Friday, February 25, 2011

M'sia under PAS will be like Egypt, says C.M

Ali Rastam, the C.M of Malacca has once again shot himself on his foot.Eygptians revolted against Mubarak's regime because of rampant corruption and cronyism which resulted in the mismanagement of the country's economy.Because of similar circumstances which Malaysia has experienced for the last 52 years , there is more likelihood of a revolt similar to Eygpt if B.N continues to govern Malaysia.Ali Rastam is therefore barking on the wrong tree when he said an Eygptian revolt was likely if PAS rule the country.

Corruption in every strata of our society has caused severe leakages of the country's coffers and this would gradually contribute to a fall in investment and unemployment.The fall in investment would be attributable to a decline in foreign investment leading to a fall in unemployment.Ali Rastam should pay heed to what is happening in Eygpt because it will be a mirror image of what is currently happening in Malaysia.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

10 Reasons why Malaysia will never be a Developed country in 2020

1. English Language Vs Bahasa Malaysia.

The English language is the lingua franca of commerce ,science and technology. Even India and lately China recognises this fact.When all countries are planing to introduce literacy in the english language we are downgrading its importance in favour of Bahasa Malaysia. While one may wish to display patriotism by sticking with Bahasa as the National language, disregarding the importance of english in our school curriculum is a serious mistake and flaw in our education system. Without a pool of english educated graduates we will never attract investors to come and invest here. Without foreign investment , our country will not progress to be a develop country.

2. Judiciary

Our country's judiciary has totally lost the confidence of foreign investors. They have made alot of decisions based on political expediency rather than on the rule of law.Not surprisingly, many investors have contractually chose to arbitrate in Singapore rather than have it in Malaysia. This is a slap in the face for our judiciary. How can a nation attain develop status when its judiciary has lost its integrity and can no longer command any respect and confidence from other countries?

3. Police

Before investors come to invest in a country, foremost in their minds are the security of the country. No investors would invest in a country where its investment would be in jeopardy because of uncertainties in the security of the country.The honesty, integrity and credibility of the police force in the country is of vital importance. Sadly, our police force do not enjoy any of those credentials. Of late a slew of corrupt, unsavoury aspect of the police force has catapulated them to infamy.Among other things were death in custody cases and police brutality and thuggery were frequently reported in the media. The public has reached a stage where they no longer trust the very people who were designated to protect them.So how do we progress to be a develop country when our security is in such an abysmal state of distress.?

4.Attorney-General Chambers.

Prosecution of any felony should be judicious and fair not based on political considerations.Of late the A-G department has instead carried out selective prosecution at the hint of placating the executive or even possibly at the direction of the executive. This practice have only further sullied the Attorney-General department A country where the A-G department has lost its independence can never progress towards a develop nation.

5. Brain Drain.

It was reported that in a space of 2 years, from 2007 to 2009, Malaysia lost nearly 500,000 skilled or graduates through migration.In any kind of migration it is always the skilled and the intellectually superior migrants that are easily given easy and free access to foreign develop countries. Many of those that migrated were, doctors, engineers, accountants , IT experts and other qualified personnel. Because of the nature of their expertise these migrants are assets to whichever host nation. Their gain is Malaysia's lost. To fill in the vacuum left by the country, we have an influx of unskilled workers from, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. These mostly low unskilled workers only degrade the type of population profile to that of an undevelop country and certainly not towards a develop country.

6. Corruption in the country.

Our corruption index have back pedalled for many years. Each year getting from bad to worse.As long as our politicians and civil servants are well schooled in the fine art of corruption, the less likelihood the chance for our country to progress to a develop country.

7. Extreme High Tax on Motor Vehicle.

While most countries enjoy the luxury of driving cars that are technologically superior , Malaysians are forced by circumstances to drive the locally inferior manufactured , Proton.The car is not only inferiorly fitted with obsolete parts but have been designated to be sold at the same price that could purchase a superior car of a foreign make.. An example is the Camry and Honda Accord that are sold overseas. This two cars are available at a cost of $60,000 in the U.S whereas it is sold here for $180,000. Because of three layers of tax, namely, excise tax, import tax and sales tax the same car is sold about three times that of the car in U.S. Obviously the intent is to ensure that such luxurious car is beyond the reach of ordinary man and the more important reason of protecting the local made Proton car.. Because of this selfish reason, Malaysians are destined to afford inferiror locally manufacrured Proton cars.A country that forces its people to drive such inferiror cars surely cannot expect its people to be a develop nation.

8. Meritocracy

A country that do not practice meritocracy cannot aspire to be a develop country. When incompetent people are slated in position of importance, wrong decision making can contribute towards a state of paralysis. Singapore is a classic example where head hunting for the right people to manage the important task of managing the country's various portfolio has led it to be a succesful develop country.It is a fallacy to assume that incompetent people can govern competently .This fallacy has contributed to the present state of paralysis.

9. Racial Discrimination.

In todays borderless world. any form of racial discrimination is viewed with abhorence.Not only is it repulsive but it is totally unaccepted in every civilise country. But instead our constituition even bears a mark of racial discriminatin that is instituitionalised.This 'Ketuanan Melayu' concept has only served as a wedge between the various races in a multi -racial society and has created a divisive environment.

10. Accountabilty and transparency

For a country to prosper towards a develop country, there is a dire need to administer the the country in a transparent and competent manner. Leakages in any form should be avoided at all cost and this can only be achieved by adopting procedures that are transparent and accountable. Without transparency and accountability, a country will suffer leakages that will eventually degrade the country's administration.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

DPM wants Lim Guan Eng To Be Fair To All

Our DPM who is a malay first and Malaysian second was reported to have told Lim Guan Eng that he wants him to be fair to all Malaysians regardless of race. How aptly put coming from this pathetic UMNO apologist. How fair is the govt to all the races in the states that is governed by B.N?
Dont have to bore you with the details. Just look at the following for starters.

1.Civil service 99% are of one race.
2. The army is of 99% of one race.
3.The judiciary consists of UMNO apologists with hardly any knowledge of the rule of Law.
4. Petronas, our National oil company is 100% managed by one race.
5 Needless to say , all contracts and Dealerships are given to one race
6. Tha Police are manned by 99% of one race
7. All govt linked companies employ CEO of one race
8. Govt contracts are only given eclusively to one race.
9. University and scholarships, 95% places of all critical courses are given to one race.
10. 70% of all ministerial Posts including the most important ones are given to one race.
The lists can go on and on. Too many to mmention all but DPM have the gall to ask LGE to be fair to all races. Frankly , we are a unique country. Perhaps the only country in the world where the govt suppresses and marginalise the miniority race while rendering absolute assistance to the majority race.