Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why do dogs attack humans?

I wish to refer to your article dated 28th June
instant with the caption "dog attack was unprovoked.'I
live in a mixed rural neighbourhood comprising of
malays, chinese and siamese in Kelantan.I love dogs
and animals in general but because of my proximity
with my malay neighbours I find it inappropriate to
keep them.However my siamese neighbours did not have
the same reservation and one actually kept a few
mongrel dogs as pets in their compound.Whenever the
young malay neighbourhood's children pass my siamese
neighbour's house they would throw pebbles and stones
at the sleeping dogs.This provacative acts caused the
dogs to bark and sometimes coming out of their
enclosures to chase the malay children.Sad to say this
act of provacation was not only confined to the malay
children but also to the adults malay.
We must not underestimate the intelligence of
dogs.From then on, these dogs will always inevitably
bark and chase malay children passing in front of my
siamese neighbour's house.Not surprisingly, the dogs
did not bark or chase any of the chinese or Siamese
children who had not provoked the dogs.
It is rather sad that muslims especially
children are taught at a young age to detest dogs in
view of their religious taboos.This instinctive
behaviour to attack and provoke dogs whenever they
come in contact is the cause of many attacks on malay
children or for that matter any children who choose to
provoke them unnecessarily.
Perhaps muslim religious ulamas could provide
some education that dogs like all other animals are
also God's creature and like all other animals they
deserve as much to live .

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Demolishing Hindu Temples.

The demolishing of Hindu temples in several
states recently caused outrage among the indian
communnity.But looking at it objectively, it was
something long overdue but sadly the manner in which
it was done left alot of disharmony and
discontentment.Part of the blame rest solely with the
indian community for building shrines on an ad hoc
approach.Many not only flouted local regulations in
putting up those shrines but many erected their
shrines on state and private lands without proper
In Negri sembilan, the presence of such
shrines are not only an eye sore but have been
flourishing without proper approvals.These shrines
whether built on state or private land would have to
be eventually demolished.Building of shrines or Hindu
temples cannot be allowed to continue without proper
control and regulation.
However, part of the blame should also be
shouldered by the respective state govt.While mosques
have been allowed to flourish in practically every
nook and corner of townships, the govt. has totally
ignored the allocation of land and funds for other
religion to build their temples, churches and
shrines.It is really very sad that while the govt
allow the practice of other faiths it has not been
fair in its allocation of land for other faiths to
build places of worship.
The govt cannot continue to remain indifferent
especially when religion plays an important role in
every ones life.For Malaysians to live in harmony with
its diverse race and religion the govt cannot simply
ignore the problem of land for other faiths to build
places of worship.To do so would be at their own