking the bold step of looking into the plight of
Christians in the state who have been deprived of
having a proper church.(Nst 23/12 2004.). It is indeed
sad and inappropriate that after 47 years of
independence, the state govt of Kelantan, Trengganu
and Kedah has deemed it not neccessary to allocate
land for christians to build proper church for their
christian parishernors.In these states, christian
churchgoers have to make do with makeshifts churches
located on the second or third floors of shophouses.
The time has come for the state govt. of
Kelantan, Trengganu and Kedah to look into the plight
of christians in these states and make a concerted
effort to address the problem.The christians in these
states just pray and hope that the govt would just
give them a small piece of land so that a decent
church can be build for christian churchgoers.That is
all they want for christmas and they will pray and
keep on praying as they did for the last 47 years and
hope that their prayers will be answered.

Friday, December 03, 2004

No Misalignment of our currency.

Minister of Finance II Tan sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop
and Bank Negara Governor datuk Zeti is certainly
unwittingly contradicting themselves when they
repeatedly voice their usual assurance that there was
no misalignment of our currency with the other major
currencies.The finance Minister II gave figures that
revealed a drop of 11.2% in sterling,10.5% of
Euro,25.2%of the yen and a 17.1% in the rupiah and
yet in the same breath said that there was no
misalignment. How could they reconcile their statement
that there is no misalignment and yet gave figures
that indicate a substantial drop in value of those
major currencies.?In fact the figures provided by the
minister is inaccurate.In 1998 the sterling was about
$5 to a pound.Now it is about $7.20 to a pound.That
translate to a drop of almost 29% in value in relation
to our currency and not 10.5% as given by the Finance
Minister II. If a drop in value of a currency of 29%
is not misalignment then the Finance Minister II and
Bank Negara Zeti should give a clear definition of

Paradise For Believers and terrorists.

I wish to comment on mohammad's article on ;'Fires of
hell for unbelievers'. I cannot believe that in this
day and age we still have prehistoric beings like
Mohammad in our planet.I thought creatures like him
have been extinct for quite some time but alas when I
read his article that all non- believers have one way
traffic to hell, I cannot help but agree that if
heaven is for the likes of him then i would be quite
happy to be in hell .
Does Mohammad seriously believe that God
in his wisdom would totally exclude one billion people
in China, One billion people in India, a few hundred
million in the american continent, a few hundred
million in the European continent to the gates of
heaven because they are non believers?By his own
assertion and logic god would welcome with open arms
terrorists who behead innocent civilians and suicide
bombers who killed at random just simply because they
accept Allah as their God?
Well Mohammad, if that is God's criteria to enter
into the pearly Gate of heaven then you and your
terrorists friends can have your paradise. As for me I
would prefer to be with my non-believers friends in
fires of hell.