Sunday, September 30, 2012

Malaysia's Road to Bankruptcy

This govt has lost its plot. Bad fiscal and financial management has led our country down the slippery slope to bankruptcy.And yet despite the warning signs of impending doom to the health of the economy, the govt continues to dish out cash to placate the masses so that it could secure another term of office.

The current National debt of $502.4 billion in 2012 has almost reached its apex legislated debt ceiling of 55% allowed under the constituition. But yet despite the alarming warning bells ringing, the govt continue to disguise their transformation schemes with a plethoria of goodies to its citizens in order to secure another term of office.
The hallmark of its failure to adopt prudent financial management was exerberated by its continuous failure to ensure that govt contracts on procurement of defence equipment and arms are done in a transparent manner. Hence , many of its purchases have been severly inflated at prices that do not seemingly reflect its market value.

This however is not only confined to defence procurement but this prevalent practice is symtomatic in practically all govt departments where all procurement are done in a manner that fails to meet any criteria of transparency.
In addition, govt contracts which are mostly negotiated are more often inflated to cover layers of commission for the persons dispensing the contracts.Hence, the result is poor,shoddy workmanship for completed projects and more often contributed to abandon projects due principally to insufficient funds to cover the project.
Lately, Najib has been pleading for another term so he can introduce many of his Transformation plans. B.N has been governing this country for 55 years. Whatever blueprint they had wanted to introduce would have by now been implemented. So the promise of radical change now is no longer tenable. The proper solution is to allow another new entity to govern for at least a term. From what we have seen in the present states ruled by the opposition, the results have been impressive. So its about time we hand over the reins of Putrajaya to the opposition for at least a term so that we can see if they can implement any change which B.N has so far fail to do.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Najib' and B.N's crumbling Regime.

With each passing day, it becomes more obvious if not evident that B.N's rule is coming to an ignominous end. With the advent of the alternative media, many of B.N's indiscretions have surfaced with such resounding regularity that many of its supporters were left awe strucked by their shennigans. Slowly and daily we hear of previous UMNO stalwarts abandoning their flagship party. It began firstly in peninsular Malaysia and gradually extended to Sabah, B.N's acknowledged fixed deposits. Hardly a day passed without a stalwart UMNO leader expressed their intent to leave the tainted UMNO party.
Yet despite B.N's crumbling stature, Najib has been spouting alot of nonsensical statements. First and foremost was his defiant statement that they would only allow Pakatan to claim Putrajaya over their dead bodies.Would this mean that Najib and  B.N would not relinquish power even if the ballot box had shown they had lost the election?After 54 years on the mantle of power, this only proves the common adage that continous hold of power for any govt could prove fatal to  any democratic government.
After B.N's calamatic failure in the 2008 general Election, one would expect B.N to reform its party and listen to the people's clamour for change, but instead Najib's policy only further alienate the non malays who viewed his often preaching for unity amongst the race as only a hypocritical strategy to garner more votes for the ruling govt. His stance on many controversial issues from Bersih's call for clean election to many expose of the ruling govt's corrupt practice further confirmed the silent majority beliefs that B.N was incapable of any reforms .
Najib's latest comments that only B.N rule was organised, systemmatic and well structured whereas if the opposition was to rule it would be the reversed. This certainly is not true if the opposition states of Kelantan, Penang and Selangor were to be taken as an example.Not only were the opposition in those states doing exceedingly well but their performance surpassed what B.N had been able to do for the last 54 years. And their performance would even had been better if not for the  many obstacles put  by the Federal govt on their paths to obstruct their governance.
Many now view Najib's frequent pleas for unity reforms as empty pledges made only with the view to win votes. It carries very little relevance or impact when most of his rhetorics proved later to be a falsity.