Sunday, August 23, 2009

MCA, Gerakan and MIC are UMNO's Accomplice to topple Pakatan In Selangor.

There is no doubt about it. There is a sinster plot by B.N to topple the Selangor Pakatan Govt.Events came to a head with the raiding of Pakatan Rakyat office under the guise that there had been misuse of public funds allocated to the constituencies.The unsavoury plot finally culminated in the death of a political aide,Teoh Beng Hock who was a mere witness who was called in for questioning by the MACC. His death resulted in nationwide condemnation and resulted in the call for a royal Commission to investigate his death.

The sordid and despicable manner in which public institution are used to further the political agenda of B.N in general and UMNO in particular is most tragic. Najib has publicly declared that he wanted Selangor back in B.N's fold except he didnt qualify it by saying that he was prepared to resort to foul means in order to achieve his objective. The MACC comes under the Prime Minister Dept and Nazri the Minister in the P.M's dept is in charge of that portfolio. So no prize for guessing who gave the orders for MACC to target Pakatan rakyats wakil rakyat.

What remains most galling to MCA, Gerakan and MIC members are why are these leaders not expressing outrage at what is happening?It appears that their role in this unholy episode is that of an accomplice. The people of Selangor, and the citizens of the country are no fools.They can see the intent of the B.N to destabilse the Pakatan govt and take over the state of Selangor like it did to Perak. Their deafening silence only serves to confirm the often accusation that they are in the B.N only to serve UMNO's interest.Like in Perak, to buy over Pakatan members and toppling the Pakatan govt merely serves to depict B.N as a sore loser and a power crazy entity ready to subvert the will of the people which have made their decision at the ballot box.

Instead of reforming itself , B.N has deemed it fit to cause propblems for the Pakatan ruled states.No matter what devious means it employ to take control of the Pakatan States, its rule will only be temporarily.The people has enough of B.N's authoritarian rule. Instead of focussing on good governance it has deemed fit to use public institution to colloborate with its nefarious activities to topple a democratically elected state govt. The only words to describe B.N now is that they have become morally and politically bankrupt and are prepared to use every illegal means within their power and influence to perpetuate their hold on power.That sums up why B.N and UMNO has to be defeated in the next General Election.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

DPM Lacks Integrity

Coming from someone who could one day be the P.M of the nation, his statement that B.N candidate, Rohaizat's breach of trust offence which caused him to be disbarred by the Bar Council was akin to a parking offence ticket reflects poorly on the character of this man. Although restituition was done nevertheless the act of breach of trust was already committed . It can only mitigate his offence but cannot totally absovled him of his criminal act.Just because the case was not pursued in court and no conviction was recorded, the act of using client's money for his personal business is an act of criminal breach of trust which if pursued further would result in a criminal conviction.
So how could the DPM dismiss a criminal act similar to a parking ticket offence? The Bar council disciplinary committee must have exhausted their investigative procedures in this case and came to the conclusion that there was indeed a valid and justifiable case to disbar Rohaizat to practice law.

Further, Rohaizat's appeal to the high court to overturn the Bar council decision was dismissed and his disbarrment by the Bar council remains intact. What further proof does the DPM need to be convinced that a serious breach of trust involving client's money had been committed and that the Bar council had rightly disbarred Rohaizat.He was a victim of his own wrong doing and there is no way the DPM can equate his act as that of a parking ticket offence.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Poison Pen Letters should also Attack UMNO.

The writer who wrote the letter addressing to malays whether the Annuar issue is important to the extent of sacrificing the future of their grandchildren should also address the issue whether they should continue to support UMNO to the extent that the future of their grandchildren are sacrificed.

UMNO leadership had always looked after the interest of their own cronies and family members.They have never helped the ordinary malay citizens.If they had genuinely helped the malays there would not be any need to continue with the NEP policy.After 51 years of B.N rule headed by UMNO, the rural poor is as poor as they were 50 years ago.The few who benefitted from the NEP policy were the family members of Mahathir and Abdullah Badawi and their cronies.

In order to hold to the reigns of power they continue to use race and religion to unite the malays so that they can continue to plunder the country's wealth.However, times have change and the same old strategy will not work anymore. Events in the last few months have shown that UMNO is unlikely to reform or change. Most likely its the people who have to change UMNO and the next General Election should consign UMNO and the other component parties to the dustbin of history.

Public Anger at MACC

I doubt the recent molotov bombing of the MACC vehicle was the work of gangsters or the underworld.Gangsters and underworld mobs have a business to run and have no interest in politics or public issues.
Most likely, MACC recent public persecution of Pakatan assemblymen have aroused the anger of the people to such feverish heights that certain people may have resorted to such violence.
Tragically, no matter how one despise or dislike what the MACC is doing, no one should justify violence as a response.Public criticisms and demonstrations should be the only avenues to vent their anger and frustrations.
MACC should however pay heed to the warnings that there are limits to public patience and that their unbridle haste to persecute Pakatan members may have serious repercussions.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Axe The Mavericks From Pakatan

During a dialogue session at the Sungei Ujong Club,Seremban, with the Pakatan Supremo,Anwar Ibrahim, I spoke out on the need to look at the enemies within PKR and the other Pakatan allies. PKR member of Parliament like Zulkefli Nordin and Wee Choo keong are a liabilty to the party. Instead of focussing on uniting and forging good relations with other Pakatan members, they both deem fit to destabilise the coalition by their constant criticsms. I made a passionate appeal to Anwar that these maverick politicians who won on PKR ticket should not be fielded again in the next election and even if they were fielded , most likely they will lose.

I also suggested that PKR should form a committee as soon as possible to head hunt and vet suitable candidates for the next General Election.PKR needs to find good calibre candidates as the Perak debacle has served as a warning that opportunistic candidate will sell themselves at the first opportunity when money is dangled in front of them.

Of course, Pakatan is not the only party with poor quality candidates who have to be dumped. Pas Hassan Ali, who unhesitatingly wanted to make a pact with UMNO after the last General Election has lost his credibilty.His recent outburst regarding the beer issue in Shah Alam has caused PAS to lose alot of support from the non-muslim community.Together with Ibrahim Ali who won on a PAS ticket in Pasir Mas , Kelantan, these two maverick loose cannons have to be replaced if the party wants to fare well in the next election.Pakatan enemies no longer comes from UMNO or the B.N. It is enemies within their own ranks that they should be concerned. UMNO is a spent force and will be consigned to the dustbin of history in the next election. It cannot reform itself and have now desperately use race and religious issues to boost their popularity. However with the advent of modern day cyber news, the people are now more sophisticated. For the last 50 years they have fooled the people but they forgot about the old saying that says you can fool the people some of the time but you cannot fool the people all of the time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Irresponsible Act By DPM

The act by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyideen to label opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim as a traitor is not only unwarranted but an irresponsible statement coming from a govt leader.By calling Anwar a traitor, the DPM has incited a segment of the fanatic malays to cast aspersion and hatred towards the opposition leader and this could cause or result in some people targetting him for injury. Coming from someone who is the DPM of the country is certainly disgraceful and does not augurs well for someone who is slated to be the future Prime Minister of our country.

Is it an act of treachery for Anwar to espouse Justice for all, respect of rule of Law , an equitable NEP for all ? Muhyideen must realise by now that what Anwar is espousing is what the present govt is not practising and if by doing that the ordinary citizen can easily surmised that it is Muhyideen and his UMNO cohorts who are really the traitors of this country.

Anwar has never attempted to betray his fellow malays by fighting for a just cause. What he has espouse is to help those in need and not by race.Since 60% of the population are malays and majority of those in the poverty group are malays then any NEP policy properly implemented would be for the benefit of the malays.Unlike what is being practice by UMNO, most of the wealth are distributed to their cronies and UMNOPUTRAs.That is certainly a betrayal not only to the malays but to all Malaysians. And by logic , we should label Muhyideen and his UMNO cohorts as the real traitors of this country.