Monday, October 26, 2009

Better To have an inexperience Govt rather than a experience corrupt Govt

I refer to the Malaysiakini report 'SelCat: Select Committee or Selective Committee.'

In his article, the writer appears to be very harsh with the Pakatan Selangor Govt. For some reason only known to him, he does not believe the past abuses of the previous regime should be revealed and brought to book.In other words, it would be better to just forget about their mismanagement and let the perpetrators escape any punishment.The writer should be familiar with the saying that those who never learned from history are doomed to repeat their mistakes again.

Any ruling party in govt whether B.N or Pakatan must be made aware that one day when their term ends they will be held accountable for their actions and decisions.To even suggest that Selcat should only concentrate on current governance and forget about looking for past misdeeds is untenable. Such a policy if adopted would only encourage ruling party officials to have freedom to commit atrocities knowing full well that they will not be brought to book.

Looking at the writers article i am incline to think that he has a vested interest in the B.N govt. namely from a B.N component party like MIC.He then went on to criticise the Selangor Govt for suspending Khir Toyo and four of his fellow B.N members for between 6 and 12 months. Has he forgotten that M.P Gobind Deo was suspended from Parliament for merely uttering some words connecting the P.M to the Mongolian model, Altantuya? Why did he not reserve his judgements on the august house where the B.N govt dominate? So is he implying that its ok for the B.N govt to suspend opposition members in Parliament while it is wrong to suspend Mohd Toyo and his gang for refusing to attend Selcat Select committee hearings?

What is even more shocking is his comparison of Selcat with the' secret Police and the military courts of a Totalitarian Regime.' As if that was not enough he went further to criticise the lop sided membership of the Selcat composition. Has he studied the profile of B.N's lop-sided selection in states where B.N ruled. Why did he not raise any voice to protest about the lop sided composition?

What the writer fail to be charitable to the Pakatan Govt is that they have hardly even completed one term of their rule. whereas B.N had the luxury of 52 years in ruling this country. Unlike the writer, the electorate would not judge Pakatan harshly even if they have falter slightly in their governance.It would be far better to have an inexperience ruling govt rather than an experience corrupt govt.

Non-malays Ditched Pas Not Pakatan

PAS V.P Salahuddin Ayub was wrong to say that the non-malays ditched Pakatan.The sad truth is that the non-malays ditched PAS. It was a clear message to PAS that the honeymoon with the non malays is over. Many non malays thought that PAS was a better alternative to B.N and was willing to give PAS a chance to prove themselves. during the march 8th General Election.But what they saw in PAS was simply contrary to expectations.

In kedah, the new PAS govt immediately introduced even more draconian discriminatory policies in housing thus proving itself not capable of being fair and just to the miniority non malays. Other rash policy like demolishing the pig abatoir and relocating it to another site caused alot of unhappiness with the chinese population.

In Selangor, PAS Hassan Ali calling for alcohol ban in muslim majority areas only further cast doubts on PAS long term agenda. Instead of being a moderate muslim force, PAS has now gradually surfaced as an intolerant muslim malay party incapable of governing with justice and fairness.

Left with either the choice of sleeping with the devil you know or sleeping with the devil you dont know, the non malays opted for the corrupt former M.B of Negri Sembilan rather than giving Bagan Pinang to PAS.

PAS has alot of soul searching to do in order to capture the non malays support again If PAS members like Hasan Ali continue to call for more stringent islamic reforms than it is unlikely it will have any more support from the non malays .And if the voting trend in Bagan Pinang is any indication, PAS can no longer rely on non malay voters to win in areas where the non malays will tilt the balance between victory and defeat.

Police Have Got their priorities Wrong.

It is quite common on the 8.oo o clock prime time news to see police raiding a prostitute den or a massage parlour.In full view of prime time viewers, the police seem to take particular delight in the successful apprehension of the pimps and prostitutes. If only they could display similar enthusiasm in apprehending murderers and rapist which have become so prevalent in every neighbourhood.

Practically every day we hear of innocent victims of snatch thieves , of robbbers of rapists and yet the police are spending valuable time arresting prostitutes and pimps. The police seem to have their priorities wrong. Prostitutes and pimps do not threatened the safety and security of ordinary citizens but murderers and rapists do. So why dont the police go after the murderers and rapists rather than spending valuable resources going after prostitutes and pimps.?

Further, with workers both legal and illegal in our country, these bachelor foreign workers are here without their wives. They need an outlet for their sexual urges and these prostitute dens serve as a conduit for them to release their primitive urges. If the police eradicate their only source of sexual outlet the ramification is that they will resort to raping of innocent victims who could be wives, daughters, sisters of Malaysian citizens.So please PDRM, dont think eradicating the problems will solve all your problems. Most likely it will only create a more serious crime scene.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

UMNO cannot Change.

The recent choice of the former M.B of Negri sembilan, Isa Samad as the candidate for Bagan Pinang confirm what has already been a known fact after the March 8th General Election. UMNO cannot change. After 52 years in power they have lost the ability to discern the difference between what is right and wrong. To them everything they do must be right even though it is wrong. Corruption is a technical offence because that will suit their purpose.The end must simply justify the means. As long as the right result is obtained it doent matter how we achieved it.

In Permatang Pasir they glossed over the credentials of Rohaizat and they paid the prize of losing the bye election. Now history is about to repeat itself but luckily its in an UMNO stronghold. So a wrong candidate with warts and all could still win the election for B.N..But ultimately it is sacrificing long term interest for short term gains.Yes, UMNo will perhaps win this lone battle but in the long run it will lose the war.

After 52 years, UMNO cannot continue to treat the ordinary rakyat not to realise the importance of an untainted candidate to be their wakil Rakyat. Its an insult to the intelligence of the ordinary rakyat that they will still continue to accept a corrupt person to be their representative no matter how repentant they may be. Times have change but sadly UMNO has not changed . It is still accustomed to its old ways of doing things and that may just precipitate their downfall.

History has shown since time immemorial that a crumbling regime will always acccelrate their downfall with decisions that defies common sense and logic.UMNO and their leaders are doing precisely the things that will finally nail the coffin of B.N.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hassan Ali Has caused PAS to be unpopular


Hassan Ali, the PAS exco member from PAS in Selangor has proved to be a liability not only to PAS but to the Pakataan Rakyat coalition.His earlier antic of trying to ban alcohol sale in Muslim majority area not only caused a furore among the non muslims but such drastic act coming just few months after being elected to form part of the govt of Selangor must have disappointed alot of PAS non malays supporters.

Many , especially the non malays thought that PAS would make a better alternative to the dominant UMNO malay party but with its latest antics people are now questioning the wisdom of allowing PAS gaining a more significant foothold in the political arena.If PAS leadership fails to restraint Hassan and the likes of him bellowing the implementation of Taliban like measures then PAS can be assured of the erosion of support from the non malays in the next General election.

Balance with the liability of Hassan Ali however are some good PAS members. Tok Guru , Nik Aziz , the spiritual leader of PAS has been a shining example of moderation.But what can few good men do when the majority of PAS members remain silent in the face of Hassan Ali's provacative stance.?PAS leadership must now find the courage to epouse a more gentle face of Islam in order not only to win the trust of the non malays but also to consolidate their malay support.