Monday, December 14, 2009

Malaysia's Road to Purgatory.

There is no need to use niceties to describe our past and present leaders.They are a bunch of idiots incapable of managing our country's finance. Mahathir as reported recently squandered $100 billion of our coffers. These were money known and reported. what about those that were concealed and not reported.?It would not be wrong to say that the final figure was more than the $100 billion reported.

It was even revealed that the govt spent $548 million for the 9 years it gave participants BTN courses which was ' divisive, racist and politically motivated.' Annually, the govt spent another $500 million on National service programme, a program mired in controversy and its benfits still uncertain. Money spent on such expenditure are not only wasteful but indirectly fueled corruption to those close to the corridors of power.

With all the abundant natural resources in our country how do you explain why our currency is 21/2 times lower than the Singapore currency?The answer is evidently due to the massive wastage and leakages our financial system is constantly exposed. Recently it was revealed that a menteri Besar had remitted $10 million to the U.K using a money changer. Bank Negara even revealed that oversea remmittance by politicians, Ministers, and Govt corporate leaders was a common phenomena and this had resulted in the suspension of at least 20 money changers.

With a daily barrage of corruption and leakages that is exposed unabated, the only solution that the country need is a change in the govt. We dont have much choice or option. The chinese saying that a mountain paved with gold can also crumble if the leakages continue at this rate. Therefore how much longer can Malaysia continue to sustain such leakages before it crumbles financially? We have to stop these leakages before we slide down the slippery road to purgatory.

Mahathir And BTN are Both Racists

When Hitler was the Fuhrer of Germany, he advocated a policy of exterminating the Jews not only in his homeland but the whole of Europe. He blamed Germany economic woes was caused by the Jews and through a policy of racial extermination he forcibly incarcerated millions of Jews in concentration camps and proceeded to torture and systemmatically killed them.

In Malaysia , with Mahathir we have our equivalent of Hitler. Both had one thing in common. They were both racist to the core.In his early book, the' Malay Dilemma' he had like Hitler placed the blame on Malay backwardness to the fault of the enterprising chinese race.
In 22 years of his tenure as P.M he saw it fit to set up exclusive race based institutions that catered only for the malays. MARA colleges , tertiary Instituition like UITM and propaganda instituition BTN all catered exclusively for one community.

Despite many participants claiming that the course conducted by BTN was 'divisive, racist and politically motivated' Mahathir came to the defence of the BTN modules by saying that 'there is no need to revamp National Civics Bureau(BTN) training modules as in the current form, they were fine for instilling the patriotic spirit among Malaysians'. How could the modules instill patriotic spirit among Malaysians when the course emphasize on the "Ketuanan Melayu " concept and the condemnation that the chinese and indians were pendatangs whose sole aim was to take over the whole of the malay achepelago.?

Only a racist like Mahathir could not see the inherent racist propaganda that was the cornerstone of BTN's module. Credit should be given to many malays participants who bear testimony to the BTN's modules which had incited racial hatred to the other races. And quite rightly, Pakatan controlled states have taken steps to disallow its state civil servants , state educational institutions and other state owned corporations from attending BTN courses.

Utusan Malaysia Fanning Racial Hatred.

Any other mainstream media writing what has been written by Utusan Malaysia would have lost their licence to publish a long time ago. For some time now they have been writing inflamatory articles to incite the malays to riot and perhaps cause another mayhem similar to the one that happened in may 13th 1969.But this UMNO controlled media seems to have carte blanche right to publish articles that are seditious and inflamatory and yet did not even receive a warning from the Home Ministry.

This ploy to incite the malays to hate the non malays on the one hand and to preach the one Malaysia concept to the non malays on the other hand is a desperate strategy by UMNO to unite the malays against the perceived threats of the non malays while subteltly reaching to the non malays with their rhetoric concept of one malaysia for their electoral support.

One cannot imagine that Utusan Malaysia could have taken the bold steps of writing those inflamatory articles without the tacit support and agreement from the Home ministry . But by merely condoning and allowing Utusan Malaysia free reign to publish racist and inflamatory articles the Home Ministry must bear full responsibilty should any untoward accident occur as a result of their publication.An impartial and responsible Home ministry would have nipped this wanton act of sedition being published rather than allowing it to continue inciting hatred in its publication.By allowing Utusan Malaysia to continue fanning racial hatred through its publication, the Home ministry is virtually encouraging a tragedy to happen.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mahathir destroyed All Our Democratic Instituitions

Looking back at Mahathir's 22 years tenure at the helm of the nation, it is not difficult to comprehend why we lost so much money through looting by his family and his cronies.

His favourite money making trick was to launch mega projects and privatisation of govt companies. His many mega projects were fronts to dish out negotiated tenders to his children and cronies whereby sweet deals were quoted with price many times its actual value. The more projects he launched and the more expensive the projects, the higher and better the profits were accrued by the beneficiaries. And when his son's venture in the shipping business failed he unhesitatingly used a govt vehicle (MISC) to bail his son out.

Bank Bumiputra which was a govt owned bank gave millions of unsecured loans to Mahathir's cronies and in the end all of them ended up as non-performing loans(NPL). In the end Petronas oil money was used to bail out the bank. Similar bail out was later repeated with MAS, Bank Rakyat, Perwaja Steel, and countless other govt GLCs.

His lack of business acumen saw the country loss heavily when he tried to corner the tin market.It was conservatively estimated that his brief foray in the speculation of the tin market cost the nation loss of $20 billion.

There are still alot of Malaysians who are foolishly ignorant of Mahathir's woeful tenure. He was not only a corrupt dictator who would not brook any dissent but he was also a racist too. Many of the Instituitions which were created during his tenure had a racist overtone. MARA colleges (MRSM), UITM and BTN were all his creations. They all had one thing in common .They all catered for only one race and with the exception of MARA colleges which later opened its door to allow 10% non bumi entry, the rest all had a racist agenda.

In short, time and history will not judge Mahathir favourably. His 22 years tenure saw the crumbling of all the instituition which was once the pride of Asia. The judiciary, the Attorney-general Dept, the Police dept, MACC , the civil service and virtually every instituition which was the cornerstone of a democracy became subservient to the Executive. Not only did they lost their independence and became servants and slave to the Executive but they also lost whatever shred of integrity that they had.

It would not be wrong to credit Mahathir as the P.M who destroyed the very fabric of malaysian multi-cultural and democratic instituition which till today still bears the hallmarks of his imprints.

Squatters On KTM Reserve Land.

I wonder in amazement how KTM could allow illegal squatters to squat on the reserve land bordering the railway line. The railway line stretching from the Seremban station all along rasah are now fully occupied by illegal squatters and KTM seems to be closing an eye on these settlements. On these illegal reserve land timber houses have mushroomed and they are even fitted with pipe water and electricity.

These illegal settlements that occupy KTM reserve land is waiting for a tragedy to happen and when it happens it will be a costly affair for KTM. Once a derailment occurs along any of these stretch alot of lives and property will be lost and destroyed. That is when KTM will have to fork out alot of money for compensation. How could KTM management not see the potential danger of such settlements being sited along the railway line? Or are they merely waiting for a tragedy to happen before taking any action. Along the rasah stretch some squatters have even cleared the reserve land to turn them into junk yards. Dont KTM have a property department where surveilance is kept on its property being illegally occupied?

I believe this is not only prevalent in the Seremban stretch of railway line but is a common occurrence in all the reserve land in the whole of the country.The only reason I can guess is that KTM is either closing an eye to these illegal settlements or there are people in the railway dept acting in concert to allow these settlements to mushroom. Either way, KTM will have to pay a hefty price when tragedy of any kind do take place along the railway reserve land.

Maybank is Perpetuating a Scam

Maybank is willingly or unwillingly helping to perpetuate a scam to fleece unsuspecting loan borrowers.The bank appoints a legal firm from Kuantan to write a letter of reminder whenever a borrower merely has a two monthly instalment in arrears. And for each letter of reminder the legal firm charges $30. The problem is why cant the Bank sends a reminder themselves rather than engage a legal firm to send a letter of reminder and then allows them to charge borrower $30 for a letter of reminder.If there are 5000 borrowers who are two months in arrears every month, the legal firm stands to make a neat $150,000 for merely sending a letter of reminder- an administrative job that virtually only cost 0.30cts.postage stamp.

Is Bank Negara aware of this scam being perpetuated or are they closing one eye to this scam? And of course the losers are the borrowers who have to cough up $30 each time the legal firm writes a letter of reminder.Can someone from the Bank please explain why they are allowing someone from the legal frim to make a fast buck at the expense of the poor borrower? Or is someone from the bank also benefitting from such an arrangement.