Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PKR should Just Sack Manikavasagam.

I wish to refer to your article 'Will Mike make good on his threat'.

The member of Parliament of Kapar should not only quit his PKR post but should also relinquish his Parliament seat. His antics and threats to the PKR party is a disgrace and such behaviour should not even be tolerated by the party hierachy. For one man to hold the party to ransom is a sad reflection of poor management of the party. If he does not quit the party then he should be sacked.We dont need M.Ps who constantly issue threats in order to get their way.This member of parliament must be taught a lesson that he did not win the election on the basis of his personality.He won the seat because people wanted a change . If PKR had put a dog or a pig in his place they would also would have won with a handsome majority. Manikavasagam should not be imbued with his own pride that he won the seat on his own ability.

Its about time that Manikavasagam and many of his indian colleagues who have been too concern about their self importance should re-examine their contribution in the march 8th election.In all the seats that they contested they could not have won a single seat without the support of the chinese and malay voters.The indians votes alone could not have elected them as member of parliament.That reality should be evident to the most optimistic candidate and it would do alot of justice if Manikavasagam realises this equation. It was not the indian voters that put him there and if he was to be arrogant in saying that they will form an independent party for the indian PKR M.Ps then it is likely that all of them will only serve one term as Parliamentarians.

For 50 years, the MIC represented the Indian community and all they have to show was a Minister and a few Parliamentary Secretary in the govt to represent them. When the opposition won in Penang and Perak, a Deputy Chief Minister Post was given to an Indian and in the Perak Legislature the Speaker Post was similarly allocated to an Indian.All this was accomplished in a space of few weeks after the election which put the opposition in power in the two States.Manikavasagam should realise that this are giants strides accomplished for the indian community and if he is still bent on biting the hands that feed him I suggest he should leave the position he was elected and let there be a by-election for the people to decide who should represent them.

This time if Manikavasagam does not resign from the party then the leadership should just sack him. The party would be better off without him in the long run. After his latest episode I doubt the voters in his constituency would ever elect him again.There will not be any solidarity in the Pakataan Rakyat if such maverick politicians are constantly allowed to threaten the party leadership.

Perak Mufti does nto Deserve the Tokoh Maal Hijrah Award.

How extraordinary that someone with a blemish record of inciting a riot against a christian church could be rewarded with a Tokoh Maal Hijrah award.This Perak Mufti also made an unsubstantiated statement that there were 100,000 apostates in the country. Where he obtained this figure is only left to conjecture.Therefore one would question those who are responsible for awarding the Tokoh why was this controversial character given such a distingush title when he hardly deserve it in the first place. In fact his appointment has only make a mockery of the occassion.

A person more worthy of the accolade should have been the Perlis Mufti whose many statements regarding religious matters have been an enlightenment.So can the authorities responsible for bestowing the title please justify how a least deserved person could have won the title of the Tokoh Maal Hijrah award?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wishing All My Christian Readers, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Penang To keep Bumiputra Quota

Now that Penang has decided to follow Kedah in retaining the bumiputra quota in housing, we are beginning to see the retention of the old B.N practice of perpetuating the race based policy in Housing.Selangor too has remained mute regarding the abolishment of the Housing policy based on race.Prior to the march 8th election it was advocating a policy that if they win they would introduce a housing policy which was based on poverty and need and not on race where rich bumiputras were able to enjoy subsidise houses when poor indians and chinese had to pay the full price.This practice tantamount to poor non malays subsidising rich Bumis in the purchase of houses.

What perhaps anger me and most fair minded malaysians is why is it so difficult to abolish a perverted policy and substitute one that is fair.?And why is the Pakatan Rakyat governed states finding it so difficult to change B.N's race based policy when it was clearly evident that it was discriminatory and racist in nature.?Is not the result of the march 8th election an indication of the people's fervent desire for a change?Then why is Pakatan Rakyat states dancing to the same tune of the B.N old policies?

If DAP, PKR and PAS cannot fulfil what it has promised in its manifesto then maybe all those who voted for them believing there would be a change would have to reconsider their support in the next election.The people voted for a change and if the Pakatan Rakyat governed states cannot provide the impetus for that change then its time we look elsewhere for another party that can initiate that change.If need be maybe we should even revert back to B.N's rule and hope that they have learn their lesson in the last election.