Friday, January 28, 2005

Malaysians can commit crimes in Thailand without fear of extradiction.

Our government seems to be fond of shooting itself
on the foot.The latest incident involves the Thai man
with malaysian citizenship.Now what business do we
have against this man to be put under our ISA? He is
accused by the Thai authorities of militant activities
in Thailand and like a good neighbour we should just
hand that person to face justice in Thailand.So why is
our govt. putting him under ISA?If the purpose of his
detention is to prevent him from been given to
Thailand to face trial for his militant activities
then the govt is certainly sending the wrong signal to
such people.Does it mean it is alright to commit a
crime in Thailand and escape punishment because of the
absence of an extradiction treaty?
Our Minister, Syed hamid Albar have
taken great pains to antoganise our Thai neighbours by
his intransigent stand in not granting extradiciton of
the militant man with malaysian credentials thus
confirming their earlier accusations that we are in
cahoot with the Thai separatists movement.Frankly , I
cannot understand why our govt is putting such a
stand. Surely if the the man is guilty of perpetuating
treasonable activities in Thailand it is certainly our
duty to ensure that justice prevail by handing the
person over to face trial.By not doing so it certainly

seems to indicate that we condone his criminal acts in

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Terrorists, Rapists and Robbers will have first preference for Malaysian citizenship.

It seems the immigration department are giving out
malaysian citizenship to alot of undesirable
candidates.First it was an indonesian with Malaysian
P.R who was convicted of raping his step daughter,
then it was an Indonesian with malaysian citizenship
caught robbing some people in Johore.Then we have
terrorist Hambali given malaysian citizenship. Now we
have a militant from Thailand with a malaysian
citizenship.Kudos to the Minister who is doing a great
job giving out our citizenship. Keep up the good
work.You are doing just fine.Meanwhile all those
qualified professionals who happen to be married to
malaysians and who have been waiting for umpteen years
please be patient.At the moment you are not qualified
yet.The ministry guideline is to give preference to
terrorists, rapists and robbers. If you belong to one
of the above category we can expedite your
By the way , if you are an Indonesian and of Muslim
religion we will even fast track your application