Friday, July 24, 2009

B.N's Last Walk

UMNO exit from the seat of power has been expedited. This will be B.N's last walk in the corridors of power.The events of the last few days have taken a pivotal turn and Najib could be the shortest UMNO's president to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.Thanks to MACC who made all this possible.

The groundswell of anger and bitterness at the institutition which acted in a manner to topple the Pakatan Rakyat govt was overwhelming. People who have unwavering supported the B.N govt has now decided at last that we now need a change in order to reform.It has become obvious that B.N's 50 years of being in the govt has corrupted all the instituition which form the pillar of a democratic nation.

Finally, the act that MACC did was an act that will finally nail the coffin of the B.N. The only way B.N can reform is to exit from the seat of power and to spend sometime to reflect on its past mistakes.And with some wisdom and past experience maybe it can make a comeback at some late date.Farewell B.N .We expected you to go after March 8th, but we didnt expect it to be so soon.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hindraf Fighting a Lost Cause.

The problems facing the Kampong Buah Pala residents should be viewed in its proper perspective. First and foremost, the residents are illegal squatters and have no rights whatsoever to remain stubborn in their resolve that the state Govt give them title to the property.secondly, since the land had been alienated by the previous govt under Koh Tsu Koon and sold below market price to the present owner, the land has now become private property of the new owner.And thirdly, the resident squatters have lost their legal battle in court last year and the new owner have every right under the law to forcibly evict them.

Thereofore what is Hindraf fighting for? That the illegal indian settlers be given title to the property they have illegally occupied for a long time?Is it not the same if a stranger forcibly enter your premise and refused to be evicted and later demand title of your property?The fundamental question revolves around the rights of the squatters and the rights of the landowner. Has the illegal squatters have the right to illegally squat on private or govt land and later demand that they be given ownership of the property?

The simple answer to the whole issue is that the squatters have no right whatsoever to denand anything and Hindraf have no business defending a lost cause premised on the illegality of their occupation of the land.Even if the land had not been sold (albeit cheaply to a private owner ), and had the property remained with the govt, the illegal squatters would still have to be evicted for occupying state property illegally.

Just imagine the consequence of giving the illegal settlers title to the property that they had illegally occupied. That would have opened the floodgates for other squatters to emulate the same strategy to occupy State and private land without due regard to the ownership of the property and later demand title of the property. That would certainly create chaos and uncertainty in the whole property market.

Perhaps what is of more import is for the MACC to investigate the whole nature of the transaction and to determine whether there is any hanky panky or culpabilty in the deal to dispose of the leasehold land at below market price,.The deal happened during the term of Koh Tsu koon and he has to answer for his decision. The present govt of Lim Guan Eng cannot be held responsible in any way and can be absolved of any blame. If Hindraf cannot see these issues claerly then they have no business defending anybody .