Saturday, November 17, 2012

RPK Stop Peddling Lies.

Off late, RPK (Raja Petra Kamaruddin) seems to be peddling alot of lies with the main purpose of getting the malays to return to B.N's fold. Several articles penned by him lately seemed to indicate that he is blaming  alot of things on the non malays (aka chinese) for putting the B.N govt in power for the most part of 55 years.
In one of his articles he blamed the chinese for kicking the malays out from the Kuala Lumpur real estate and occupying most of the choicest land in the Selangor area.What he seems to forget is that there was no systemmatic  way the land was obtained from the malays. Free enterprise means that there has to be a situation of a willing buyer and willing seller before any transfer or transaction takes place. There was no force or coercion to force the malay owners to part with their land.So if the chinese bought the land and develop the land until how Kuala Lumpur is today can the chinese be blamed for occupying most of the Kuala Lumpur real estate?For RPK to blame the chinese for kicking out the malays from Kuala Lumpur is one big lie which only reflects his devious intention to encourage the malays to pour scorn on the chinese so that they can return to B.N's fold.
In another of his article, ' The Malays must wake up, Konon' he castigated the chinese for ensuring a B.N victory in the 1990 General Election. He heaped the blame on the chinese for ensuring Mahathir's victory in that election. That in itself is a historical lie. Voting pattern in peninsular Malaysia has always indicated a consistent pattern of urban chinese support for the opposition parties. Even till now, none of the majority chinese urban area was ever won by the chinese representive from MCA which forms the coalition of the B.N. So how could RPK peddle this obvious lie which statistic seems to show the chinese majority never supported the B.N coalition..It must be clearly understood that most if not all seats won by MCA was won in mixed seats where the chinese were  a miniority and that they were able to win those seats because of  malay support. So one can  only speculate why RPK has now resorting to telling all these mischevious  lies in order to to influence the malays to hate the chinese for acts of betrayal which never really occurred..One thing however remains certain. RPK has lost his credibilty and I believe the majority of readers now no longer believes totally what he writes. One person who perhaps shares this view is Haris Ibrahim who wrote in his article 'Get Real,RPK'. I strongly advise readers take a peek at what Haris has written in this article.


Recently, Bank Negara raided the office of Gold Trading company Genneva and confiscated their gold and their record books.Initial investigations according to officials from Bank Negara was that Genneva was operating a Ponzi scam. Now what is a Ponzi scam? The Ponzi scam was started by an Italian by the name of Charles Ponzi.. He started his scheme in the early 1920s by promising  50% profit within 45 days or 100% profit within 90 days by buying discounted postal reply other countries and redeeming them at face value in the United States under the guise of arbirtage.However , the truth was Ponzi was paying early investors with money collected from later investors.and when Federal authorities caught up with him 5 banks came crashing down with him.
After almost one century we have on our shore another Ponzi scam similar to that operated by the original Charles Ponzi.. This was the Genneva gold trading scam.But this is not the only Ponzi scam currently floating in our market. The Govt EPF Ponzi scheme is one gigantic Ponzi which at current value approximate $406 billion.
The current EPF scheme paid by contributors resembles if not is actually a Ponzi scam which for all intent and purpose follow the exact footprint of Charles Ponzi. The only difference is that it has been bestowed the aura of legality.Like its original Ponzi scam, money from recent contributors are used to pay late contributors whose terms may have reached maturity.Further, money collected were invested in long term investments and some were sequestered in dubious investments which were dubious and risky..In 1990s a woman who headed the EPF invested heavily in MBSB which was in housing loan business. The venture ended with a loss of almost $1 billion..Like the Ponzi scheme, if all contributors were to demand payment now the EPF scheme would also collapse like a house of card.
As more and more of the EPF money is taken by the govt to finance its budget deficit , the fund had to resort to increase the contributions from the contributors..The signs are there. Like all Ponzi scams its a matter of time before the govt sponsored EPF scam will follow the same fate as the  Ponzi scam. Only this time the culprit will be the B.N govt..

Monday, November 12, 2012