Monday, January 11, 2010

Church Burning will drive away Investors and tourists.

Our country is in turmoil.The protest by the muslim populace against the use of the word 'Allah' in the christian bahasa malay bible have now translated into violence by the act of burning churches.
Any leader with some common sense would have averted the current crisis by calling for the people not to protest but to respect the processes of the law. Instead , the incompetent Prime Minister encouraged the fanatic miniority by saying that ' muslims have a right to protest against the use of the word 'Allah' ' That perhaps gave the signal to the fanatic muslims to adopt a more radical approach by burning churches.

What kind of double standards is our prime minister preaching? On the one hand candle vigils and Hindraf protests are not allowed but muslims protest for their rights to disallow use the word "Allah' is perfectly legal.

No wonder such flip flop policies are driving away foreign investors who have now regarded our country as a pariah nation.Not only will foreign investor be driven away, tourists mainly from European and asian countries will not be encouraged to visit a country where muslim extremists are burning christian churches.

Its really so sad that a multi-racial country of ours with so much prospect for the future for its people have now degenerated to a basket case. The fault lies not with the people and the nation but with our leaders.But we as the people must shoulder the blame for our incompetence in selecting the choice of our leaders. That wrong choice has precipitated in our current turmoil.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good-bye Augustine Paul.

Good-bye Augustine Paul.Like me, most Malaysians will not miss your demise.You served Mahathir well when you helped him to convict Annuar Ibrahim for the Sodomy charge.For your loyalty and service rendered to Mahathir you were adequately rewarded with rapid promotions to the court of Appeal and then to be a federal Court judge.Despite overwhelming evidence adduced during the trial which could have exonerated Annuar with the sodomy charge you deemed it expedient for your own selfish reasons to convict him.

You left no tangible legacy for us to remember you because when you abandoned the rule of law and unjustly convicted Annuar on evidence which was dubious and contrived you left an indelible stain on your judicial career.

As a fellow christian , I hold you in utter contempt and hope that when you face the maker on your judgement day you will be judged for all the sins you have committed when you occupied the august position of a judge.

Your grave should appropriately be engraved with the words' Herein lies a judge who sold his soul to the devil'.