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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To Silent RPK at Kamunting

Outside the prison wall in Kamunting for which Raja Petra is incarcerated, the guilty ones are free to roam.When he was outside he caused havoc and sleepless nights for those who had reason to conceal their murderous act.RPK's revealation that Najib's wife, Rosmah was present when the Mongolian model was blown up resulted in a criminal defamation suit brought by the Attorney-General.RPK then went further to reveal the Statutory Declaration by the Doctor who had examined Saiful and concluded that he was not sodomised. RPK's exposition of these two critical events not only struck some raw nerves but also sent the guilty party scurrying for plans to put RPK away in Kamunting.

If indeed RPK had made a false Statutory Declaration then existing laws should be adequate to charge and punish him.Why was he not charged if he had indeed made a fictitious S.D?Surely there are penalties for making false Declarations .And if they are false the contents can be investigated . Was this done and why was no report publish to accept or deny the status of the S.D?

Conveniently, RPK was charged under ISA for insulting the Islam religion in his articles. I have read all his articles and I cannot deem any of his articles coming close to insulting the Islam religion.And indeed if he was accused of doing that then he deserves an opportunity to defend himself. Why was he not given that opportunity?

Home Minister , Syed Hamid Albar will have to one day answer for his act of signing the papers that sent RPK to Kamunting.On whose behest did he act by sending RPK under S8 of the ISA Act for a two year period detention and which can be renewed indefintely.Since he was detained under this section it had clearly preempted the Habeas Corpus which his counsel was to file and which had rendered the whole process purely academic.

In short, justice was abrogated and silence because sending RPK to Kamunting would totally deprived him of any opportunity to defend, to expose and to punish those guilty parties with the information that he was supposedly privy to.Now that he is incarcerated in Kamunting, the hearing of the criminal defamation suit will be arrogated to some obscure date when the public at large through the passage of time would have totally forgotten about the man and his mission.

The Home Minister definitely acted with malice in sending RPK to Kamunting.Existing laws would have been sufficient to charge RPK. Why was it not used ? Why the haste in sending him under ISA when it was so close to the date in October when he had to defend his criminal defamation suit and where he had promised he would reveal in court how he was privy to the information that the DPM's wife Rosmah was at the scene of the brutal crime where a young Mongolian woman was blown to smittens

.RPK's incarceration in Kamunting would totally anihilate and close the chapter of all his previous disclosure of how events transpired on that fateful night.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

One country, two Laws.

It was only last week when P.M made a call to the media to tell the truth. So what happened to the Sin Chew reporter who reported what was said by the UMNO politician, Ismail Ahmad?She was first hauled in by the police to explain why she had reported the utterances that the 'chinese were squatters'.Not satisfied with that, on the 12th of Sept. she was arrested under S. 73 of the Internal Security Act (ISA) and whisked to an undisclosed destination .All these arrogant act by the police despite the confirmation by two other journalists confirming the authencity of the statement reported.

What perhaps even boggles the mind was the presence of DPM , Najib ,who attended the function and who made a reluctant attempt to defuse the situation a few days later ( when the situation escalated into a slinging match between leaders of the B.N component parties) by making an apology.Surely if Najib did not hear those racist statements being made would he have made that apology?To question the reporter over the statement is tantamount to undermining the integrity of Najib because it would make the latter complicity to suppress the truth.

What makes the arrest of the Sin Chew Daily journalist even more perplexing was her subsequent released after 16 hours of incarceration.The Home Minister,Syed Hamid Albar statement was totally incomprehensible. It was according to him 'for her own protection'.How could any one be offered protective custody when in the dark of the night that person was taken away without offering the option whether one was prepared to be whisked away to an undisclosed destination without even offering an explanation to the family? No, the true reason was that they did not expect the response from the civil society and the activist who were totally shocked at such a brutal suppression of news as reported by the mainstream media. And it was this unexpected backlash of public dissent that won the freedom of the Sin Chew daily journalist.

The lesson to be learned from this unsavoury episode which has earned us international scorn and notoriety is that there appears to be two sets of law in this country. One law applicable to UMNO members and politicians who are meted punishment for infringing the provisions of the UMNO constitution. This category of offenders need not fear the long arm of the Malaysian Law.Once UMNO disciplining Supreme Council dish out the punishment to the UMNO offender the matter is no longer taken up by the Malaysian Law. Such was the case of the UMNO politician who was given a three years suspension from his party while the Journalist who did her job by reporting the racist utterances was unceremoniously hauled away under the ISA.