Friday, April 22, 2005

Kapar Land Grab

The TOL holders of Kampung Perepat in Kapar
has a genuine right to be aggrieved at the shabby
treatment from the Klang land office.For so many years
they were told that their TOL land was been processed
and waiting to be issued titles and finally found to
their disbelief that the land title was issued to a
Datuk and his relatives.Can some one please tell me
what the A.C.A is doing?Clearly there is a case of
corruption here and the silence from the anti-
corruption body is really pathetic.
How could the authorities at the land office
merely dismiss the whole thing as just an
oversight.Datuk Ramlan Othman statement that since the
title was issued there is nothing can be done is a
simplification of the whole matter.If there is
negligence on the part of the land office then
restituition can be obtained from the court of law.The
fact that they have made a mistake does not absolve
them of any responsibilty.If it can be proven that the
land office through their neglect or even oversight
had issued the title wrongly to another party then
they have to be liable.But looking at the facts of the
case it appears quite evident that the whole episode
involves alot of shady deals and that is why the A.C.A
must investigate thoroughly

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Attorney-general Should Focus On his work

Instead of chastising malaysiakini for its
april fool joke, the attorney-general should focus
more on his duties as an A.G.Sadly, in the last few
years, statistic will reveal that firearms cases have
reached an alarmingly high rate and this can be
attributed to the failure of the A.G to properly
address the problem.In the early 1970s when the
firearms act 1968 was tightened with the firearms
increased act 1971 , criminal elements was wary of
using firearms in the commission of their crimes
because the A.G then did not hesitate to use the
increased firearms act of 1971 which provided for a
mandatory death sentence for any one caught with a
Lately , we see a surge in criminal elements using
firearms for robbery, murder and hire killings because
the A.G department have been charging criminals under
the old firearms act 1968 which only provide for 5 to
20 years imprisonment.Criminals have taken full
advantage of the A.G laxity and have gone in droves
across a neighbouring country to purchase easily
available firearms.
Apparently, the grape vine is that hire killers
are available at a price and this simply reflect their
confidence that should they be caught it will only be
a few years behind bars because the A.G will only
charge them under the 1968 firearms act.