Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih's 28th april Demonstration.

28th April 2012 will go down in the annals of Malaysian history as a day of infamy.Infamy for the incumbent govt and a  glorious day of  victory for those who yearned for electoral reforms .Nearly 300,000 people from all shades of life came to participate in a show of people's power to display their displeasure at the Election Comisision's  inabilty to provide a clean electoral roll for the next election.
History is replete with examples of how crumbling regimes will use all their might to cling to power and the current govt 's action is no exception. The refusal to allow Bersih's organisor to assemble in Dataran Merdeka was a tardy excuse to disallow the demonstration to take place.The use of unnecessary force to disperse the crowd under the pretext that the protestors had breached the barrier was no excuse.
For a long time Najib and his band of UMNO ministers had paid heed to the small group of  the protestors from Perkasa, Perkida and a small thuggish group from UMNO Youth. These small group of protestors would protest under various pretext at the various issues in the Pakatan States.. They would make frivolous police report and the latter under political pressure would harass Pakatan members.These various bands of protestors hardly number more than 150 members and each time their protest would be use as a benchmark for the authorities to take action. But what Najib and his UMNO members fail to see is that these protestors are only a vocal miniority.
But on 28th april 2012, 300,000 people came to the streets to show their abhorrence at the elecetion commission failure to clean up the rolls. They demand electoral reforms and this protestors constitute a vocal majority. Najib should take heed that this is a sizeable majority who view the flawed electoral rolls and demand immediate reforms before the next poll.If Najib fails to address this demand then any victory in the next election by Najib's B.N would be deemed illegitimate.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Malaysian Education system better than U.S and U.K?

Muhyiddin should be a comedian rather than a federal Minister. What on earth was he thinking when he said Malaysian Education system is better than U.S and U.K. If that is his correct opinion then may we ask why are we spending millions to sponsor our students to have their education in U.S and U.K? Surely it would be a waste of public expenditure if we have to send our students overseas when they can have a better education locally.
The trouble with our education system is because we have so far incompetent minister to helm our education ministry. The present and past ministers just dont have a clue why malaysians of all denominations are abandoning national schools and opting for vernacular schools. Malays alone account for about 60,000 who have enrolled in chinese vernacular schools.
Its about time we have a leader who can have the intestinal fortitude to say we should just leave religion at home and not bring it to schools. Religious prayers of any kind should only done at home and not in schools.On a wider scale, religion should even be totally divorce from the govt.departments. How private citizens wish to conduct their lives and how they wish to worship which religion should be the decision of the individual. State and Federal laws should not encroach on the private domain.. If only we have a leader who can say enough is enough and allow individual to be free in choosing their religion without any influence from any quarters. If that can be achieved, Malaysia would be a better place to live.