Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hisham blamed MCA for not containing UMNO fallout.

It is rather sad that leaders like Hishammuddin lacks the intelligence to understand why MCA, MIC and Gerakan are weak.In the grand design of formulating policies it is undisputed that UMNO proposed and disposed of policies without even thinking how it may affect the parties in the coalition. A share of the blame must certainly be accorded to the weak leadership in the ranks of MCA, MIC and Gerakan which barely raised any objections in the formulation of policies which are detrimental to their communities interest.
Even basic policy of giving out scholarships based on race rather than on merit was not even defended by MCA, MIC and Gerakan and this policy alone deprived great numbers of qualified students to be awarded scholarships to do critical courses of their choice.Therefore it was not surprising how such foolish policy would affect the position of the other component parties whose affected members were mainly non malays. So how does UMNO in general and Hisham in particular blamed MCA for not containing UMNO's fallout?Obviously, it was UMNO's policy which caused the resentment towards MCA, MIC and Gerakan and they themselves were at great pains to even contain their own fallout with their own members and community.
Because of weak leaders in the component parties of MCA, MIC and Gerakan, UMNO leaders were able to ride rough shod over these parties and formulated policies which marginalised the other communities.But more importantly, UMNO policies also sadly marginalised the very community they had sworn to help and protect.Instead, UMNO's help was for their own family members and cronies where millions if not billions were siphoned out under the pretext of bailing out failed bumiputra's company. Layers of commission were factored in the development contracts meant to elevate the plight of the rural malays and in the end only token money were hardly left visible for any tangible development.The inevitable reality remains after 54 years of UMNO's rule, the malays had remained impoverished and had remained behind their non-malays counterpart.All these can be merely attributed to UMNO's leaders greed for power and money.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Three Malaysian Women are top Students In Australian Varsities

The news that three Malaysians were awarded top students in Australian varsities once again show the short sightedness of the govt's educational policy. Students who excelled in their studies cannot find place in local instituitions. Instead these students show that they can excel in foreign countries when given the opportunity to compete on merit.
When is our govt going to learn that the country is losing talent to foreign countries by ignoring and refusing to give places to our brightest students.Its about time the govt stop this discriminatory practice of allocating places to local instituition on the basis of race instead of merit.
Its too late to introduce policies such as Talent corp when they could have stopped the exodus of talents even before they leave our shores. All these because the govt is short sighted and racist by adopting a policy that only favours a certain community.

Najib must attend Court.

It will be a travesty of justice if Najib can be allowed to refuse to attend court to give evidence in the sodomy trial of Annuar Ibrahim. Once a subpoena is issued by the court and his refusal to attend can be interpreted as contempt of court.This can result in the court issuing a warrant of arrest. The P.M must realised that he has no immunity to refuse to attend as a witness once a subpoena is being issued. Unless his attorney set aside the subpoena which under the circumstances should not even be entertained because Saiful did had a meeting with him prior to the report been made.His role therefore in the prosecution of Annuar should be explored to determine if there was indeed a nefarious plot to trap Annuar.
All these can only be revealed if Najib, Musa and Rodwan is call to the witness stand.

Now, Every one cannot Fly any more.

Once upon a time , Air Asia's caption was that 'Now every one can fly.' But nowadays this no longer holds true. In the begining, Air Asia was really making a serious effort to enable everyone to fly the no frills airline. Fares were not only cheap for those who purchased their tickets in advance.There were no hidden costs and the total fares after taxes were cheap and really affordable to the man in the street.In fact if you were lucky enough the tickets you bought could even be cheaper than the cost of the ticket for the long haul bus ticket.
Not only were there cheap tickets but there were alot of extras that normal airline did not provide. Senor citizens above the age of 60 were given priority of boarding, you could select any seats of your choice,there was no such thing as fuel surcharge added to the cost of the ticket. In short there were no hidden cost for the final fares you pay.

But Air Asia , nowadays cannot boast of its caption of now' every one can fly ' because its concept has been totally altered. Now, its policy is to charge for everything. Senior Citizens no longer have the privelege of boarding first. If you want to board first you have to pay for Priority boarding. If you want to select your favourite seats you have to pay for it.When you think that is the end of it, you are hit with another cost. Its call processing fees for using credit card for your online booking. It seems that the credit card company commission is even pass to the passenger in the guise of processing Fees.

The moral of the story is that we should no longer be deceived by Air Asia slogan of 'Every one can fly'. Maybe its time travellers should revert back to our National Carrier MAS. At least there are no hidden cost and what you pay is transparent. And if you are a golfer the more reason why you should travel MAS because they dont charge you for your golf bags whereas Air Asia charges $50.00 for that extra luggage. And if you are a handicap person needing a wheel chair, please be aware that Air Asia charges $15.00 for using their wheel chair.
Lastly, MAS provides you the luxury of boarding and landing using an air bridge whereas with Air Asia you have to content with climbing up and down a gang way to board and disembark your flights.The reason? Because Air Asia can save paying the airport authorities for using the facility at the expense of discomfort to the paying customers.