Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Retaining Zulklifli Nordin in PKR is not an option.

I sometimes wonder how a maverick character like Zulklifli Nordin could ever be elected to be a wakil rakyat. But then the march 8th election was an election that was perhaps an exception. The voters were literally put off with the flip flop Badawi and as they say, even a cow contesting against a B.N candidate would walk away the winner.Looking at his contributions so far one would think that he was a B.N wakil Rakyat rather than a Pakatan Rakyat man.

He acts and behaves as if he is not bound by any common policy and philosophy espoused by the PKR manifesto.He directs most of his vocal criticisms at Pakatan policies rather than at B.N's continued harrassment of Pakatan members in the Selangor State Assembly. At times I wonder whether he is an UMNO man planted to sabotage PKR's govt in Selangor.

His latest antic to challenge Sivarasa for the V.P post is a joke which only an eccentric can induce.He is not even aware that if he were to contest against a nobody in his constituent he would probably lose his deposit.If only he had spent some time reading comments about his antics and behaviour he would be surprised to find how villified he is in blogosphere.

What perhaps surprise me even more is the reluctance of the PKR leadership to discipline this maverick politician who have caused considerable damage to the PKR's image and political future. PKR's leadership must lobbed off the gangrene limb before it poison the whole body. Allowing this maverick politician to continue with his erratic behaviour is an option PKR leadership cannot afford to choose.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Najib's short Reign

Despite the mainstream media hype that Bagan Pinang victory has finally turn the corner for B.N, the sad truth on the ground is that B.N has really not made any headway . The groundswell of discontentment and disenchantment about the present govt is so evident that it will take alot more than PR exercise to exonerate Najib's and B.N's past misdeeds. There is still a questionable dark cloud hanging over Najib's role in the Altantuya murder which is unlikely to quietly disappear. What about the two statutory Declarations made by Balasundram , the private Investigator who made a shocking S.D that Najib was an active participant in the sexual tryst with his close friend and associate, Razak Baginda.

The Lingam episode which caused irreparable harm to the judiciary and which culminated in the formation of a Royal Commission and ended with an anti climax by the Attorney-General declaring that the case was closed despite strong evidence that there was collusion and conspiracy in the appointment of judges. The A.G's verdict was in direct contradiction of what the Royal Commission had uncovered and his nonchalant dismissal of lack of evidence and his inabilty to locate an important witness was a poor attempt by the govt to completely sweep the sordid episode under the carpet.

Despite Najib's claim that B.N had legally taken the Perak State Govt, Perakians have generally not accepted the change from a popular elected Pakatan Govt to a B.N manipulated govt. Even if B.N manage to hold on to the reigns of power till the next election, the common feeling is that B.N will suffer a most resounding defeat in the next election. The stain in Perak committed by Najib and the B.N govt will inevtiably be his waterloo.No matter how well orchestrated his 1Malaysia concept maybe, Perakians is unlikely to forget his slimy role in changing the elected Pakatan Govt .The corrupt charge against the two PKR assemblymen which resulted in their hopping over to the B.N side will etched indelibly in the minds of Perakians that it will be a clarion call for them to dump Najib and B.N in the next General Election.

Najib's hypocritical measures of 1 Malaysia concept will be mere window dressing which is unlikely to win any non malay admirers. Most likely it has been interpreted as a 2 Malaysia concept when he further reiterated that the malays still needed the NEP crutches in order to compete with the other races. The too familiar retort will not be lost on the non malays. As long as UMNO and B.N remains in power, there will never be any change. They have been so used to their old ways of doing things their way that it is unlikely they will ever change.Malaysians must generally wake up from this dilemma and nightmare.and realise that for a change to be effected, UMNO and B.N will have to be voted out. Only from a period of being out from the seat of power that they will be able to reform and change for the better.

And for the victor , there will be a period of change and reform for all the instituitions that B.N in general and UMNO in particular had corrupted in its 52 years of reign.