Monday, December 14, 2009

Malaysia's Road to Purgatory.

There is no need to use niceties to describe our past and present leaders.They are a bunch of idiots incapable of managing our country's finance. Mahathir as reported recently squandered $100 billion of our coffers. These were money known and reported. what about those that were concealed and not reported.?It would not be wrong to say that the final figure was more than the $100 billion reported.

It was even revealed that the govt spent $548 million for the 9 years it gave participants BTN courses which was ' divisive, racist and politically motivated.' Annually, the govt spent another $500 million on National service programme, a program mired in controversy and its benfits still uncertain. Money spent on such expenditure are not only wasteful but indirectly fueled corruption to those close to the corridors of power.

With all the abundant natural resources in our country how do you explain why our currency is 21/2 times lower than the Singapore currency?The answer is evidently due to the massive wastage and leakages our financial system is constantly exposed. Recently it was revealed that a menteri Besar had remitted $10 million to the U.K using a money changer. Bank Negara even revealed that oversea remmittance by politicians, Ministers, and Govt corporate leaders was a common phenomena and this had resulted in the suspension of at least 20 money changers.

With a daily barrage of corruption and leakages that is exposed unabated, the only solution that the country need is a change in the govt. We dont have much choice or option. The chinese saying that a mountain paved with gold can also crumble if the leakages continue at this rate. Therefore how much longer can Malaysia continue to sustain such leakages before it crumbles financially? We have to stop these leakages before we slide down the slippery road to purgatory.

Mahathir And BTN are Both Racists

When Hitler was the Fuhrer of Germany, he advocated a policy of exterminating the Jews not only in his homeland but the whole of Europe. He blamed Germany economic woes was caused by the Jews and through a policy of racial extermination he forcibly incarcerated millions of Jews in concentration camps and proceeded to torture and systemmatically killed them.

In Malaysia , with Mahathir we have our equivalent of Hitler. Both had one thing in common. They were both racist to the core.In his early book, the' Malay Dilemma' he had like Hitler placed the blame on Malay backwardness to the fault of the enterprising chinese race.
In 22 years of his tenure as P.M he saw it fit to set up exclusive race based institutions that catered only for the malays. MARA colleges , tertiary Instituition like UITM and propaganda instituition BTN all catered exclusively for one community.

Despite many participants claiming that the course conducted by BTN was 'divisive, racist and politically motivated' Mahathir came to the defence of the BTN modules by saying that 'there is no need to revamp National Civics Bureau(BTN) training modules as in the current form, they were fine for instilling the patriotic spirit among Malaysians'. How could the modules instill patriotic spirit among Malaysians when the course emphasize on the "Ketuanan Melayu " concept and the condemnation that the chinese and indians were pendatangs whose sole aim was to take over the whole of the malay achepelago.?

Only a racist like Mahathir could not see the inherent racist propaganda that was the cornerstone of BTN's module. Credit should be given to many malays participants who bear testimony to the BTN's modules which had incited racial hatred to the other races. And quite rightly, Pakatan controlled states have taken steps to disallow its state civil servants , state educational institutions and other state owned corporations from attending BTN courses.

Utusan Malaysia Fanning Racial Hatred.

Any other mainstream media writing what has been written by Utusan Malaysia would have lost their licence to publish a long time ago. For some time now they have been writing inflamatory articles to incite the malays to riot and perhaps cause another mayhem similar to the one that happened in may 13th 1969.But this UMNO controlled media seems to have carte blanche right to publish articles that are seditious and inflamatory and yet did not even receive a warning from the Home Ministry.

This ploy to incite the malays to hate the non malays on the one hand and to preach the one Malaysia concept to the non malays on the other hand is a desperate strategy by UMNO to unite the malays against the perceived threats of the non malays while subteltly reaching to the non malays with their rhetoric concept of one malaysia for their electoral support.

One cannot imagine that Utusan Malaysia could have taken the bold steps of writing those inflamatory articles without the tacit support and agreement from the Home ministry . But by merely condoning and allowing Utusan Malaysia free reign to publish racist and inflamatory articles the Home Ministry must bear full responsibilty should any untoward accident occur as a result of their publication.An impartial and responsible Home ministry would have nipped this wanton act of sedition being published rather than allowing it to continue inciting hatred in its publication.By allowing Utusan Malaysia to continue fanning racial hatred through its publication, the Home ministry is virtually encouraging a tragedy to happen.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mahathir destroyed All Our Democratic Instituitions

Looking back at Mahathir's 22 years tenure at the helm of the nation, it is not difficult to comprehend why we lost so much money through looting by his family and his cronies.

His favourite money making trick was to launch mega projects and privatisation of govt companies. His many mega projects were fronts to dish out negotiated tenders to his children and cronies whereby sweet deals were quoted with price many times its actual value. The more projects he launched and the more expensive the projects, the higher and better the profits were accrued by the beneficiaries. And when his son's venture in the shipping business failed he unhesitatingly used a govt vehicle (MISC) to bail his son out.

Bank Bumiputra which was a govt owned bank gave millions of unsecured loans to Mahathir's cronies and in the end all of them ended up as non-performing loans(NPL). In the end Petronas oil money was used to bail out the bank. Similar bail out was later repeated with MAS, Bank Rakyat, Perwaja Steel, and countless other govt GLCs.

His lack of business acumen saw the country loss heavily when he tried to corner the tin market.It was conservatively estimated that his brief foray in the speculation of the tin market cost the nation loss of $20 billion.

There are still alot of Malaysians who are foolishly ignorant of Mahathir's woeful tenure. He was not only a corrupt dictator who would not brook any dissent but he was also a racist too. Many of the Instituitions which were created during his tenure had a racist overtone. MARA colleges (MRSM), UITM and BTN were all his creations. They all had one thing in common .They all catered for only one race and with the exception of MARA colleges which later opened its door to allow 10% non bumi entry, the rest all had a racist agenda.

In short, time and history will not judge Mahathir favourably. His 22 years tenure saw the crumbling of all the instituition which was once the pride of Asia. The judiciary, the Attorney-general Dept, the Police dept, MACC , the civil service and virtually every instituition which was the cornerstone of a democracy became subservient to the Executive. Not only did they lost their independence and became servants and slave to the Executive but they also lost whatever shred of integrity that they had.

It would not be wrong to credit Mahathir as the P.M who destroyed the very fabric of malaysian multi-cultural and democratic instituition which till today still bears the hallmarks of his imprints.

Squatters On KTM Reserve Land.

I wonder in amazement how KTM could allow illegal squatters to squat on the reserve land bordering the railway line. The railway line stretching from the Seremban station all along rasah are now fully occupied by illegal squatters and KTM seems to be closing an eye on these settlements. On these illegal reserve land timber houses have mushroomed and they are even fitted with pipe water and electricity.

These illegal settlements that occupy KTM reserve land is waiting for a tragedy to happen and when it happens it will be a costly affair for KTM. Once a derailment occurs along any of these stretch alot of lives and property will be lost and destroyed. That is when KTM will have to fork out alot of money for compensation. How could KTM management not see the potential danger of such settlements being sited along the railway line? Or are they merely waiting for a tragedy to happen before taking any action. Along the rasah stretch some squatters have even cleared the reserve land to turn them into junk yards. Dont KTM have a property department where surveilance is kept on its property being illegally occupied?

I believe this is not only prevalent in the Seremban stretch of railway line but is a common occurrence in all the reserve land in the whole of the country.The only reason I can guess is that KTM is either closing an eye to these illegal settlements or there are people in the railway dept acting in concert to allow these settlements to mushroom. Either way, KTM will have to pay a hefty price when tragedy of any kind do take place along the railway reserve land.

Maybank is Perpetuating a Scam

Maybank is willingly or unwillingly helping to perpetuate a scam to fleece unsuspecting loan borrowers.The bank appoints a legal firm from Kuantan to write a letter of reminder whenever a borrower merely has a two monthly instalment in arrears. And for each letter of reminder the legal firm charges $30. The problem is why cant the Bank sends a reminder themselves rather than engage a legal firm to send a letter of reminder and then allows them to charge borrower $30 for a letter of reminder.If there are 5000 borrowers who are two months in arrears every month, the legal firm stands to make a neat $150,000 for merely sending a letter of reminder- an administrative job that virtually only cost 0.30cts.postage stamp.

Is Bank Negara aware of this scam being perpetuated or are they closing one eye to this scam? And of course the losers are the borrowers who have to cough up $30 each time the legal firm writes a letter of reminder.Can someone from the Bank please explain why they are allowing someone from the legal frim to make a fast buck at the expense of the poor borrower? Or is someone from the bank also benefitting from such an arrangement.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Retaining Zulklifli Nordin in PKR is not an option.

I sometimes wonder how a maverick character like Zulklifli Nordin could ever be elected to be a wakil rakyat. But then the march 8th election was an election that was perhaps an exception. The voters were literally put off with the flip flop Badawi and as they say, even a cow contesting against a B.N candidate would walk away the winner.Looking at his contributions so far one would think that he was a B.N wakil Rakyat rather than a Pakatan Rakyat man.

He acts and behaves as if he is not bound by any common policy and philosophy espoused by the PKR manifesto.He directs most of his vocal criticisms at Pakatan policies rather than at B.N's continued harrassment of Pakatan members in the Selangor State Assembly. At times I wonder whether he is an UMNO man planted to sabotage PKR's govt in Selangor.

His latest antic to challenge Sivarasa for the V.P post is a joke which only an eccentric can induce.He is not even aware that if he were to contest against a nobody in his constituent he would probably lose his deposit.If only he had spent some time reading comments about his antics and behaviour he would be surprised to find how villified he is in blogosphere.

What perhaps surprise me even more is the reluctance of the PKR leadership to discipline this maverick politician who have caused considerable damage to the PKR's image and political future. PKR's leadership must lobbed off the gangrene limb before it poison the whole body. Allowing this maverick politician to continue with his erratic behaviour is an option PKR leadership cannot afford to choose.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Najib's short Reign

Despite the mainstream media hype that Bagan Pinang victory has finally turn the corner for B.N, the sad truth on the ground is that B.N has really not made any headway . The groundswell of discontentment and disenchantment about the present govt is so evident that it will take alot more than PR exercise to exonerate Najib's and B.N's past misdeeds. There is still a questionable dark cloud hanging over Najib's role in the Altantuya murder which is unlikely to quietly disappear. What about the two statutory Declarations made by Balasundram , the private Investigator who made a shocking S.D that Najib was an active participant in the sexual tryst with his close friend and associate, Razak Baginda.

The Lingam episode which caused irreparable harm to the judiciary and which culminated in the formation of a Royal Commission and ended with an anti climax by the Attorney-General declaring that the case was closed despite strong evidence that there was collusion and conspiracy in the appointment of judges. The A.G's verdict was in direct contradiction of what the Royal Commission had uncovered and his nonchalant dismissal of lack of evidence and his inabilty to locate an important witness was a poor attempt by the govt to completely sweep the sordid episode under the carpet.

Despite Najib's claim that B.N had legally taken the Perak State Govt, Perakians have generally not accepted the change from a popular elected Pakatan Govt to a B.N manipulated govt. Even if B.N manage to hold on to the reigns of power till the next election, the common feeling is that B.N will suffer a most resounding defeat in the next election. The stain in Perak committed by Najib and the B.N govt will inevtiably be his waterloo.No matter how well orchestrated his 1Malaysia concept maybe, Perakians is unlikely to forget his slimy role in changing the elected Pakatan Govt .The corrupt charge against the two PKR assemblymen which resulted in their hopping over to the B.N side will etched indelibly in the minds of Perakians that it will be a clarion call for them to dump Najib and B.N in the next General Election.

Najib's hypocritical measures of 1 Malaysia concept will be mere window dressing which is unlikely to win any non malay admirers. Most likely it has been interpreted as a 2 Malaysia concept when he further reiterated that the malays still needed the NEP crutches in order to compete with the other races. The too familiar retort will not be lost on the non malays. As long as UMNO and B.N remains in power, there will never be any change. They have been so used to their old ways of doing things their way that it is unlikely they will ever change.Malaysians must generally wake up from this dilemma and nightmare.and realise that for a change to be effected, UMNO and B.N will have to be voted out. Only from a period of being out from the seat of power that they will be able to reform and change for the better.

And for the victor , there will be a period of change and reform for all the instituitions that B.N in general and UMNO in particular had corrupted in its 52 years of reign.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Better To have an inexperience Govt rather than a experience corrupt Govt

I refer to the Malaysiakini report 'SelCat: Select Committee or Selective Committee.'

In his article, the writer appears to be very harsh with the Pakatan Selangor Govt. For some reason only known to him, he does not believe the past abuses of the previous regime should be revealed and brought to book.In other words, it would be better to just forget about their mismanagement and let the perpetrators escape any punishment.The writer should be familiar with the saying that those who never learned from history are doomed to repeat their mistakes again.

Any ruling party in govt whether B.N or Pakatan must be made aware that one day when their term ends they will be held accountable for their actions and decisions.To even suggest that Selcat should only concentrate on current governance and forget about looking for past misdeeds is untenable. Such a policy if adopted would only encourage ruling party officials to have freedom to commit atrocities knowing full well that they will not be brought to book.

Looking at the writers article i am incline to think that he has a vested interest in the B.N govt. namely from a B.N component party like MIC.He then went on to criticise the Selangor Govt for suspending Khir Toyo and four of his fellow B.N members for between 6 and 12 months. Has he forgotten that M.P Gobind Deo was suspended from Parliament for merely uttering some words connecting the P.M to the Mongolian model, Altantuya? Why did he not reserve his judgements on the august house where the B.N govt dominate? So is he implying that its ok for the B.N govt to suspend opposition members in Parliament while it is wrong to suspend Mohd Toyo and his gang for refusing to attend Selcat Select committee hearings?

What is even more shocking is his comparison of Selcat with the' secret Police and the military courts of a Totalitarian Regime.' As if that was not enough he went further to criticise the lop sided membership of the Selcat composition. Has he studied the profile of B.N's lop-sided selection in states where B.N ruled. Why did he not raise any voice to protest about the lop sided composition?

What the writer fail to be charitable to the Pakatan Govt is that they have hardly even completed one term of their rule. whereas B.N had the luxury of 52 years in ruling this country. Unlike the writer, the electorate would not judge Pakatan harshly even if they have falter slightly in their governance.It would be far better to have an inexperience ruling govt rather than an experience corrupt govt.

Non-malays Ditched Pas Not Pakatan

PAS V.P Salahuddin Ayub was wrong to say that the non-malays ditched Pakatan.The sad truth is that the non-malays ditched PAS. It was a clear message to PAS that the honeymoon with the non malays is over. Many non malays thought that PAS was a better alternative to B.N and was willing to give PAS a chance to prove themselves. during the march 8th General Election.But what they saw in PAS was simply contrary to expectations.

In kedah, the new PAS govt immediately introduced even more draconian discriminatory policies in housing thus proving itself not capable of being fair and just to the miniority non malays. Other rash policy like demolishing the pig abatoir and relocating it to another site caused alot of unhappiness with the chinese population.

In Selangor, PAS Hassan Ali calling for alcohol ban in muslim majority areas only further cast doubts on PAS long term agenda. Instead of being a moderate muslim force, PAS has now gradually surfaced as an intolerant muslim malay party incapable of governing with justice and fairness.

Left with either the choice of sleeping with the devil you know or sleeping with the devil you dont know, the non malays opted for the corrupt former M.B of Negri Sembilan rather than giving Bagan Pinang to PAS.

PAS has alot of soul searching to do in order to capture the non malays support again If PAS members like Hasan Ali continue to call for more stringent islamic reforms than it is unlikely it will have any more support from the non malays .And if the voting trend in Bagan Pinang is any indication, PAS can no longer rely on non malay voters to win in areas where the non malays will tilt the balance between victory and defeat.

Police Have Got their priorities Wrong.

It is quite common on the 8.oo o clock prime time news to see police raiding a prostitute den or a massage parlour.In full view of prime time viewers, the police seem to take particular delight in the successful apprehension of the pimps and prostitutes. If only they could display similar enthusiasm in apprehending murderers and rapist which have become so prevalent in every neighbourhood.

Practically every day we hear of innocent victims of snatch thieves , of robbbers of rapists and yet the police are spending valuable time arresting prostitutes and pimps. The police seem to have their priorities wrong. Prostitutes and pimps do not threatened the safety and security of ordinary citizens but murderers and rapists do. So why dont the police go after the murderers and rapists rather than spending valuable resources going after prostitutes and pimps.?

Further, with workers both legal and illegal in our country, these bachelor foreign workers are here without their wives. They need an outlet for their sexual urges and these prostitute dens serve as a conduit for them to release their primitive urges. If the police eradicate their only source of sexual outlet the ramification is that they will resort to raping of innocent victims who could be wives, daughters, sisters of Malaysian citizens.So please PDRM, dont think eradicating the problems will solve all your problems. Most likely it will only create a more serious crime scene.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

UMNO cannot Change.

The recent choice of the former M.B of Negri sembilan, Isa Samad as the candidate for Bagan Pinang confirm what has already been a known fact after the March 8th General Election. UMNO cannot change. After 52 years in power they have lost the ability to discern the difference between what is right and wrong. To them everything they do must be right even though it is wrong. Corruption is a technical offence because that will suit their purpose.The end must simply justify the means. As long as the right result is obtained it doent matter how we achieved it.

In Permatang Pasir they glossed over the credentials of Rohaizat and they paid the prize of losing the bye election. Now history is about to repeat itself but luckily its in an UMNO stronghold. So a wrong candidate with warts and all could still win the election for B.N..But ultimately it is sacrificing long term interest for short term gains.Yes, UMNo will perhaps win this lone battle but in the long run it will lose the war.

After 52 years, UMNO cannot continue to treat the ordinary rakyat not to realise the importance of an untainted candidate to be their wakil Rakyat. Its an insult to the intelligence of the ordinary rakyat that they will still continue to accept a corrupt person to be their representative no matter how repentant they may be. Times have change but sadly UMNO has not changed . It is still accustomed to its old ways of doing things and that may just precipitate their downfall.

History has shown since time immemorial that a crumbling regime will always acccelrate their downfall with decisions that defies common sense and logic.UMNO and their leaders are doing precisely the things that will finally nail the coffin of B.N.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hassan Ali Has caused PAS to be unpopular


Hassan Ali, the PAS exco member from PAS in Selangor has proved to be a liability not only to PAS but to the Pakataan Rakyat coalition.His earlier antic of trying to ban alcohol sale in Muslim majority area not only caused a furore among the non muslims but such drastic act coming just few months after being elected to form part of the govt of Selangor must have disappointed alot of PAS non malays supporters.

Many , especially the non malays thought that PAS would make a better alternative to the dominant UMNO malay party but with its latest antics people are now questioning the wisdom of allowing PAS gaining a more significant foothold in the political arena.If PAS leadership fails to restraint Hassan and the likes of him bellowing the implementation of Taliban like measures then PAS can be assured of the erosion of support from the non malays in the next General election.

Balance with the liability of Hassan Ali however are some good PAS members. Tok Guru , Nik Aziz , the spiritual leader of PAS has been a shining example of moderation.But what can few good men do when the majority of PAS members remain silent in the face of Hassan Ali's provacative stance.?PAS leadership must now find the courage to epouse a more gentle face of Islam in order not only to win the trust of the non malays but also to consolidate their malay support.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Breeding Ground of Racism.

The cow head demonstration by the Shah Alam Section 23 residents clearly showed how far race relations have "progressed" after 52 years of independence.

No thanks to our former Prime Minister whose 22-year reign saw racial extremism rearing its ugly head in many of the institutions he created.

The Biro Tata Negara (BTN) was just one of them.

In Mara colleges and UITM institutions of higher learning, he made it exclusive only to the Malays and most, if not all, graduated without having any contact with non-Malays.

It was perhaps in these so-called exclusive Malay institutions that fertile minds are poisoned with racial bigotry and hatred.

What was spewed during the month of Ramadan on that day was not only seditious but the brutal act of stomping repeatedly on the severed head of the cow was so despicable.

What we saw could only have been performed by savages. Yes, our country is now reaping what we sowed.

Our leaders have sowed the seeds of racial hatred in order to perpetuate their hold on power and in doing so they have succeeded in poisoning the minds of our young.

In merely one generation, we have successfully created a hostile Malay race so intolerant of other races and their religions.

The cow head demonstration and the vitriolic speeches merely confirms the underlying venom that is festering in the Malay psyche that has been poisoned by the government.

Even as the prime minister preached the need to tear down walls that divide the races, his party controlled media, Utusan Malaysia, was spewing racial rhetoric to raise the anger of the Malays against the non-Malays.

There are still good intelligent Malays who could see the hypocrisy of Umno. And many of them have spoken vociferously against the cow head demonstration which was not only against the tenets of the Quran but to do the act in the holy month of Ramadan was just simply disrespectful to the religion of Islam.

Islam forbids Muslims to be disrespectful to other religions lest non-Malays retaliate and it was un-Islamic to desecrate the carcass of dead or living animals.

What is shocking is the home minister's defence of the perpetrators' actions. According to the incompetent minister, the perpetrators were blameless and somewhat justified in their act even though they had acted seditiously and incited racial hatred.

Law abiding citizens across every racial divide can now see how the laws are administered by the BN government controlled by Umno.

One begins to wonder whether the whole episode was indeed orchestrated by Umno on the behest of the PM in order to destabilise the Selangor state and bring an end to the Pakatan rule in Selangor.

Monday, September 07, 2009

PKR leadership must enforce discipline

Party PKR is currently in turmoil.Its members especially the elected representative are flaunting their position as if they had won their seats on their own merit.Some are even courting B.N to pay them a king ransom so they can switch allegiance.The latest now is in Kedah where the Lunas state Assembly person,Mohd Radzhi Salleh has declared he has left the party and is now an independent. Hardly has the simmering rumour that the Pelahburuhan Kelang Assemblyman, Badrul Hisham Abdullah is planning to jump ship we now have another maverick PKR politician flexing his muscle.

When are we going to see some discipline from the PKR leadership.? I blame all this insurbordination on the inabilty of the PKR leadership to reign in those loose cnnons who are actually testing the resolve of PKR leadership to discipline them. Sadly, PKR leadership has failed abysmally. They allowed Zulkefli Nordin a free reign to run riot and now they are paying for the price of other State assemblymen to similarly flex their muscle. Without discipline, PKR is a party in disaaray. There is no unity of purpose and every assemblyman seems to exercise their own vision of how the party should pander to their individual whims and fancy.PKR and the other Pakatan members can only expect support from the people if they can have a cohesive coalition that can govern the country better than what the B.N can do. Otherwise maybe it would be better for the people to put our faith in some other party that can provide a better alternative.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

MCA, Gerakan and MIC are UMNO's Accomplice to topple Pakatan In Selangor.

There is no doubt about it. There is a sinster plot by B.N to topple the Selangor Pakatan Govt.Events came to a head with the raiding of Pakatan Rakyat office under the guise that there had been misuse of public funds allocated to the constituencies.The unsavoury plot finally culminated in the death of a political aide,Teoh Beng Hock who was a mere witness who was called in for questioning by the MACC. His death resulted in nationwide condemnation and resulted in the call for a royal Commission to investigate his death.

The sordid and despicable manner in which public institution are used to further the political agenda of B.N in general and UMNO in particular is most tragic. Najib has publicly declared that he wanted Selangor back in B.N's fold except he didnt qualify it by saying that he was prepared to resort to foul means in order to achieve his objective. The MACC comes under the Prime Minister Dept and Nazri the Minister in the P.M's dept is in charge of that portfolio. So no prize for guessing who gave the orders for MACC to target Pakatan rakyats wakil rakyat.

What remains most galling to MCA, Gerakan and MIC members are why are these leaders not expressing outrage at what is happening?It appears that their role in this unholy episode is that of an accomplice. The people of Selangor, and the citizens of the country are no fools.They can see the intent of the B.N to destabilse the Pakatan govt and take over the state of Selangor like it did to Perak. Their deafening silence only serves to confirm the often accusation that they are in the B.N only to serve UMNO's interest.Like in Perak, to buy over Pakatan members and toppling the Pakatan govt merely serves to depict B.N as a sore loser and a power crazy entity ready to subvert the will of the people which have made their decision at the ballot box.

Instead of reforming itself , B.N has deemed it fit to cause propblems for the Pakatan ruled states.No matter what devious means it employ to take control of the Pakatan States, its rule will only be temporarily.The people has enough of B.N's authoritarian rule. Instead of focussing on good governance it has deemed fit to use public institution to colloborate with its nefarious activities to topple a democratically elected state govt. The only words to describe B.N now is that they have become morally and politically bankrupt and are prepared to use every illegal means within their power and influence to perpetuate their hold on power.That sums up why B.N and UMNO has to be defeated in the next General Election.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

DPM Lacks Integrity

Coming from someone who could one day be the P.M of the nation, his statement that B.N candidate, Rohaizat's breach of trust offence which caused him to be disbarred by the Bar Council was akin to a parking offence ticket reflects poorly on the character of this man. Although restituition was done nevertheless the act of breach of trust was already committed . It can only mitigate his offence but cannot totally absovled him of his criminal act.Just because the case was not pursued in court and no conviction was recorded, the act of using client's money for his personal business is an act of criminal breach of trust which if pursued further would result in a criminal conviction.
So how could the DPM dismiss a criminal act similar to a parking ticket offence? The Bar council disciplinary committee must have exhausted their investigative procedures in this case and came to the conclusion that there was indeed a valid and justifiable case to disbar Rohaizat to practice law.

Further, Rohaizat's appeal to the high court to overturn the Bar council decision was dismissed and his disbarrment by the Bar council remains intact. What further proof does the DPM need to be convinced that a serious breach of trust involving client's money had been committed and that the Bar council had rightly disbarred Rohaizat.He was a victim of his own wrong doing and there is no way the DPM can equate his act as that of a parking ticket offence.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Poison Pen Letters should also Attack UMNO.

The writer who wrote the letter addressing to malays whether the Annuar issue is important to the extent of sacrificing the future of their grandchildren should also address the issue whether they should continue to support UMNO to the extent that the future of their grandchildren are sacrificed.

UMNO leadership had always looked after the interest of their own cronies and family members.They have never helped the ordinary malay citizens.If they had genuinely helped the malays there would not be any need to continue with the NEP policy.After 51 years of B.N rule headed by UMNO, the rural poor is as poor as they were 50 years ago.The few who benefitted from the NEP policy were the family members of Mahathir and Abdullah Badawi and their cronies.

In order to hold to the reigns of power they continue to use race and religion to unite the malays so that they can continue to plunder the country's wealth.However, times have change and the same old strategy will not work anymore. Events in the last few months have shown that UMNO is unlikely to reform or change. Most likely its the people who have to change UMNO and the next General Election should consign UMNO and the other component parties to the dustbin of history.

Public Anger at MACC

I doubt the recent molotov bombing of the MACC vehicle was the work of gangsters or the underworld.Gangsters and underworld mobs have a business to run and have no interest in politics or public issues.
Most likely, MACC recent public persecution of Pakatan assemblymen have aroused the anger of the people to such feverish heights that certain people may have resorted to such violence.
Tragically, no matter how one despise or dislike what the MACC is doing, no one should justify violence as a response.Public criticisms and demonstrations should be the only avenues to vent their anger and frustrations.
MACC should however pay heed to the warnings that there are limits to public patience and that their unbridle haste to persecute Pakatan members may have serious repercussions.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Axe The Mavericks From Pakatan

During a dialogue session at the Sungei Ujong Club,Seremban, with the Pakatan Supremo,Anwar Ibrahim, I spoke out on the need to look at the enemies within PKR and the other Pakatan allies. PKR member of Parliament like Zulkefli Nordin and Wee Choo keong are a liabilty to the party. Instead of focussing on uniting and forging good relations with other Pakatan members, they both deem fit to destabilise the coalition by their constant criticsms. I made a passionate appeal to Anwar that these maverick politicians who won on PKR ticket should not be fielded again in the next election and even if they were fielded , most likely they will lose.

I also suggested that PKR should form a committee as soon as possible to head hunt and vet suitable candidates for the next General Election.PKR needs to find good calibre candidates as the Perak debacle has served as a warning that opportunistic candidate will sell themselves at the first opportunity when money is dangled in front of them.

Of course, Pakatan is not the only party with poor quality candidates who have to be dumped. Pas Hassan Ali, who unhesitatingly wanted to make a pact with UMNO after the last General Election has lost his credibilty.His recent outburst regarding the beer issue in Shah Alam has caused PAS to lose alot of support from the non-muslim community.Together with Ibrahim Ali who won on a PAS ticket in Pasir Mas , Kelantan, these two maverick loose cannons have to be replaced if the party wants to fare well in the next election.Pakatan enemies no longer comes from UMNO or the B.N. It is enemies within their own ranks that they should be concerned. UMNO is a spent force and will be consigned to the dustbin of history in the next election. It cannot reform itself and have now desperately use race and religious issues to boost their popularity. However with the advent of modern day cyber news, the people are now more sophisticated. For the last 50 years they have fooled the people but they forgot about the old saying that says you can fool the people some of the time but you cannot fool the people all of the time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Irresponsible Act By DPM

The act by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyideen to label opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim as a traitor is not only unwarranted but an irresponsible statement coming from a govt leader.By calling Anwar a traitor, the DPM has incited a segment of the fanatic malays to cast aspersion and hatred towards the opposition leader and this could cause or result in some people targetting him for injury. Coming from someone who is the DPM of the country is certainly disgraceful and does not augurs well for someone who is slated to be the future Prime Minister of our country.

Is it an act of treachery for Anwar to espouse Justice for all, respect of rule of Law , an equitable NEP for all ? Muhyideen must realise by now that what Anwar is espousing is what the present govt is not practising and if by doing that the ordinary citizen can easily surmised that it is Muhyideen and his UMNO cohorts who are really the traitors of this country.

Anwar has never attempted to betray his fellow malays by fighting for a just cause. What he has espouse is to help those in need and not by race.Since 60% of the population are malays and majority of those in the poverty group are malays then any NEP policy properly implemented would be for the benefit of the malays.Unlike what is being practice by UMNO, most of the wealth are distributed to their cronies and UMNOPUTRAs.That is certainly a betrayal not only to the malays but to all Malaysians. And by logic , we should label Muhyideen and his UMNO cohorts as the real traitors of this country.

Friday, July 24, 2009

B.N's Last Walk

UMNO exit from the seat of power has been expedited. This will be B.N's last walk in the corridors of power.The events of the last few days have taken a pivotal turn and Najib could be the shortest UMNO's president to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.Thanks to MACC who made all this possible.

The groundswell of anger and bitterness at the institutition which acted in a manner to topple the Pakatan Rakyat govt was overwhelming. People who have unwavering supported the B.N govt has now decided at last that we now need a change in order to reform.It has become obvious that B.N's 50 years of being in the govt has corrupted all the instituition which form the pillar of a democratic nation.

Finally, the act that MACC did was an act that will finally nail the coffin of the B.N. The only way B.N can reform is to exit from the seat of power and to spend sometime to reflect on its past mistakes.And with some wisdom and past experience maybe it can make a comeback at some late date.Farewell B.N .We expected you to go after March 8th, but we didnt expect it to be so soon.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hindraf Fighting a Lost Cause.

The problems facing the Kampong Buah Pala residents should be viewed in its proper perspective. First and foremost, the residents are illegal squatters and have no rights whatsoever to remain stubborn in their resolve that the state Govt give them title to the property.secondly, since the land had been alienated by the previous govt under Koh Tsu Koon and sold below market price to the present owner, the land has now become private property of the new owner.And thirdly, the resident squatters have lost their legal battle in court last year and the new owner have every right under the law to forcibly evict them.

Thereofore what is Hindraf fighting for? That the illegal indian settlers be given title to the property they have illegally occupied for a long time?Is it not the same if a stranger forcibly enter your premise and refused to be evicted and later demand title of your property?The fundamental question revolves around the rights of the squatters and the rights of the landowner. Has the illegal squatters have the right to illegally squat on private or govt land and later demand that they be given ownership of the property?

The simple answer to the whole issue is that the squatters have no right whatsoever to denand anything and Hindraf have no business defending a lost cause premised on the illegality of their occupation of the land.Even if the land had not been sold (albeit cheaply to a private owner ), and had the property remained with the govt, the illegal squatters would still have to be evicted for occupying state property illegally.

Just imagine the consequence of giving the illegal settlers title to the property that they had illegally occupied. That would have opened the floodgates for other squatters to emulate the same strategy to occupy State and private land without due regard to the ownership of the property and later demand title of the property. That would certainly create chaos and uncertainty in the whole property market.

Perhaps what is of more import is for the MACC to investigate the whole nature of the transaction and to determine whether there is any hanky panky or culpabilty in the deal to dispose of the leasehold land at below market price,.The deal happened during the term of Koh Tsu koon and he has to answer for his decision. The present govt of Lim Guan Eng cannot be held responsible in any way and can be absolved of any blame. If Hindraf cannot see these issues claerly then they have no business defending anybody .

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Greedy Politicians

Why would someone who have served for 22 years as the Prime Minister , about the same number of years as the Home Minister,and then a couple of more years as Finance Minister would still want to continue to serve the country after they have retired from public office.?What more if the service they are going to provide has no relations to their expertise?.It would have been plausible and acceptable if he was an expert in the field of oil extraction to be appointed as the Petronas adviser. Or it would have been acceptable if he was an expert in the production of motor vehicles if he was appointed as an adviser to Proton.But sadly, the former P.M Mahathir, has neither expertise in any of his appointed post and yet he was appointed and paid for his two Advisers post.

From his pension of his 22 years as the P.M , as the Home Minister, as the Finance Minister, as the Member of Parliament he would have derived a substantial sum of money from these various sources. So why would mahathir still want to continue to bleed our nation's coffers by being appointed to the two post which he cannot contribute in any way?

Then our last P.M Badawi, served for many years as a Foreign Minister, as a Deputy P.M, and finally for a term as P.M and Finance Minister and prior to his retirement as a Defence Minister.Therefore when he retired as the P.M he would also have derived a substantial pension from many of the Ministerial Post that he had held.So why did Govt appointed him as the adviser to our National Carrier, MAS? And to make sure he is well taken care off in his twilight years he was further appointed as the adviser to the Southern corridor .

With all the pension they are receiving after retirement, politicians should not exploit their positions by greedily scrambling to hold positions which merely is an attempt to squeeze more money from the nation's coffers without any tangible contributions .The Pensions that they receive should adequately see them living a life of carefree luxury.Money paid to them as Advisers could be put to better use by building Low cost Flats, schools and roads to be beneficial to the ordinary citizens.

In times of economic crisis that we are facing now, politicians should set a good example of saving public expenditure and not indulge in wasteful distribution of taxpayers money to greedy politicians.

Who is Ramli Ali?

" Well, he is a Lingam appointed judge. A former Chief Registrar of the
courts. When Lingam was talking to the disgraced Fairuz on how they
were to manipulate the judiciary and appoint their cronies into the
bench, Lingam said that Ramli was among the three preferred to be
appointed by him. The other two were Datuk Heliliah Mohd Yusuf, a
former Solicitor-General and Datuk Ahmad Maarop, a former commissioner
of Law Revision. They were appointed as directed by Lingam and agreed
upon by Vincent Tan and Mahathir on February 1. 2002

Clown Judges should be removed and punished

As pointed by former Court Of appeal Judge, N.H Chen, judges who do not administer Justice according to Law should be removed and Punished.Judges who make decision based on politics to please their political masters have brought disrepute to the judiciary and accordingly have committed a serious breach of ethics which should invite dismissal from the bench.

When the appeal case of NizarVs Zambry was brought before a one man Court of appeal Judge, Ramli Ali, the latter, granted a stay of the declaratory relief that was earlier given to Nizar by the High court Judge. Before going to the merit of Ramli's decision to grant the relief let us briefly examine the man who gave that relief. Ramli, if you recall was a Lingam appointed Judge.A former Chief registrar of the courts, his name was mentioned by Lingam when discussion with disgraced Chief Judge, fairuz on the manipulation of the judiciary and the appointment of cronies to the Bench took place at Lingam's house. Two other judges whose names were also mentioned and one of them who also played a crucial role in another case involved in the Nizar hearing was Datuk Ahmad Maarop,a former Commissioner of revision and Datuk Helililah Mohd Yusof, a former solicitor-General.

With such a tainted background that followed his appointment, it is hardly surprising how judge Ramli Ali could have returned a verdict in favour of Zambry with such haste.What is even more absurd was that his stay of the declaratory relief was not supported with any grounds of judgement.

And today we saw another clown Judge from the Federal court, Paul Augustine, giving another astonishing verdict that decided that Sivakumar, the Perak Speaker had no authority to suspend Zambry and the six excos members.And if the Doctrine of separation has any meaning since when do the judiciary has jurisdiction to review decisions made by the legislature? Is it not stated in the Federal constitution that Article 72(2) prohibits any proceedings of the legislature to be subjected to judicial review?

And what about the three clown Judges who heard the court case to determine the legitimate M.B ? The three Court of Appeal judges, Md Raus Shariff, Zainun Ali and Ahmad Maarop (remember this name linked to lingam) set aside the High court's decision ruling that Nizar was the rightful Menteri Besar 'at all Material Times' and held that Nizar had ceased to command the confidence of the majority of the Perak State assembly. Well it didnt seem to bother these three clown Judges that we have a constitutional monarch in Malaysia and by their ruling that the Sultan of Perak had the power to remove the Menteri Besar, the court have now bestowed the powers of an Absolute Monarch to the sultan who now have the powers to dismiss a serving menteri besar from the office without the necessity of the legislature convening to determine by voting whether he still command a majority in the Legislative assembly.By analogy, the King now can be construed as having absolute powers to dismiss the Prime minister without the need to convene a parliament sitting to determine whether he still command a majority in the Parliament.

One thing appears clear from these recent episode. All these Judges did not administer Justice according to the rule of Law and have definitely brought the Judiaciary to disrepute .It is quite obvious that their decisions were coloured by political considerations and by their acts have invited adverse criticism of the Judiciary.Their acts cannot and should not go unpunish. In the event, Pakatan should come to power the shameful acts of all these judges must be brought to account and be made to answer for their folly.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Failure To Change Will Annihilate MCA

One of life's greatest irony is that there are always sign to tell you whether you are on the right path or not.The only problem is whether one is prepared to grasp the tell tale sign and make the change.
Ong tee Keat's blog seeking an opinion poll whether the party should pull out of the Barisan National confirmed what has already been public knowledge that the chinese have enough of UMNO and B.N. According to the poll 1,908 (75.7 %) respondents wanted the party to pull out of the coalition whilst 612 said no.
Now that the survey has indicated the majority wishes of the chinese people, the question only remains what would the leadership in MCA decide to do?With four ministerial posts and 9 Deputy Ministers post at stake can the MCA leadership sacrifice their own positions and interest and for once look at the larger interest of the chinese people?Not an easy decision when one is comfortably ensconced in a Minister post with all the perks and privelges accorded to it.
The P.M , Najib is quite confident that MCA will not abandon the B.N ship because history has always shown that personal interest and positions have always remain paramount in the MCA leadership considerations.So its not easy to make the change when so much rewards and position is at stake.Past experience have also shown that MCA leaders have never paid any premium to the larger interest of the chinese community.As long as MCA leaders are adequately rewarded with title and position UMNO can always ride rough shod over MCA and chinese interest.
But this time the writing is on the wall. The demise of MCA, MIC, Gerakan and most if not all of the B.N component parties will be inevitable when the 13th General election takes place four years from now. Because of self interest, it is unlikely any of these leaders will change their allegiance to B.N or to UMNO.Even if they change now, there is no guarantee that that the people will embrace them immediately. 50 years of their loyalty to the B.N philosophy is unlikely to change overnite.More specifically would be the question of what is it for MCA for them to make the change.? MCA surely would not hope to make the change and cast away their loyalty to B.N without expecting anything in return.?
In fact the signs were already there in the march 8th 2008 election. All the 15 member of Parliament seats that MCA won were in areas with a malay majority.That means MCA members won not with chinese support but with malay support. If that is not a sign that the chinese have already abandoned MCA than I dont know what other sign you need to have.By the next election when malay support is given to PKR and PAS, MCA candidates will be totally left floundering and anihilated. That same logic applies to Gerakan and MIC candidates who will be looking for malay support in areas contested by their members.

The survey done in Ong Tee Keat's blog merely serves to confirm that the days MCA will continue to be part of the Govt in B.N will be numbered.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Civil Servants will caused the Downfall of the Pakatan Rakyat Govt.

The DAP secretary-General, Lim Guan Eng maybe an astute politician but I think he is an inexperience administrator.That very lack of experience unfortunately could be his achilles heel and caused the downfall of his govt in Penang.If experience in Perak is any guide Lim should have learned from it but somehow, it has eluded him and he is repeating the same mistake which the Pakatan Rakyat administrators failed to address in Perak .

When the first sign of a crack appeared in the Perak Govt and the three party hoppers had already switched allegiance, the civil servants from the State Secretary to the Secretary of the State assembly immediately showed where their bread was buttered.Not only was the state assembly building locked and barred for the Pakatan State assembly men to attend an emergency meeting,but they were unceremoniously disallowed to enter the building although the court has still not determined who was the legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak.
Even the mayor and town council President showed their allegiance by removing the Democracy Plaque which the Pakatan Rakyat had erected under the tree where the historical Assembly meeting was held.

These are lessons Lim Guan Eng should have learned. All civil servants appointed by B.N owe their allegiance to the previous ruling Govt.At the outset, Pakatan Rakyat should remove these people and appoint Pakatan members even if they are politicians.That at least will consolidate your position in the govt machinery. Therefore Lim's insistence on appointing a B.N appointee to be the Seberang Perai municipal council could be a fatal mistake that could be his downfall. Similarly, all important post in other Municipal councils should be filled with Pakatan men. Its better to have your own men helming those post than to trust them to B.N appointees.
These kind of inexperience unfortunately is also being repeated in selangor where the current Menteri Besar Khalid have continued to put B.N's men in important GLC and other important statutory post.When the first sign of trouble appears this will be the same people who would likely betray Pakatan's cause.If Pakatan control states still continue to ignore this fundamental placement of B.N people, then it is likely that their days in Govt are numbered.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Who says Malaysia is Not a Racist country

President Obama of U.S would certainly not have the opportunity to be Prime minister of Malaysia had he been a citizen of Malaysia. In fact it would be correct to say that he would probably be an ordinary person earning an ordinary salary working in and ordinary company.

Coming from an ordinary middle class family most likely he would even be hard press to obtain a tertiary education in one of our elite Universities.Unlike his Oxford education he received as a U.S citizen, Obama with his string of A's would probably at most be offered to do a course like aquatic science or Material Engineering in one of the lesser tertiary Universities here.
But before going any further he would probably with his family spend some time in the Religious rehabilatation centres for trying to convert to Christianity. Well his father was a kenyan muslim and after marrying a christian caucasian he converted to christianity.But here in Malaysia , Obama and his family would be put into one of those rehabilatation centres where he would be persuaded to revert back to his islamic faith.
And as cleverly spinned by Awang selamat of Utusan Melayu, Obama as a pendatang should be grateful to be just given the opportunity to live and be a grateful citizen of this country.He should remain docile and not question even if he is deprived of any of his citizens rights.Most of all Obama and all the pendatangs should just obediently vote the ruling UMNO every election and be grateful .

After all it was due to the generosity of people like Awang selamat that the chinese, indians and all the lain lain bangsa are given the opportunity to be citizens of this country .It really doesnt matter to him that chinese and indians have been here for almost five generations while people from Indonesia like the Khir Toyo fellow have been here for hardly one generation is already been made a Chief Minister.
And eloquently put by the Sultan of Perak, non malays should not question why scholarships are given to Bumiputras while non malays with a string of A's are not given anything.It doesnt matter if 2As Bumiputras are given scholarships while 8A's non malays are not given anything.Yes, we pendatangs should just accept it and not question it. And yes we are not a racist country except that these things are all in the constitution .And I am off to join Obama for roti canai at the mamak stall if he is still there.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

PAS is Doomed to repeat its Mistake.

The last time PAS joined B.N in the coalition govt it left in acrimonious circumstances.Till today the bitterness and anger that had evolved during that period has left the spiritual guru, Nik aziz , adamant that never again should PAS joined hands to form the Govt with UMNO.To him putting the same hands twice in the hole to be bitten by the snake was unforgiveable.

PAS is doomed to suffer the same fate it suffered in Trengganu in 1999 when it lost Trengganu to the B.N. PAS President should be held accountable for the lost as much as Nik Aziz should be credited with the Kelantan's PAS victory.It was Abdul Hadi's arroggance that was the cause of PAS downfall. Even in the march 2008 election when B.N was at its weakest, PAS under Hadi could not even wrest Trengganu from the corrupt and divided UMNO when Pakatan Raykat managed to wrest five States from the B.N.

PAS victory in many of the seats it contested was because for the first time in its electoral campaigns, non-malays votes was crucial for its success. And non-malay votes were generously given to PAS because they were totally against the corrupt UMNO and B.N's Govt machinery.The anger against B.N translated into votes for PAS and other opposition candidates.That in essence explains the phenomenal success of PAS, PKR and DAP electoral campaigns that finally deprived the B.N Govt losing its two-third majority in Parliament and losing Five States to the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

Now its President Hadi and Deputy seems to have short term memories of its previous dally with UMNO and are considering a unity Govt where presumably the PAS President would be rewarded with a minor Ministerial position.But PAS under Hadi would be foolish to think that under a Unity Govt with B.N their current popularity could be sustained in the next 13th General Election.It is most likely that any Unity Govt with B.N would spell disaster and contribute to the demise of its popularity with the non-malays.

But like the popular saying, those people who failed to learn from history are condemned or doomed to repeat the same mistake.And in this case, PAS under Hadi is doomed to repeat the same mistake again.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mahathir is a Man of many contradiction

Mahathir has a failing memory. Only sometime ago he criticised Najib for accepting the three party hoppers to topple the Perak Pakatan Govt. Now that Zambry is comfortably ensconced in the seat of the Perak Govt he is singing a different tune. He is against the idea of a snap poll because he is certain Pakatan will win hands down. In other words mahathir would prefer to deny the people of Perak to choose a govt of their choice and instead allow the illegitimate B.N govt to continue to resist any move for a dissolution of the state assembly because the outcome is a Pakatan victory.This shows what a cunning and conniving former P.M we have for the last 22 years. Just because pakatan would come out victorious in a snap election he would not want a snap poll to take place.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is Najib Blaming Sultan for not wanting a snap election?

By making the statement that it was the prerogative of the Sultan to call for snap election, is Najib implying that it was the recalcitrant attitude of the sultan for not wanting to call for snap election ?This effectively puts the blame on the monarchy for the current political imbroglio which is currently being displayed in Perak.Surely this cannot be true because the Sultan obviously acted on the advice and the command of the then DPM who was not in favour of a snap election.

It is highly irresponsible to cast aspersion on the monarchy for deliberately withholding Nizar's request for the dissolution of the State assembly when in actual fact it was Najib's own recalcitrant attitude in not wanting to have a snap election..In view of what has been said by Najib, the Sultan should dispel any doubts that it was not their decision to withhold the dissolution of the assembly by now allowing for its dissolution. Otherwise it will only serves to confirm what Najib said was the truth and that it was the sultan's personal decision not to call for a snap election.

Is our Judiciary Independent?

The wheels of justice seems to be moving at breakneck speed for B.N while it is at snail pace when it was not in their interest. When the High court declared the lawful M.B was Nizar, Zambry filed an appeal and it was scheduled to be heard the next day by a one man judge.Why is it so urgent to hear this case while the judiciary is dragging its feet in the trial of the two PKR party hoppers who have a corruption trial hanging over their heads.?Is it not urgent that the corruption case of the two PKR be quickly disposed of so that we can see whether they are guilty of the corruption charge against them.

It seems quite obvious that unseen hands are directing the judiciary to expedite cases that are in favour of the UMNO govt and delaying cases that may have an adverse effect on them. Surely the trial of the two PKR state assemblyman is of paramount importance because it will ultimately means whether we have a bye -election if they are found to be guilty.And that precisely will affect the supposedly majority of B.N in the State Assembly.

Perak Speaker Has the last say

There should be no confusion as to the role of the State Assembly Speaker on the May 7th Sitting. The Assembly sitting under the tree was a valid State Assembly meeting . And the meeting agenda for all intent and purpose had endorsed the suspension of Zambry and his six exco members. The apex Federal court had no jurisdiction to interfere with the decision of the legislature.

In addition, the Speaker has every right to also ignore the decision of the Federal court that the E.C was the body to decide on the three seats supposedly vacated by the three State assemblymen. This also means that the speaker has every right to bar the three state assemblymen from participating in the sitting.

Therefore on the 7th May sitting, the speaker can further exercise his authority by disallowing Zambry and his members from participating in the Assembly sitting.The suspension of Zambry and the six excos by the speaker have not been rescinded and therefore remain valid. The speaker has every right to just ignore the Federal court' s decision declaring that the suspension was invalid as the Federal court had acted ultra vires in making a decision on legislative procedure which was beyond the jurisdiction of the courts . This was evident and clearly pointed out by many legal experts that the Federal constitution under s72(1) prohibits State Legislature proceedings to be subjected to judicial review.

In the absence of Zambry and the six exco members, and the three resigned state assemblymen, the assembly sitting can resume and the motion of confidence on Nizar and his exco members can be moved and put to vote. And since Pakatan members has a majority in the state legislature whatever motion proposed can be passed with a simple majority.

Alternatively, the speaker can under the advise of the M.B ,propose a motion to dissolve the assembly and seek permission from the ruler to carry out the motion.That in essence means the Speaker has the last say in the may 7th Assembly sitting.

All B.N Office bearers Must be removed From Pakatan Rakyat States.

Penang, selangor and kedah must learned from the lessons of Perak. They must immediately conduct a house cleaning for the various institutions in the state.All State GLC, Town councils, civil service and all state statutory bodies must be revamped. Failure to do so immediately could have disatrous consequences once other political machinations come into play.They should quickly be replaced by Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

See how quick and swift the state secretary acted when Nizar and his excos were forced out of power.The state Secretary is a B.N appointee and his actions clearly showed where his allegiance was. Nizar and his excos did the fatal mistake of not removing him and replacing him with someone from their political lineage.

Then look how the Assembly secretary behaved by totally by- passing the speaker's authority in issuing orders and instructions. He was obviously acting under the B.N's orders to ignore the PKR speaker despite the fact that he was his immediate boss.

Finally, see how the town council president and his men acted when they erected a plague to commenmorate the assembly meeting under the tree.They demolished the Plague that the Pakatan rakyat members had put up to commenmorate the historical occassion. And if that was not enough they declared that the plague was an illegal construction.

The States that are now still under Pakatan Rakyat control must immediately removed all personels and office bearers associated with the previous regime. Every single vestige of the past connected with the Barisan Govt must be removed if they want to continue to remain in power. Failure to do this could prove fatal like in Perak.

Perak Sultan Should not have been Partisan

Perak Sultan Raja Azlan Shah was correct when he said that rulers were above politics and therefore could not answer or debate allegations against them.

But then why did the Perak Ruler without hesitation installed Zambry and his B.N cohorts to replace the Pakatan Rakyat govt. knowing fully well that two former PKR assembly men were charged for corruption and could have acted under duress.?The dubious takeover by B.N was therefore hanging on a slim majority and could have adversely affected the balance of power should the two assemblymen were convicted of the corruption charge. Under such a climate of political uncertainty would it not be logical for the ruler to entertain the incumbent M.B's request for dissolution of the State assembly?

Then why did the ruler showed favouritism by declining the former M.B's request and instead proceeded to install B.N's Zambry as the legitimate Govt of Perak.?

Rulers need not be vocal to display their partisanship in politics. Their mere actions which is contrary to public expectations is enough to render their oft quoted statement that they are above politics meaningless.

The ruler's statement that individuals and groups were "disregarding the law for the sake of attaining power " should be directed at the B.N govt and not at the Pakatan Rakyat Govt.The Bukit Gantang Parliamentary bye-election should have been an eye opener to the ruler that the people wanted the disolution of the State assembly and to elect a govt of their choice. But instead the ruler chose to turn a blind eye and further add legitimacy to Zambry's Govt by bestowing Royal awards to him and his three other exco members when they have not even earned or deserve the awards.

Rulers who by their action are partisan are bound to attract ridicule and a wise ruler should know by now that history has shown that it is not the govt that will help to preserve the royal institution but rather the will and mandate of the ordinary people.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Repeal ISA Now Before The Rakyat Repeal the Govt.

The Five Judges will Have to Face a tribunal

As correctly pointed out by former Court of Appeal Judge, N.H. Chan, the Federal Court Judges had failed the people.The judgement was delivered by the panel of Judges comprising, Court of Appeal President,Alauddin Mohd sheriff, Chief Judge Of Malaya,Arifin Zakaria, and Federal Court Judges, Nik Hashim Nik Abdul Rahman, S Augustine Paul, Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin. It was , he added a perverse judgement because it was a decision made in blatant disregard of Article 72(1) of the Federal Constitution.

Without a doubt, these five learned judge who delivered a unanimous verdict had failed the people when they chose to ignore our country's constitution and failed to administer justice according to the rule of law.Even a layman could see that the verdict was against the spirit of the provisions as embodied in the constitution. Then how can five supposedly learned judge in the apex court came to the conclusion that was contrary to every one's expectation?

This blatant act of betrayal of the people's trust in the judiciary should not go unpunish. When Pakatan Rakyat do take over the Govt after the 13th General Election, these five tainted judges must be made to face a tribunal to answer for their failure to administer justice according to the Law.If found guilty they should be stripped of their positions and sack from the judiciary.Their unshamedly act of acting in concert with the Executive to render a judgement that was perverse and in complete disregard to the Federal Constitution is a betrayal of the people's trust in the Judiciary. The decision of the five judges have caused irreparable damage and will have a serious impact on the credibilty and integrity of the Judiciary for many years to come.It would be poetic justice to see the five judges being punished and sent into disgrace for their treacherous role in subverting justice.

Najib shopuld return the Mandate to the People of Perak.

Despite the euphoria and all the rhetoric that came with his 1 Malaysia concept, Najib, the newly minted P.M has one important duty to perform in order to convince the rakyat that indeed he has the political will to reform B.N in general and UMNO in particular.That one important obstacle that has been the bane of his asscesension is the illegitimate takeover of the Perak Govt by dubious means. Using the Judiciary to strengthen his takeover will only cause further anger with Najib's Govt. If his mantra which he postulated earlier is to change or be changed then he has to revert the mandate to to the people to elect a govt of their choice.Any thing less would be unacceptable to the people of Perak.

The convincing victory by the former M.B, Nijar at Bukit Gantang have clearly and irrevocably shown that the people want the status quo of the previous PKR govt to continue .If Najib continue to ignore the people's plea for the State assembly to be dissolved and fresh election be held for a new mandate, then he will be doing it at his own peril.

All his rhetoric and appeal to the public for the acceptance of his 1 Malaysia concept will have no meaning if the rakyat cannot even be given the mandate to elect a govt of their choice. He must accept his role in the illegal takeover of the Perak Govt and exercise Statemanship by correcting the wrong he had done. If not it is most likely the tenure of the new P.M would be the shortest and predictably he would be the last UMNO President to be the P.M

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Judiciary Is a B.N Judiciary.

The whole episode displayed by our executive and the Judiciary is sickening to the core.It did not seem possible that the Judiciary would be blatant to disregard the constitution when they made the decision affecting the integrity of the Legislature. But on the 16th april , 2009, they did just that. They lifted the suspension imposed by the Perak Speaker on the Menteri Besar and the six excos.All this despite the fact the article 72 of the Federal Constitution disallowed the Legislature Proceedings to be subjected to any Judicial review. If the apex court can make judicial review on the proceedings of the Legislature then what does the Doctrine of separation means in the context of our Parliamentary democracy?If this is how it works then we might as well appoint federal court Judges to sit in the legislature and review all its proceedings.

It appears quite evident now why an UMNO stalwhat who was also a legal advisor to the party was parachuted to be the head of the apex court. It seems quite convenient that the two branches of govt, the executive and the Judiaicary has worked hand in glove to ensure that the illegitimate Govt of Zambry has a clear path to be installed as the legitimate govt before the May 13th deadline when it is mandatory for it to hold the next Legislative assembly meeting or face dissolution of the assembly.

With unseen hands interfering in the decision of the apex court to ensure that a illegitimate Govt is installed in Perak and thus frustrate a govt elected by the people, the whole sordid episode has brought our Judiciary to public ridicule.Its action has only seves to confirm the suspicions that it is not acting independently as a separate branch of the govt but is acting subserviently to the Executive.It also lends further credence to the suspicion that the Judiciary is a B.N judiciary

The two Murderers of the Mongolian Woman should Not escape Punishment

The blogosphere is innundated with alot of speculations that the two UTK police accused for the murder of the Mongolian model will escape the gallows. From day one of their trial every attempt was made by the police to conceal their identity. Now that the trial is over and the verdict has been given it is about time that their annoymity should no longer be kept in wraps. The public is entitled to catch a glimpse of these two evil persons who committed the dastedly act of taking the helpless, defenceless life of a woman who was the mother of a six year old child.

In evidence given during the initial part of the investigation it was revealed by one of them that the woman pleaded for her life and the unborn child she was carrying. But despite her passionate plea for mercy, the police officer coldly and mercilessly shot the woman not once but twice .In the second part of their premediated cruel act, explosives were planted in various part of the woman's body and blown to smithreens.

Like many Malaysians I have no sympathy for these two men who will face the gallows.They committed a cruel act on a defenceless woman. In short they both deserves to die although the main protagonist remains free and unindicted for the crime.

Because there are speculations that the two men will not face their punishment, the Govt should firstly reveal their identity to the public. Afterall why should they take their annoymity to their graves? Then on the date of their execution , independent observers should be invited to witness their executions. This will dispel any doubts that there is a conspiracy to free the two murderers and giving them another identity to live in freedom.

If the execution is carried out in accordance with the court's verdict, it will serve as a warning to all future police personnels that any murderous act carried out even with the connivance of their superiors will not escape punishment .

Monday, April 06, 2009

Muhyiddin Need to Change His Mindset.

Tan sri Muhyiddin's statement that chinese voters are ungrateful by voting for Pakatan Rakyat clearly shows that the mentality of UMNO leaders have not changed despite the march 8th electoral debacle.By throwing monetary assistance to chinese schools during election times, Muhyiddin naively thinks that the chinese electorates should be grateful and give their votes to B.N.

For the last 50 years that strategy worked because the chinese people trusted their MCA representative who told them that it was the correct thing to do.But MCA betrayed the chinese people .MCA leaders failed to elevate the position of the chinese and were merely contented with their ministerial posts and the honofiric title that went with it.And that certainly explain why MCA can no longer claim to represent the chinese people.With only 15 Parliament seats in mostly malay majority areas as opposed to DAP's 28 Parliament seats in chinese populated areas it would be correct to say that DAP is the voice of the chinese people.

Chinese schools had to survive mainly on public donations and once in a while if there is a bye-election in their area they were given token donations in order to secure chinese votes.Muhyiddin should be aware by now that such political bribery to obtain votes by giving donations during election time is now no longer tenable.The money disbursed are from taxes collected from the tax payers and Mahathir himself acknowledged that 90% of the taxpayers are chinese.So giving back money to chinese schools are not something they should be grateful for.As a matter of fact, such allocations for chinese schools should have been mandatory and given without any strings attached.The chinese are now wiser. They will take whatever that is given but there is no guarantee that they will give their votes in return.There is no trickery on the part of the chinese as claimed by Muhyiddin.They just merely accepted what was given and voted in accordance with their belief as to who deserve their votes.

Muhyiddin would do well to change his mindset that by throwing some crumbs to the chinese electorates they would in return be obliged to vote for him.The chinese people have no interest to be King maker or to have any political power. All they want is to effect some political change so that all Malaysian citizens irrespective of race and religion can have an equal stake in this country of ours.

The Ex-Home Minister was a strong ally of Pakatan Rakyat.

Pakatan Rakyat lost a strong ally when the Home Minister , Syed Hamid Albar was replaced by Najib's cousin, Hishamuddin.With Syed at ther helm of the Home ministry, Pakatan won alot of previously B.N supporters.Many were appalled at the authocratic manner in which the Home Ministry directed the police to curb what was harmless peaceful assembly. Even peaceful candle light vigils were met with brute force from the police who were suppose to be defenders and protectors of lawful citizens.Even small children handing flowers to the P.M were manhandled and taken into custody.

Even innocent reporters who reported on the racists and seditious words uttered by an UMNO member from Penang was not spared and was taken into custody but later because of public outcry the Home Minister offered the lame excuse that she was taken in for her own protection. Even the popular member of Parliament , Theresa Kok was arrested under the ISA purportedly because the ex-menteri Besar Toyo had wrongly reported that she had petitioned against the noise emanating from the mosque in Shah Alam .Because unfettered power was given to one man who suddenly inherited so much power that it was frivously applied without any regard to the truth or falsity of the accusation. Hence when it was later found to his chagrin that he had acted impulsely on both counts the Home Minister had to eat humble pie and released the two innocent victims.His other ridiculous forays of arresting and blasting tear gas to disperse peaceful assembly was so brutal that even B.N supporters turned against the govt.

The ex-Home Minister last contribution to Pakatan Rakyat's cause was during the tri-election when police issued warnings that the name Altantuya and the Perak sultan's decision not to dissolve the state Assembly should not be mentioned during the ceramahs.Obviously, the Home Minister was taking 'ampuism' to a new height by making sure that the incoming P.M''s name was not associated with the Mongolian model Altantuya. It really boggles the intelligent mind how a Minister could dictate such frivolous conditions and prohibited the utterance of the name a woman who was brutally murdered. To compound matters , opposition parties were not issued with permits to hold ceramahs and were constantly harrassed and force to disperse.All these measures by the Home Minister purportedly to help the B.N govt back-fired and support for the opposition increased many fold.

Pakatan Rakyat's success in both the bye-elections in Bukit Selambu and Bukit Gantang owe largely to the stupendous policies and actions of the Home Minister.With the removal of Syed Hamid Albar as Minister of the Home Ministry, Pakatan Rakyat lost one of its strongest ally. It remains to be seen whether the new Minister, Hishamuddin, the cousin of Najib would be an ally or foe of Pakatan Rakyat.

B.N is Beyond Redemption

The message from the two bye-elections, Bukit Selambu and Bukit Gantang is very clear.The people want a change and they now view B.N as beyond redemption.B.N's last cast of the die by bringing on the expired date Dr. Mahathir was of little help.The last thing the people wanted was more of the Mahathirism we had already endured for the last 22 years.Obviously the strategy back fired and Nizar, the former ousted M.B won with a handsome and improved majority.

The new P.M's touted reform of releasing the 13 ISA detainees , his well publicised walk about in the city before the election to win over chinese, indians and malay support apparently did not swing any last minute votes in the two constituencies.In the end it was just a walking exercise for him to meet the people in the city.Nothing more. The people repaid the courtesy of his visit by smiling and waving to him.

The result of the two bye-elections, especially the Bukit Gantang election clearly provided an indication to the P.M that they were not happy with his illegal takeover of the popular Govt under Pakatan Rakyat.And if he is listening he should now allow the dissolution of the Perak assembly and call for a fresh election to allow for a new mandate to be determined by the people of Perak. His failure to do this would cause irreparable harm to his current administration and adversely affect his reputation as the new P.M.

The current long protracted impasse in the Perak govt should not be allowed to continue now that the people have spoken through the ballot box that they want fresh elections for the state.Admittedly, a mistake was made in the initial takeover of the state but a bigger mistake would be to allow the current situation to deteriorate further without a final solution. It takes a good statesman to realise one's mistake and rectify it with the correct decision. After all the new P.M still have 4 more years to win back the people of Perak should the people decide to retain the Pakatan Rakyat Govt in the fresh election.

Why is MACC so slow to act on Khir Toyo's Disneyland escapade with his Family and maid?

After looking into PNSB's dealings , Selcat have revealed khir toyo's abuse of his position by using funds from Statutory Bodies to pay for his family trip to disneyland.He and his wife were given every opportunity to defend and rebut all those allegations adduced during the course of the Selcat hearing but both of them chose not to attend the hearing.The CEO of the GLC could not have contrived or manufactured the evidence which confirmed the trip was paid for his wife, children and maid.

These are serious allegations of a public servant using public funds for his personal expenditure. The payments made were all supported and documented by the Statutory Bodies accounts.The witnesses including the CEO have testified that the whole trip for Khir Toyo's family including the children and maid was paid by PNSB. The evidence adduced during Selcat's hearing should have been sufficient to indict Khir Toyo on several charges of corruption.Now the question remains to be answered is why is MACC adopting the 'elegant ' silence approach when it was quick to reproach M.B Khalid for donating a few cows to his constituency using PNSB's money?

Are we to believe that MACC is adopting a selective prosecution approach in discharging their duties? It appears quite evident that Opposition politicians are being selectively hounded by MACC whilst B.N's politicians corrupt practices are been ignored. As a concern public citizen I would demand the MACC Chief to account for his reason why they have not been impartial in carrying out their sacred duty of investigating and prosecuting all politicians irrespective of their political divide.If they are impartial as they claim to be then we demand an immediate investigation and prosecution of Khir Toyo's corrupt practices. Public servants who dipped their hands in govt coffers must be brought to book and we shall not accept any lesser punishment for the former menteri Besar, Khir Toyo.Any punishment meted and that includes custodial sentence imposed should served as a deterrent to all those public servants who have abused their position by dipping their grubby hands in govt funds to finance their family and personal lifestyle using taxpayers money.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

MCA, MIC and Gerakan Should all be Banished to the Dustbin of History.

While the unsavoury events unfolded with the take-over of the legitimate Govt of Perak by B.N, where were the voice of MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the rest of the B.N component parties?Credit must be given to these non malay component parties for maintaining an 'elegant silence'. To remain silent and supportive of B.N's illegitimate takeover of a state that had elected an opposition govt,the parties of MCA, MIC and Gerakan have once again demonstrated that they can no longer claim to represent the legitimate interest of the people it is suppose to represent.They have not only helped to thwart the democratic will of the Perak electorates by being part of the B.N party that wrested the legitimate govt but they have shown that their loyalty is not with the people it purports to defend and protect but instead their allegiance is towards the UMNO leaders .

This episode should serves as a reminder that MCA, MIC and Gerakan leaders have a vested interest in protecting and prolonging the rule of UMNO.Their interest is not to look after nor protect the interest of the members they have sworn to protect.The leaders of MCA, MIC and Gerakan are in there for money power and positions. They are not there to render service probono.In short they are there to enrich themselves .Look at all the MCA and MIC ministers who have retired. They all retire not only with Tan sri and Tuns, but also living a life far beyond their expected means.

Malaysians of all race should no longer be fooled by these so called leaders who enter politics as a means of enriching themselves. For once in our life we must exert our right to rid these parasites who have been plundering the nation's coffers.Let us all Malaysians of all denominations act in unison to banaish these leaders from UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all those in the B.N umbrella to the dustbin of history.We cannot afford not to act because if we allow them to continue to rape our nation's wealth then there would not be anything left for our future generation.Failure to rid these parasites is no longer an option, it is imperative that we act now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Indians will have to live with Samy.

The indian community who elected Samy Vellu to be the MIC President for the 11th term are a pathethic lot.It only serves to confirm the indians are like a flock of sheep who just dont know how to dump a leader who can no longer lead them out of their misery.

With the election of Samy Vellu as the MIC President for another term, majority of the indians who support him should not complain if they are further marginalised . They have made their choice and they will have to live with it for the next three years.If the indians cannot even help themselves by electing a leader who can look after their interest then dont expect others to help them.

After the last General Election in March where the MIC suffered one of the most humiliating debacles where even its President Samy Vellu lost his seat in sg. siput, one would have expected the long serving MIC President be booted out. But the MIC members seemed to rejoice in retaining their leader.

And if the Indians are unhappy with Pakatan selection of Manikumar as their candidate then they should just vote the MIC candidate Ganesan and let the B.N win the seat.The indians in Bukit Selambu should not resort to threats and blackmail that they will not support the PKR candidate because it was not their choice. If they really feel that MIC have done a better job of looking after their interest then they should just support the MIC candidate.

Those Indians who have vested interest in selecting their own candidates in Bukit selambu should just leave PKR. If they cannot abide by the decision of the Pakatan leaders then please leave the party. PKR cannot afford to have members exerting their threats merely because their vested candidates were not selected..Their attitude merely vindicate the suspicions that they are only after the Exco position and not to serve the constituents.Such candidates if elected would not hesitate to party hop if given monetary rewards.

If indeed the indians have made their choice of supporting MIC then PKR should no longer make any concession to selecting any more indian candidates for any seats that PKR are contesting. So far PKR have made alot of concession for the indians in PKR and it appear they are not being appreciated. we continue to hear threats from them and perhaps its time the PKR leader should evaluate their loyalty to the party.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mahathir Is A Mamak

I was extremely shocked to read the article 'my father would have been proud' related by Mahathir in the nst, dated 21 march . In the article,Mahathir said his father was Mohamad Iskander and that he said ' my father was one of the few malays who ran away to school to get an education'.

Is our former P.M suffering from demntia to even forget his father's actual name?His father was a indian man from the southern Indian state of Kerala by the name of Mohamad a/l Kutty. Therefore genetically Mahathir whose father is indian and mother a malay would be classified as an indian.However our federal constitution says that any man who profess the religion of Islam, practices the custom and speaks Malay would be considered a malay.Therefore under the constitution definition he was a malay but in reality and factually he is an indian Man. But what surprise me and many Malaysians is why is he ashame of his own indian heritage so much so that he even declare that his father was a malay when that is not true.

In his speech at the PERKASA gathering he even lambasted the non malays for equating NEP policy to apartheid. In many of his speeches he has dwelled at lengths the rights and priveleges of the malays and pretending that he also belongs to the Bumiputras and therefore should perpetually be allowed to enjoy the priveleges and rights .

Mahathir is what we called a mamak in Malaysia. Many of them are really Indians who have converted to take advantage of the Bumiputras status.They are what we call fake malays or celup malays.When Penang was lost to the opposition a group led by a mamak stage a demonstration in protest.When Karpal was accosted by a group of UMNO youth members who wanted him to apologise for wanting to sue the Sultan of Perak the unruly group was led by a mamak. These Mamaks are really hypocrites pretending to be more malays than the original malays . Many of the Mamak have taken full advantage of their celup status and have become UMNO ministers. .

Unlike the Mamaks, the original Malays are refine and cultured . I have lived with them in Kelantan for 40 years and they are a civilised lot.They dont go round blaming the non -malays for their problems like the Mamaks opportunist. Two fine gentleman I like to mention is Zaid Ibrahim and Mustapha Mohamad and there are many of them too many to mention.

If Mahathir and his kind continue to call non-malays 'pendatangs' then he should examine his own heritage where his own father came from Kerala.Yes, he should not be ashamed to acknowledge his own Indian heritage and proclaim proudly that he is also a 'pendatng'.

Instead of spending his twilight years in graceful retirement this old man deems fit to foment hatred and ill will among the races.He should realise by now that he no longers holds any power and influence in the party that he once leads. That was evident when he could not even muster enough votes in the Division he once led to be chosen as a delegate in the last UMNO General assembly.

Ali Rustom, the Racist, Deserves to be charged for corruption

Mohd Ali rustam began his career in politics 18 years ago when he was a mere clerk with TNB. From a mere meter reader to his majestic rise to be the chief minister of Malacca, this UMNO politician should have been contented with his swift meteoric rise to the top echelon of UMNO leadership. Not satisfied with being the Chief Minister of this Malacca state, he contested in the last UMNO election and was surprisingly rewarded with the Vice- president Post with the most number of votes.

But the racist side of his character only surfaced when he was invited to be the guest of honour for the People's Progressive Party state convention.With unabashed pride he told his shocked audience that PPP and their members could leave the BN anytime.Yes he didn't mince his words. UMNO according to him had ruled for 50 years and they could continue to do so without any help from MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all the component parties from Sabah and Sarawak.Yes all those component parties could vanish and UMNO will still continue to rule the country. Such was the arrogance of this man.

Ordinary Malaysians can easily visualise what this man would say if he was elected to the pinnacle office of DPM and subsequently as a formality become the P.M of Malaysia.The words that would flow from his racist lips would be non-malays dont have to vote for B.N because UMNO can rule the country without any of your help.

Fortunately for Malaysians, providence might have played a significant part in depriving this racist man a pivitol role in the politics of this nation.With such a man at the helm of any nation, it would most likely the country would descend into chaos and anarchy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

MACC Chief should be Independent and impartial

MACC chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdam is either not familiar with his work in the agency or he must be acting hastily under the behest of someone in the corridors of power.There is absolutely no legal justification for him to investigate the Perak State assembly speaker decision to suspend seven Barisan Assemblymen last month.

His statement that ' there are elements of misuse of power ' by the speaker does not render him any authority to question the speaker's decision.Article 72 of the Fedral constitution prohibits any court of law to question the decision of the speaker in the federal and state legislature.In other words, whatever decision arrived at by the speakers in the Federal and State legislature is final and not subjected to any judicial review. If the MACC chief cannot even grasp and understand the basic fundamental provisions of the constitution which disllows him from questioning the speaker on his decision to suspend Zambry and his band of Excos then he should not be appointed as the MACC chief.It becomes questionable whether a man of his calibre should even be appointed as an MACC chief.

Now that the speaker in the Federal Parliament have also suspended the DAP M.P for Puchong, Gobind Deo for a year for saying that the DPM is involved in the murder of the Mongolian Model, why have the MACC chief not come forward to say that there was also element of abuse of power by the Parliament Speaker? Is the MACC chief implying that it is alright for the B.N speaker to suspend the opposition member but its not alright for the opposition speaker to suspend a B.N member? The MACC Chief cannot appear to be impartial if its action is only directed at the opposition speaker.It would perhaps be appropriate for the MACC chief to seek the advice of the Attorney-general dept before making a fool of himself.In fact the MACC chief's comments regarding the culpability of the Selangor M.B's purchase of 46 cows and the use of his Lexus car have already cast a serious aspersion on his impartiality.Therefore how can any one expect the MACC to investigate without fear or favour when its Chief have more than one occassion displayed its impartiality in favour of the B.N govt ?

Are Our Monarchs Immune from criticisms?

Why would honest abiding citizens suddenly revert to insulting a monarch who was once upon a time being revered as a model for the royal institution.?Instead of charging ordinary citizens for venting their anger at the sultans, which in their minds and perception had erred in his decision not to dissolve the State assembly, the Govt in particular should look into the cause for the sudden act of impropriety against the royal monarchs. Perhaps it would also be appropriate for the sultan in the light of this event to examine his role as to why his decision had elicited such a response from his erthswhile loyal subjects.

To charge and punish citizens for venting their anger at the source of the ire is merely to suppress their right to express their frustration and anger.Whereas in Thailand there is such a law as leste Majesty, can we also assume that there are also such laws preventing Malaysians from insulting our royalty?Is insulting the royalty tantamount to being seditious?

As citizens of the country are we to remain mute even though a wrong has been committed by the Sultan?Is there no avenue that citizens can ventilate their opinions and anger knowing fully well that the sultan had not acted in conformity with the express will of the people?

History is replete with examples how ordinary people have risen to dispose of their royalty who have acted contrary to the interest of its citizens.Queen Marie Antoinetee was guillotined during the French revolution, the Last czar of Russia and his family was executed and in more recent times, the shah of Iran had to go in exile to America when his regime was deposed by Ayatollah khomeini.Surely our royalty should acquaint themselves with these examples so that they will be wiser in their reign.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why Did the sultan deliver Perak to the B.N?

Amidst the furore that is consuming the Perak political landscape,Perakians must be wondering at the deafening silence from the Royal household. Since bestowing the Perak govt to the B.N members, Sultan Azlan Shah, the Sultan of Perak has not come out to comment or defend his unpopular decision of not allowing M.B Nizar's request for the dissolution of the State assembly.Even Karpal Singh's appeal to the monarch to come out and say that royalty do not have immunity from being sued in their official capacity did not elicit any response.

The monarch's previous role as Lord president of the Judiaciary would have no problem in convincing the legal fraternity of his decision if indeed there was legal grounds for him to justify his act.Why then did he remain silent even until now?The regal monarch should have been aware of of the sweeping undercurrent of discontent with the B.N machinations which is riddle with corruption and which ended in the onminous defeat in the march 8th general election.

Surely an intelligent and well read man like the sultan would have read the political wind of discontent in Perak which led to the Pakatan Rakyat taking over the state.Then why in one careless moment did he took the unpopular course when he could have done the right thing for his Perak subjects who were crying for their voice to be heard?

There have been numerous speculations as to why he did what he did. Many of them have been unflattering and have only cast aspersion on his impeccable reputation which he had built during his impressive tenure as the Lord president of the Judiciary.

But the question remains and for history to find out why a man who had built a formidable reputation as a righteous man of Law would in one foolish moment sacrifice all his hard earned credentials to a tottering regime which will fall anyway.