Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mahathir is a Man of many contradiction

Mahathir has a failing memory. Only sometime ago he criticised Najib for accepting the three party hoppers to topple the Perak Pakatan Govt. Now that Zambry is comfortably ensconced in the seat of the Perak Govt he is singing a different tune. He is against the idea of a snap poll because he is certain Pakatan will win hands down. In other words mahathir would prefer to deny the people of Perak to choose a govt of their choice and instead allow the illegitimate B.N govt to continue to resist any move for a dissolution of the state assembly because the outcome is a Pakatan victory.This shows what a cunning and conniving former P.M we have for the last 22 years. Just because pakatan would come out victorious in a snap election he would not want a snap poll to take place.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is Najib Blaming Sultan for not wanting a snap election?

By making the statement that it was the prerogative of the Sultan to call for snap election, is Najib implying that it was the recalcitrant attitude of the sultan for not wanting to call for snap election ?This effectively puts the blame on the monarchy for the current political imbroglio which is currently being displayed in Perak.Surely this cannot be true because the Sultan obviously acted on the advice and the command of the then DPM who was not in favour of a snap election.

It is highly irresponsible to cast aspersion on the monarchy for deliberately withholding Nizar's request for the dissolution of the State assembly when in actual fact it was Najib's own recalcitrant attitude in not wanting to have a snap election..In view of what has been said by Najib, the Sultan should dispel any doubts that it was not their decision to withhold the dissolution of the assembly by now allowing for its dissolution. Otherwise it will only serves to confirm what Najib said was the truth and that it was the sultan's personal decision not to call for a snap election.

Is our Judiciary Independent?

The wheels of justice seems to be moving at breakneck speed for B.N while it is at snail pace when it was not in their interest. When the High court declared the lawful M.B was Nizar, Zambry filed an appeal and it was scheduled to be heard the next day by a one man judge.Why is it so urgent to hear this case while the judiciary is dragging its feet in the trial of the two PKR party hoppers who have a corruption trial hanging over their heads.?Is it not urgent that the corruption case of the two PKR be quickly disposed of so that we can see whether they are guilty of the corruption charge against them.

It seems quite obvious that unseen hands are directing the judiciary to expedite cases that are in favour of the UMNO govt and delaying cases that may have an adverse effect on them. Surely the trial of the two PKR state assemblyman is of paramount importance because it will ultimately means whether we have a bye -election if they are found to be guilty.And that precisely will affect the supposedly majority of B.N in the State Assembly.

Perak Speaker Has the last say

There should be no confusion as to the role of the State Assembly Speaker on the May 7th Sitting. The Assembly sitting under the tree was a valid State Assembly meeting . And the meeting agenda for all intent and purpose had endorsed the suspension of Zambry and his six exco members. The apex Federal court had no jurisdiction to interfere with the decision of the legislature.

In addition, the Speaker has every right to also ignore the decision of the Federal court that the E.C was the body to decide on the three seats supposedly vacated by the three State assemblymen. This also means that the speaker has every right to bar the three state assemblymen from participating in the sitting.

Therefore on the 7th May sitting, the speaker can further exercise his authority by disallowing Zambry and his members from participating in the Assembly sitting.The suspension of Zambry and the six excos by the speaker have not been rescinded and therefore remain valid. The speaker has every right to just ignore the Federal court' s decision declaring that the suspension was invalid as the Federal court had acted ultra vires in making a decision on legislative procedure which was beyond the jurisdiction of the courts . This was evident and clearly pointed out by many legal experts that the Federal constitution under s72(1) prohibits State Legislature proceedings to be subjected to judicial review.

In the absence of Zambry and the six exco members, and the three resigned state assemblymen, the assembly sitting can resume and the motion of confidence on Nizar and his exco members can be moved and put to vote. And since Pakatan members has a majority in the state legislature whatever motion proposed can be passed with a simple majority.

Alternatively, the speaker can under the advise of the M.B ,propose a motion to dissolve the assembly and seek permission from the ruler to carry out the motion.That in essence means the Speaker has the last say in the may 7th Assembly sitting.

All B.N Office bearers Must be removed From Pakatan Rakyat States.

Penang, selangor and kedah must learned from the lessons of Perak. They must immediately conduct a house cleaning for the various institutions in the state.All State GLC, Town councils, civil service and all state statutory bodies must be revamped. Failure to do so immediately could have disatrous consequences once other political machinations come into play.They should quickly be replaced by Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

See how quick and swift the state secretary acted when Nizar and his excos were forced out of power.The state Secretary is a B.N appointee and his actions clearly showed where his allegiance was. Nizar and his excos did the fatal mistake of not removing him and replacing him with someone from their political lineage.

Then look how the Assembly secretary behaved by totally by- passing the speaker's authority in issuing orders and instructions. He was obviously acting under the B.N's orders to ignore the PKR speaker despite the fact that he was his immediate boss.

Finally, see how the town council president and his men acted when they erected a plague to commenmorate the assembly meeting under the tree.They demolished the Plague that the Pakatan rakyat members had put up to commenmorate the historical occassion. And if that was not enough they declared that the plague was an illegal construction.

The States that are now still under Pakatan Rakyat control must immediately removed all personels and office bearers associated with the previous regime. Every single vestige of the past connected with the Barisan Govt must be removed if they want to continue to remain in power. Failure to do this could prove fatal like in Perak.

Perak Sultan Should not have been Partisan

Perak Sultan Raja Azlan Shah was correct when he said that rulers were above politics and therefore could not answer or debate allegations against them.

But then why did the Perak Ruler without hesitation installed Zambry and his B.N cohorts to replace the Pakatan Rakyat govt. knowing fully well that two former PKR assembly men were charged for corruption and could have acted under duress.?The dubious takeover by B.N was therefore hanging on a slim majority and could have adversely affected the balance of power should the two assemblymen were convicted of the corruption charge. Under such a climate of political uncertainty would it not be logical for the ruler to entertain the incumbent M.B's request for dissolution of the State assembly?

Then why did the ruler showed favouritism by declining the former M.B's request and instead proceeded to install B.N's Zambry as the legitimate Govt of Perak.?

Rulers need not be vocal to display their partisanship in politics. Their mere actions which is contrary to public expectations is enough to render their oft quoted statement that they are above politics meaningless.

The ruler's statement that individuals and groups were "disregarding the law for the sake of attaining power " should be directed at the B.N govt and not at the Pakatan Rakyat Govt.The Bukit Gantang Parliamentary bye-election should have been an eye opener to the ruler that the people wanted the disolution of the State assembly and to elect a govt of their choice. But instead the ruler chose to turn a blind eye and further add legitimacy to Zambry's Govt by bestowing Royal awards to him and his three other exco members when they have not even earned or deserve the awards.

Rulers who by their action are partisan are bound to attract ridicule and a wise ruler should know by now that history has shown that it is not the govt that will help to preserve the royal institution but rather the will and mandate of the ordinary people.