Friday, December 09, 2011

Dap's little Napoleon

Winning the 2008 election in Penang for the Pakatan parties was really the easy part. But after nearly three years of their administration,Lim guan Eng now realiases that holding on to the price capture is replete with alot of unexpected difficulties. With the coming of the 13th General election coming soon, many incumbents are wary of their position. Some lucky assembly person elected during the last election are now worried they may no longer be Yang berhormats in the coming election. This fear has precipitated with alot of anxious incumbents finding ways to please their masters in order to be selected for the next election.
Deputy Chief minister Ramasamy's mistake was to prematurely name three indian candidates for the coming election. Why he did that perhaps is best only known to him. He however has denied making such a call and quite rightly was reprimanded by the haughty karpal Singh. But what strikes most ordinary Dap supporters is why make such a big deal when the Big election was just round the corner and such public display of mudslinging would not serve any one's purpose, especially Dap's. Naturally , UMNO's mainstream media T.V 3 when to town and reported every bit of mudslinging thrown by Sri Delima, assemblyman, RSN.Rayer.

Why did Rayer and Bagai Dalam assemblyman,A Thanasekharan joined in the fray when the matter could have been easily resolved by a gentle reprimand from  Karpal to Ramasamy? Now, it seems hell has broken lose and everyone has joined the bandwagon to say their piece. And all over a small matter that could have been quietly resolved. Dap and its members must realise that they are been watched carefully by the electorates to see whether they are worthy successors of the old B.N govt. If they fail to live up to expectations most likely they will return to their role as the opposition members.

The National feedlot Corporation debacle.

One wonders how a govt could approve a project to a serving minister's husband without being in breach of conflict of interest. The national feedlot Corporation (NFC) project was launched with the expectation of increasing the supply of beef but from the onset it was slated to be a failure for the simple reason it was given to a novice with no experience in the industry. For obvious reason, the project was not given to Mohd Salleh, the husband of Sharizat, because of his expertise in cow rearing but  more so because of Sharizat's position as UMNO' wanita chief.
The project value was not a paltry sum. Two hundred and fifty million (250) in the guise of a soft loan at 2% interest with no fixed repayment period was given to the husband of Sharizat. The matter only came to light when the Auditor-general reported that the project was in a 'mess'. The subsequent revelation by PKR's strategy director, rafizi Ramli that the money allocated for the cow project was being used to buy condos, mercedes car and land at Putrajaya.
When confronted with the allegations, her reply was that it was her husband's business and she had no interest in the project..
Malaysians have a right to know why taxpayers money given for a cow rearing project was used for other investments than the ones intended for.If at all, MACC should investigate whether any criminal breach of trusts was involved in the use of money for other purposes. In fact it was later revealed that  money was even spent on family holidays and the performing of the Haj.
Najib, as the leader of the govt should not sweep the matter under the carpet. He should order a proper investigation of how the loan was approved and given to Sharizat's family. Was she involved in the cabinet decision or was it solely the approval of the Agriculture Minister , the present Deputy Prime minister .The NationalFeedlot corp. debacle will bear the hallmark of the govt's badge of corruption, cronyism and a national shame for the govt that is seeking another term in office .