Wednesday, December 28, 2005

DBKL is not functioning

The Commonwealth Games is over for almost
10 years now.The apartments that housed the atheletes
were immediately sold after the games and those
unfortunate souls who had the misfortune to purchase
the apartments are now faced with a dilemma.Ten years
down the road the purchasers of those units have still
not received their strata titles despite certificate
of occupation been issued and all purchasers have
moved into their apartments.
The purchasers would like to pose the question
to DBKL.Why are strata titles not been issued after 10
years?The buildings were completed ten years ago and
certificate of fitness was issued for occupation.One
suspect that the developer has not given a bribe to
DBKL officers and that explain the lack of urgency in
issuing the strata titles.DBKL owes the purchasers an
explanation for such an inordinate delay and their
explanation should dispel any doubts over their
motives for not issuing the titles.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Tudung And Bak Ku Teh

It really irks me when muslim converts adopts
a more holier than thou attitude than those born
muslims.We would expect muslim converts to have a
better view from both side of the divide to make a
more unprejudiced statement.Farah Abdullah @ SL Pang
presented her views purportedly on behalf of the
Muslim Professional forum.To say that non-muslims must
adhere to a dress code that reflects the teachings of
Islam is to cast aspersion on the dress code of
non-muslims.If the purpose of the dress code is to
encourage female students to dress modestly than there
should be no controversy.But to force non-muslim
students to don a tudung which is a religious attire
for female muslims is without doubt insensitive.
To make the point more obvious, let us say
UTAR, an instituition with a 90% chinese students
decide to make it compulsory that all students
irrespective of religion, race should have a
compulsory breakfast of bak ku teh every morning
before lecture commenced.Therefore if we were to
follow Pang's argument then all students 'must expect
and comply with rules that they may not be comfortable
with.'After all it is a chinese academic
instituition.Conversely this can also be argued that
this has nothing to do with fundamental human rights.
S.L pang has made her choice to be a muslim
convert. She should learn to respect the rights of
others who may feel uncomfortable donning a tudung.If
she is adamant that IIU should have the right to
impose a dress code for its students then I would like
to invite her for breakfast of bak ku teh at the
UTAR's Canteen.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Proton Cars In Malaysia Not fitted with air bags.

Our govt,principally our former Prime
Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir, must bear full
responsibilty for the many deaths caused and
contributed by the inferior Proton cars that are
virtually forced upon unsuspecting malaysian
buyers.Because of the National Automative Policy which
made the price of foreign made cars almost prohibitive
for the average malaysian buyers, the average
Malaysians are left with no choice but to buy the
cheaper version of the local produced Proton cars
which are devoid of safety features such as air bags
and ABS brakes.
It is an established fact that cars fitted with
air bags have statistically saved lives in the event
of accident and yet Proton assemblers for reason of
cost had deliberately not fitted such safety device in
Proton assembled cars in Malaysia.And yet one
significant irony remains .Malaysian cars exported to
U.K were all fitted with air bags.By this act our govt
have deemed fit to derogate the lives of Malaysian as
insignificant and valueless compared to foreign user
of Proton cars.
The grave yards in Malaysia are littered with
the lives of Malaysians whose lives could have been
saved had our govt abandoned its protectionist policy
and allowed Malaysians the opportunity to buy foreign
cars that are fitted with the latest safety devices.
As long as this policy continue the lives of
those lost driving Proton cars shall continue to be on
the conscience of our govt.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ACA must do Its Job without fear or Favour.

The ACA appears to be super efficient in
investigating the alleged misappropriation of the
$150,000 from the St John's school's fund but seems to
be dragging its feet in the DBKL tender of the Masjid
India hawkers lot.Why is it so difficult to ascertain
whether proper procedures were adopted in the tender
exercise for the hawkers lot.?And if it was done in a
transparent manner how could they explain why majority
of the lots ended in VIP hands. Maybe DBKL can
explain how several of these lots could possibly fall
into the IGP sons hands if the tender exercise were
The speed with which ACA investigated the St
John misappropriation case and the reluctance it
proceeded with the Masjid India case confirms public
suspicion that ACA are slow to act where the felony
involves politicians.In the former case where only
school teachers are involve it is presumably safe to
investigate without fear or favour because of the
absence of any political backlash.In the case of the
DBKL, the ACA have to tip toe their way around the
political bigwits, fearing it might step on some
political bigshots.Hence very likely nothing will come
out of the DBKL investigation as a cover-up is most

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Indians Can Change Their Destiny.

I fail to agree with Samy Vellu's assertion
that the 3% equity for the Indians had been on the
national agenda for a long time and that nothing had
been planned and implemented for the community.The
failure to reach that equity level lies not with the
govt but with the MIC leader which Samy leads.
The dilemma facing the marginalised indian
community will continue as long as they are led by the
current MIC leaders.For 25 years the indian community
have been led by these leaders and in many ways the
trust bestowed to them have been repeatedly betrayed.
The pitiful and marginalised position the
Indian community are enduring would not have occurred
had their leaders placed community above self, service
and sacrifice above greed.
Partly to blame for this current dilemma are
the Indian community generally and the MIC members
specifically.Like the proverbial sheep been led to the
slaughter house, they had faithfully placed their
trust to these same leaders who had deemed fit to
plunder the wealth meant for the poor and destitute in
the Indian community.
During Dr. Mahathir's reign, a man not known
for his generosity, a few million Tenaga Nasional Bhd
newly Public listed shares were allocated to Maika,
the investment arm of MIC.The shares ostensibly for
Maika would indirectly benefit the many rural Indians
in estates and other low category jobs if equity in
the form of unit trust shares were taken up by the
community.MIC members went on a frantic campaign to
encourage the poor Indians from the rural areas to
Invest in Maika for a slice of the economic cake.It
was like manna from heaven and the poor uneducated
Indians got the bait together with the hook line and
sinker.They ploughed their hard earned savings meant
for their children's education in Maika shares with a
promise of a return many fold their original
investment.The TNB shares never reached
Maika.Somewhere along the way to Maika the TNB shares
were hijacked to another entity.
Subsequently ,Maika shares went into a tail-
spin and wiped off millions from its value.The
hard-earned savings of thousand of poor Indian
investors were left clinging to the valueless Maika
shares.The extent and untold hardship and misery this
episode had on the Indian community can never be
measured in monetary terms.In many poor Indian
households, the dreams and aspirations of young
ambitious children were destroyed forever.Today, we
see jobless, uneducated Indians whose only option is
to turn to a life of crime in order to survive.The
govt. has not opened its door in the civil service for
them and the private sector will continue to remain
elusive for the unqualified.
The plight and fate of the Indian community
will continue to remain bleak and diminish if it
places its faith in the same MIC leaders which had
hoodwinked them for the last 20 years.They have no one
else to blame but themselves if they persists in
choosing the same faces in the MIC leadership which
have brought them nothing but despair and
despondency.Through the present MIC leadership, the
Indians are now a marginalised community. Only the
Indian community can make a change for the better,
failing which they will have to endure another 20
years of destitution.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Build-Then-sell not viable Option

Housing Developers were caught by surprise
recently when the Housing and Local government
Ministry through its Minister , Datuk Ong Ka Ting,
announced that it was finalising a proposal for the
build-and-sell (BTS) concept to be adopted by the
Housing Ministry.Such a concept if adopted would have
serious repercussions on the building industry.The
nonchalant manner in which the proposal was to be
hastily tabled for a cabinet decision does not augur
well for the housing industry.
I cannot recall any discussion or debate being
held by the Housing Ministry with the Housing
Developers on the build-and -sell concept.The speed
and haste for the implementation (if indeed it is
implemented) of such a concept will certaintly spell
the end for medium and lower housing developers
From the onset I would categorically say that
the build-and-sell concept based on the Australian
model of 10/90 would be a failure if not a disaster if
introduced in the Malaysian building industry.The
10/90 system based on the Australian model is
regulated under S9AA of the Sale of Land Act 1962 of
the State of Victoria.Such a model from its appearance
would favour the house buyers but not necesssary
providing any advantage in terms of the cost of the
house.From the perspective of the Developer this model
would only further compound its problem
nothwithstanding the fact that it still have to comply
with existing housing laws and state governments
policies on Bumiputra ownership, mandatory laws on low
cost housing and infrastuctural requirements enforced
by local councils.In short, such a concept would not
be a workable model in the context of the Malaysian
environment where procedural and government policies
differ extensively with the Australian model.
The 10/90 variant model as practice in Australia
is successful because of the absence of bureacracy and
the efficient mechanism in place for submission and
approval for building plans.The normal time required
for such approval is about 3-6 months in Australia as
compared to 2-3 years over here in malaysia.In
addition, conditions such as mandatory 30% low cost
and bumiputra allocation housing all play a
significant part in adding cost to the total
expenditure of the developer.It must be noted that all
these extraneous conditions are absent in the
Australian model and this ensure a smooth
implementation of the 10/90 model.
Let us examine the 10/90 concept in more
detail in order to expose the frailities of such a
model.Under the 10/90 model, purchasers pay a
downpayment of 10% of the contract price upon signing
of the sale and purchase agreement and the deposit is
placed in an escrow trust account(lawyers as
stakeholder).The remaining 90% of the purchase price
becomes payable only on delivery of vacant possession
of the completed house.Obviously the house buyer has
zero risk and the bulk if not the total risk factor
is borne by the developer.From the very beginning the
developer would have to use its own or borrowed funds
to finance the project.They do not even have the
luxury of using the buyer's 10% deposit since it is
escrowed in an account until the handover of the
houses.From the time of submission of the property for
approval until the completion of the houses, the
gestation period is almost 5 years.(assuming building
take 2 years).Is it practical and fair for the
developer to bear the risk for 5 years before seeing a
return on its initial investment?And what would happen
if during the interim period there is a downturn in
the property market and the buyer decides to cancel
its obligation to buy the house?The buyer may choose
to forfeit its 10% deposit but the developer would now
be left without the 90%purchase price.It is little
comfort that the legal remedy for specific performance
is available but how many developer can afford the
lengthy litigation to recover the money.?
In short the likely scenario would be abandon
projects and bankrupt housing developers who are left
in the lurch by house buyers in the event of a
property crash.
The Housing Ministry must first ask itself
the question whether it can dismantle the onerous
government and state policies of low cost housing and
mandatory bumiputra allocation. Whether it can promote
an efficient mechanism to reduce bureacracy in the
submission and approval of building plans.If the
answer is no, then the 10/90 model is not a workable
option for our building industry.If there is an
attempt to introduce the Australian 10/90 model it is
imperative that all other conditions must be in place
before we seek to introduce the model in toto.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Anwar Lost his opportunity to lead.

I totally disagree with Ah Chong's article
that 'Anwar very much a leader after six years'.With
due respect to Anwar, he had his chance to show his
qualities of leadership to lead our multi-racial
country into the next millenium, but he failed
Let us not forget that when he was Education
Minister, his race based and communal policies did not
endear him to the chinese community. Mara
matriculation schools did not even allocate the 10%
places for non-malays when it was first promised but
later through Dr.Mahathir's direction that the 10%was
grudgingly given.
Even when he was Deputy Prime Minister, he was
not a popular figure amongst the other communities
because of his frequent malay agenda.During his brief
tenure as Deputy P.M he did not display any qualities
of justice and fairness to the other races. Now that
he is no longer in the corridors of power why should
we believe that he would change.
There is a tendency for politicians to try and
garner support merely for political mileage and
expediency so that it will appeal to a wider
audience.But given the earlier opportunities, he had
failed to introduce any of those measures which he now
deemed superflous.Sad to say, he had his chances and
he blew it. I dont't think our future and destiny lies
with his leadership.The sea of faces in our political
spectrum also do not presently offer us with many
choices.The charismatic and strong leadership that we
yearn for is sadly lacking.There is no light at the
end of the tunnel.We just have to trudge into this
millenium aimlessly without any direction.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bumiputra Discount On Houses should Be abolished.

When policies formulated and implemented
many years ago becomes no longer relevant in today's
society, the govt should take steps to abolish or
adjust it to suit the current circumstances.When the
policy of mandatory requirement that developers should
give a 5% to 10% discount for bumiputra house buyers
was introduced it was intended to increase house
ownership of bumiputras.This was especially directed
at ownership of houses in the lower and medium
However, today we see the policy extended to
cover and include high end, sophisticated
condominiums, apartments and bungalows.If bumiputras
can afford to buy such expensive properties what then
is the rationale for giving them a discount when
inevitably the cost would be borne by non-bumi buyers.
Instead, the govt should put a ceiling of
house prices which would qualify for a discount.For
example, all houses below $100,000 should be given a
5% or 10% discount for bumiputras.This way the benefit
of lower priced houses would be given to those who are
in need of help and not those who are rich and not
On many occassion local authorities have been
guilty of delaying the release of bumiputra unsold
units when it was quite apparent that bumiputras were
not interested in the property.This has undoubtedly
caused alot of hardships to developers and has
contributed to alot of abandon projects.This is
especially true with DBKL where developers after
having satisfied the condition of advertising in the
papers for sale of Bumi units were further told to
hold road show at Mid-valley .The whole exercise was
really a futile one because most of the properties
were located in predominantly chinese areas and no
amount of publicity could persuade bumiputras to buy
the unsold units.
If the govt is so insistent on selling those
units to bumiputras then perhaps the option is to set
up an agency to purchase all units allocated to bumis
and gradually sell at a price they feel would be fair.
That way housing developers would not be caught with
the holding cost which undoubtedly would be pass on to
the consumers.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Gerakan Election Is Rigged.

The Gerakan presidential election tomorrow
is a foregone conclusion.Dr. Lim keng Yaik will win
and will win handsomely.He will win not because he
deserves it or he commands the support of the Gerakan
members but because the election is rigged.I know it
for a fact because only recently I found out I was a
Gerakan member for the last 10 years in Kelantan.
Some 10 years ago I was invited to
participate in a Gerakan organised Golf tournament and
in order to qualify to play I was told that every
player had to sign a Gerakan membership form.I was
under the impression that the membership was
specifically for that occassion.Ten years down the
road I discovered recently that I was still a member
despite the fact that I had not attended any of its
meeting and had not paid for my annual membership
Somewhere, someone in Kelantan has been paying for my
annual subscription fees and have been using my name
to cast all Gerakan held election.I was not the only
person who was roped in to be Gerakan member. At least
more than a 100 of unsuspecting golfers were enlisted
to be Gerakan members and to this day I believe their
names like mine still remain in the Gerakan electoral
My name and 100's of phantom Gerakan members
would be used for tomorrow's election to decide the
fate of the presidential candidate.Kerk Choo Ting does
not stand a chance to win tomorrow's election and I am
quite certain his staunch supporter, Dr Tan Kee Kwong will also meet the same fate.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

M.D should shoulder MAS loss

What justification can the C.E.O of MAS
have when the national carrier for which he was the
head suffer such excruciating 1st quarter loss of $280
million?To blame the loss on high fuel cost is at best
a feeble excuse when other airlines merely suffer a
dip in profits.In contrast, S.I.A (Singapore Airlines)
merely posted a 7.9% decline in profit for the 1st
quarter while Cathay Pacific Airways reported a drop
in profit of 5.7% for the six months.(nst 23rd August,
2005).What is even more interesting and glaring of
mismanagement at MAS is the performance of budget
airline AirAsia Bhd which is a fifth the size of MAS
but is slated to post a quarterly net profit of $30
When I perused the resume of the outgoing M.D I
was shocked to discover that he is an Anthropology
graduate of U.M.Now what business has an anthropology
graduate has managing a multi-million enterprise
company like MAS?It doesn't matter that he was exposed
for some time in the aircraft industry. The bottom
line is he is just not qualified acadametically for
such a post.
Next we learn that the front runner to be the
next C.E.O is a young Cambridge graduate who is the
present Chief Executive of MAS' parent company,
Penerbangan Malaysia Bhd.I am impress with his
academic qualification but what experience has a young
man of 34 has of running a multi- million company like
MAS?Frankly, those people enthrusted to appoint a
suitable person to manage the national carrier has
fail miserably.Time and time again their decision has
not been based on pure ability and qualification but
more on political connection and cronyism.This
practice is prevalent in all govt Linked companies
and as a result most of them have underperformed and
consequently suffer unprecedented losses.
Its time those who are enthrusted with the
responsibilty to appoint personnel in govt-linked
companies are held accountable for their
selections.They should not be allowed to squander tax
payer's money by making appointments to suit their
preference rather than appointments to suit the

Friday, August 19, 2005

Why Should we honour Abdul Taib Mahmud and Rafidah Aziz.

First we celeberate mediocrity, then we
reject meritocracy, now we honour corrupt
politicians.Our country is really in a mess.A few
weeks ago, the Chief Minister of Sarawak was given an
honorific Datoship from Penang and on the 10th August,
Rafidah Aziz was honoured by the Chief Minister from
Sarawak despite her current predicament in the current
controversial A.P issue.
What begs to be answered is that is our
country so short of deserving candidates who have made
meaningful contribution to society that we have to
keep on honouring the same corrupt politicians?Now
what has the chief minister of Sarawak done for Penang
and what has Rafidah done for Sarawak short of giving
some A.Ps to some of her favourite people?
Frankly, until we review our criteria for
bestowing honorific titles to deserving people the
present method is making a mockery of the whole

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Our Nation is on the verge of Bankruptcy

According to Bank negara Malaysia's annual
report as at the end of 2004, the government's
external debt totalled Rm$34.7 billion while its
domestic debt is estimated atRm$181.9 billion.(nst. 28
July,2005.)If these figures are accurate and I have no
reason to doubt the authencity of Bank Negara's own
data base,then we can safely say that our nation is on
the verge of bankruptcy.A nation that is Rm$220
billion in debt cannot be viewed as solvent.
Malaysians must now ask our leaders how a
nation with so much natural resources end up being so
indebted?Were there lack of good governance, lack of
transparency and accountability that contributed to
this state of affairs?The crucial question is whether
our country was all along being financially
In order to ascertain lack of good governance
we must first examine some policy decisions.Why was
lucrative highway contracts farmed out to private
enterprise with guaranteed future profitabilty?If
future profit is guaranteed why didnt the Govt. do it
themselves and divert the profits to the country's
coffers instead of benefitting private companies with
political connections?
Why was govt. contracts privately negotiated
and given at inflated price to contractors when a
public tender would save the govt.huge sums?Why did
the govt incur huge foreign and domestic debt to build
infrastuctural projects when it didnt had any funds of
its own?Why did the govt. forgoe revenue from excise and
custom duties by giving away A.Ps that benefitted a
few individuals that are politically connected to the
All these above questions remain unanswered and
must now be addressed.In view of our country' present
indebtedness, a comprehensive review should be
undertaken to introduce good governance,
transparency,accountabilty and good ethical
Any attempt to introduce the N.E.P without addressing
the above weaknesses would be futile.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

A.Ps Given To Niece.

The Minister of Internatonal Trade and
Industry, Rafidah Aziz adamantly claimed that she was
wronged and that she had not done any thing irregular
with respect to the issuance of A.Ps.She lied as
implied by Dr. Mahatir's statement because she mislead
not only the UMNO assembly but also the cabinet.The
obvious flaw in her statement of innocence is the
contradiction as reveal in the A.P list of 2004 where
it was shown that her niece, Annie, received 850 A.Ps
in 2004 and 199 A.Ps in 2005.
One wonders how she could swear her innocence
in front of the Holy Koran that she was cleaned when
in effect her hands were tainted with
corruption.Unless of course we are led to believe that
it is perfectly legitimate for a Minister to dispense
A.Ps to their relatives.Surely it would be a mockery
of our system if a Minister can escape with such a
brazen act of deception and still remain in public
office.But then maybe this is something acceptable in

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Govt. Should Abolish A.Ps.

The revelation of the A.P. list merely
confirmed what the Tun had said all along that too
many A.P's were given to only a few individuals.But
what is most shocking is Rafidah's defending the
policy of giving out so many A.P's to so few
bumiputras.No one can deny that A.P's are licence to
print money because the permits are marketable and
easily converted to cash.The open A.P's are especially
in demand and can easily fetch $50,000 per permit.The
demand for such an A.P can be seen by this example. A
Ferrari from Europe will cost about $500,000.If you
buy an A.P at $50,000 your cost will be
$550,000.Without an A.P after paying excise and custom
duties the cost of the car will be in the vicinity of
$1.5 million. (custom and excise duties at 150%)
Rafidah seems to make a big deal that
Nassimuddin was able to get five or six franchises
from different companies from all over the world.But
the fact of the matter is that when you have A,Ps the
foreign principal companies come looking for you and
not vice versa.You dont even have to lift a finger
because the foreign principals know that if you can
import cars at a cost of $11,000 without paying excise
and custom duties, it is a virtual certainty that
their imported cars will sell like hot cakes.With the
franchise A.Ps you don't even have to have any
expertise in the automative industry to make a
handsome profit.All you have to do is add a margin
that is not below proton cars price and presto you are
printing 40k to 50 k for each A.P.
What is most sickening is Rafidah's statement
that it is a workable scheme that she will continue to
practice.Surely a scheme that only enrich a few
already rich bumiputras cannot be deemed to be
equitable.If such a scheme is allowed to continue, the
N.E.P will certainly not be able to be achieved in a
100 years.The wealth will remain in the hands of a few
wealthy malays while the rural heartland of the malays
will continue to remain impoverish.
The govt should abolish this skewed method of
wealth distribution and devise a more equitable system
that will ensure the poor rural malays will benefit
from its N.EP policy.
The A.P scheme is certainly not a suitable
vehicle for wealth distribution.The billions of
dollars that would have been collected from the excise
and custom duties should rightly go to the country's
coffers.From the revenue collected, a scheme that is
more equitable in wealth distribution should be
implemented so that the 30% equity in the economic pie
can be attained by all the malays.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Justice should be Tampered with Mercy.

I wish to refer to the article nst. dated 16th
july 'man gets Jail, rotan for sex with minor.'I
followed the case in 2003 when session court judge
Suraya Othman in her wisdom released Mohd Khairil
Anuar Osman on a $5000 three year bond for good
behaviour.At that time I was most impressed with the
demeanor of this Judge because she took the trouble to
inquire from the prosecutor whether the sexual act
between the two teenagers was consensual and on
finding that it was she proceeded to give a non
custodial sentence to the young man.At that time I
fully concurred with the Judge sentence because a
custodial sentence would not only ruin his future but
cast him among hardened criminals in prison.An act of
passion between two young people cannot be construed
as a criminal offence under section 376 of the penal
Judge Suraya Othman had said at that time "that
it would not serve public interest to put him in jail
for a technical crime and that five years jail for
statutory rape was too heavy a sentence."This Judge
should be complimented.While other Judge would simply
gloss over the case , she would take the trouble to
inquire to see whether there were any mitigating
circumstances.She embodies the principle that justice
should be tampered with mercy.I salute this woman.
Imagine my shock when I read your paper that the
prosecutor had succeeded in his appeal when Judge
Datuk Muhamad Ideres Muhamad Rapee had struck out the
order of Judge Suraya.What is justice if justice means
sentencing a young man to 10 years in prison for an
offence that can be translated to be a moment of
passion which resulted in consensual sex between two
teenagers.If it was a case of an older man with the
minor I would understand the gravity of the
offence,but this was a young man barely out of his
teen.While we are safely in the comfort of our home
spare a thought for this frighten young man
languishing in prison for a crime he probably doesn't
even know.The law should show some compassion and
bring him home from prison. He simply don't deserve
the 10 years and five stroke of the rotan.Anybody who
can help this young man please do so.I am convince that
this young man got a poor deal.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wake Up A.C.A and Do your Job.

It has become a habit for our Menteri Besars
when in or out of office to display great wealth.Not
long ago if memory serves me correct we had an M.B
caught in Australia with a couple of millions in loose
change trying to exit from an Australian city.Needless
to say he was caught and charged in court and from
there the sordid details of his extravant purchase of
landed property was revealed.The revealation of his
astounding wealth seems to pose some questions as to
how the wealth was accumulated when his monthly salary
was only about $20,000.Considering that he had only
served one term as M.B (but was still in office) the
question still remain unanswered till today was 'where
did he obtained his millions?'
Next, we had an M.B who contested for an UMNO
vice-President post who spent nearly a million to
secure his win by bribing the delegates.The million he
spent for the election was just only loose change
because his two palatial homes in Port Dickson and
Nilai must have cost a few million too.
The most scandalous of the lot must be the
ex-M.B of Sabah losing $158 million to a casino in
U.K.What is most perplexing in this case was how did
he accumulate such fabulous wealth in so short span of
Frankly, its not difficult to trace where their
wealth is derived from.The State ExCo. consisting of
elected state assemblyman that are selected in the
exco committee holds regular monthly meeting to decide
on matters from application of state land to approval
of licences for forest concessions..If you require
approval for any application dont expect to get it as
a matter of course.Without going through the proper
channel and some agreed financial arrangement it is
most likely your application will be rejected without
any reasons given.
Despite all these public display of wealth by our
politicians the most glaring dereliction of duty must
be the A.C.A.They seem oblivious to all that is
happening.Maybe they are waiting for the culprit to
make a public confession before they will take any
action.By now the citizens of this country must be
immune to all this blatant acts of corruption.Each new
leader come to office with the promise of eradicating
this scourge but each time we are left
disappointed.Sadly we must admit we just don't have
the leader to exert the political will and
determination to wipe out this menace.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Democracy is Dead in Malaysia

The term democracy no longer connotes any
significance if the freedom to say the truth is
rewarded with a punishment.A government that demands
absolute loyalty from its cabinet members irrespective
whether it is right or wrong cannot fundamentally
pretend to espouse democracy.At best it can only
pretend to be one.Western style democracy especially
the Westminister type demands that ministers in the
cabinet or parliamentarians are expected to speak on
issues that they feel is in contradiction or is
contrary to their expectations.
It is therefore not uncommon for members of the
same party to break ranks in order to voice their
opposition to certain govt. policy as in the case of
Labour Ministers and parliamentarians speaking out
against the U.k govt's involvement in the Iraq war.
So when Deputy Minister Sothinathan was
suspended for breaking rank and speaking against the
govt. on an issue that affected the interest of a
section of the malaysian public, the suspension marks a
sad day for our fledgeling democracy.If a member of
the govt whether he be a minister or backbencher
cannot speak out on issues that he feels is against
the interest of its citizens then democracy is dead.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Who are The London Terrorists?

After sept. 11, foreigners of muslim
origins coming to the united kingdom are stringently
screened and it is not uncommom for the immigration to
turn away dubious muslim travellers if they are
suspicious of their intended purpose of travel.
In view of the very strict entry
surveillance, it is most likely that the terrorist who
planted the bombs were muslims of British origin.There
were previous instances where British citizens of
muslim origin going to Pakistan, Afganistan and even
Iraq to join the legions of foreign fighters.If there
are British citizens of muslim origin who are prepared
to go to foreign land then it is conceivable that
there are fanatic muslim terrorists of British origin
on British soil.
As long as Britain host a sizeable
population of muslim citizens it is highly probable
and most likely in the forseeable future that such
bombings will be repeated.To prevent such future
bombings in the future the govt. must institute more
stringent immigration policy prohibiting muslim
migration into the United Kingdom.At the same time it
should monitor closely the movements and activities of
radical muslim groups in the united Kingdom.
In the aftermath of the London bombing many
muslims in London no doubt criticised the bombing but
what was most disturbing was their denounciation was
qualified with a justification that it was in return
for United Kingdom's invovlement in Afganistan and
Iraq where innocent civilians were bombed and
killed.If such perception is common among the muslim
populace in U.K then it is very possible that there
will be muslims who are prepared to extract revenge on
British soil.
The chorus of Protest against such
terrorists bombings should be unanimous and vocal.To
kill and slaughter innocent civilians in the course of
furthering the muslim religion do not serve justice to
the very religion they are trying to defend.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Suhakam should consider its call to punish those who visit prostitutes.

The human rights commission,Suhakam,should
preoccupy itself with more important issues rather
than making a call to punish those who frequent
prostitutes.Studies have shown that people who
frequent prostitutes have an underlying sexual problem
or the need to vent their sexual frustration vis-a vis
The oldest profession in the world
invariably has a role to play in every age and in
every society.There are people in our society who have
difficulty in forging meaningful relationship with the
opposite sex and the availabilty of prostitutes
provide an avenue for these psycologically handicap
people to have the service of prostitutes.In the
absence of prostitute these people would have no
alternative but to target innocent woman who could be
your sister, wife or even your mother.
In the context of our malaysian society we
have over a million of foreign workers in our work
force.Most of these foreign workers left their wives
and family to seek work here. These foreign workers
are also human beings who have sexual urges like every
normal human beings.Over a duration of two to three
years while they are here where do you expect them to
release their pent-up sexual frustration?Would we
prefer a situation where these foreigners resort to
raping your sister, wife or love ones?There are
certainly many such cases already in our midst and the
surest way to aggravate the situation is to take away
the outlet for them to visit prostitutes.
In fact many western countries have now even
seen the merit of legalising prostitution and
strangely enough statistic have shown that sexual
crimes are virtually non-existent in such countries.
Our southern neighbour, Singapore have also joined the
chorus of countries legalising prostitution.So before
hastily calling for punishment against those visiting
prostitutes and the extreme measure of eradicating
prostitution, I suggest Suhakam make an in depth study
before embarking on such a course.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Five Days Week A mistake.

Dear Editor,
At the moment Malaysia cannot afford a
five days week.As it is , many of the govt.
departments are struggling to clear the backlog of
their current workload and the newly going to-be
implemented five days week is going to increase that
workload.The land office is one typical department
that has a pile up of land transfer applications and
even with computerisation the waiting period for such
transfer to be completed can be 3 to 6 months.In
addition to this, sub-division of land now takes a
minumum of 1 to 2 years and with the five days week
the period is going to be longer.
Another area that will suffer with the five
days week would be the judiciary.As it is, the backlog
of court cases have already reached an unprecedented
delay time.Some civil cases have a waiting period of
up to 5 years and even without the new five days week
the outstanding cases have not been resolved. The old
adage that justice delayed is justice denied is going
to be more pronounced.
All these backlogs in workload could have been
averted if the govt. introduce a five day week but at
the same time open all govt departments for seven days
week.This effectively means we have a win-win situation
where civil servants enjoy a five days week but at the
same time keeping all govt. dept open for seven days
week.This can easily be accomplished by rotating off
days for staff. Some staff may take week days off and
some may work during week-ends.All these would merely
involve some administrative juggling and should not
pose any problems in the organisational structure.One
added advantage of a seven days week would be the
creation of more employment opportunities and this
should offer employment avenues for our unemployed
graduates.The increased revenue obtained from the
seven days week should easily offset the cost of
additional staff.
While it is commendable for the govt. to give
more time for civil servants to spend with the family,
it is also important that the govt should ensure the
quality of service rendered to its citizens should not
be compromised.While a seven days week has not been
tested any where in the world, I suggest the govt
seriously consider its implemetation because I feel it
is a viable proposition.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Dr. Shafie Mohd Salleh should Resign.

The Higher Education Minister, Dr. Shafie mohd
Salleh, is a product of the system.In terms of
experience as a minister he has done nothing
outstanding and his role in the Gomez saga exemplifies
his mediocrity.But his recent statement denying that
there was no tampering of exam results and favouritism
in promotion at U.M. reflects on his abilty as a
The pertinent question that needs to be
answered is how did Shafie arrived at the decision
that there was no tampering of students results and
that there was no favouritism in promotion?To say
publicly via the media he must be very confident with
his statement.But how did he come to that
conclusion?.One can only assume that the
Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Hashim Yaacob would have
communicated this to Shafie.
Does Dr. Shafie realise that his statement is in
direct contradiction with the staff Union association
of U.M allegations that the Vice -chancellor was aware
of exam tampering and favouitism in
promotions.?Further, Gomez also publicly accused U.M
authorities of the same demeanour.So who is telling a
lie now?
How could a Minister be so slip-shod in his work
is beyond me.To do justice to this allegations and to
determine the veracicty of such a serious allegation,
the proper thing to do is to conduct a transparent,
unbiase investigation into the truth of the matter.An
allegation of such importance which could in effect
tarnish the reputation and integrity of the
institution should not be treated with such
friviolty.A mere public statement of denial by the
Minister that such allegations was a figment of
somebody's imagination is the height of stupidity.The
proper and appropriate thing for the Minister to do is
to conduct an impartial investigation into this
allegation before coming to any conclusion .The
failure of Dr. Shafie Mohd Salleh to do this is
tantamount to dereliction of his duty and for that he
should resign.

Friday, June 24, 2005

University Bashing And Govt. Bashing.

Dr. Musa Mohd Nordin's seem to take umbrage at
the truthful articles written by Product of the system
and Artemis Tower.Yes , the truth always hurts and
Musa like many of his counterparts who are a product
of the system would be the last to admit it.If not for
government intervention and policies extended to
Public Universities, civil service, army, police and
every government controlled institutions, people like
Musa would not be sitting comfortably in their
positions and making unbelievably half baked
statements that they are not product of the system.Ask
all the top bumiputra civil servants, the IGP, the
Chief Justice and they will deny that they are the
product of the system.I bet my last dollar that every
one of them will say that they are there because of
merit and not because of bumiputratism.And if we are
to believe that this is true then we better start
believing that 40% of Malaysia's non bumiputra
are imbeciles incapable of holding or leading any of
the top government positions.
Malaysians of non bumi ethnic origin should not
only be bashing at the malay academics at U.M but
should also be bashing at the govt.for not appointing
non-bumi's for top positions in the civil service,
judiciary,police, army and every govt-controlled
institutions.It is not by accident nor by merit that
the top positions are occupied by one ethnic group but
by a clear an irrevocable design by the corridors of
power in the govt.
It is people like Dr. Musa who choose to deny
that they have benefitted from the system and by
their own volition often chose to bite the hand that
feeds them.This even prompted the former P.M, Mahathir
to rebuke the malays for being ungrateful and turning
their back against the govt despite the govt's
numerous assistance and opportunities provided for

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

racial Integration cannot be attained by merely introducing Language classes.

Our govt doesn't seem to understand the
underlying problem why non-malays are reluctant to
send their children to National schools.If they think
that by introducing language classes such as mandarin
and tamil it will attract them back to National
schools then they are in for a surprise.
I thought by now our educational
authorities would know that our National schools have
surely and surreptiously become religious schools
catering for the needs of the malay students.With the
present set-up, a non malay will simply not fit into
the daily curriculum.
But the fundamental question is whether our
govt is really serious about forging racial
integration amongst its plural society?I don't think
so.What about the bumiputra students that are creamed
from schools at standard six and sent to MRSM
schools?These MRSM schools are exclusively bumiputra
instituition catering exclusively for only one
community.From the moment these students are creamed
from standard six to MRSM schools they will have no
contacts whatsoever with non bumiputra students.These
students will not have any opportunity for racial
interaction with other races. When these students
continue their tertiary education thay will virtually
go through a phase in their adult lives similarly
without any contact with the other races.From the
cream of these students one day will emerge a leader
to lead this nation. The frightening thought is that
this leader will be someone who has no knowledge, no
contact and no understanding of the other races.One
can only speculate what the repercussion would be when
this become a reality.

Dr.Hashim Yaacob should Resign

The looming crisis regarding U.M's
involvement in exam results tampering and favouritism
in the promotion of its academic staff have rendered
Dr. Hashim Yaacob's position as Vice-Chancellor
untenable.If there is any truth in the allegations
levied against the U.M authorities and I personally do
not doubt the veracity of the allegations, then it is
indeed a serious blemish to U.M as an academic
The allegations strike at the very chord
of what U.M strives to attain in providing graduates
of a certain standard comparable to the very best at
least in Asia.Tampering of results of students
especially is a serious matter because it cast a dark
shadow on the quality of its graduates and this in
turn will deprive the innocent graduates the
recognition they duly deserve.
The recent statement by Dr. Hashim Yaacob
that Gomez resignation was not a loss to U.M and the
susequent reversal of his decision by P.M to allow 2
years of non- pay leave to Gomez is further prove that
he can no longer remain at his post as Vice Chancellor.
Any person with any intellectual ability to comprehend
his dilemma would have no hesitation in tendering his
resignation.Dr. Hashim Yaacob should do the needful and
just resign. That is the most honourable thing for him
to do and hopefully it will retrieve at least a portion
of whatever reputation he has left.

Monday, June 20, 2005

The World Already Knows.

I don't think I agree with P.M's statement
that we have to tell the story about Malaysia to the
world.Frankly the world already knows and the picture
they see is not an attractive one.In this day of
globalisation and information technology the click of
the mouse will simply tell everyone from Timbucktu to
Alaska what is happening in Malaysia.Our corrupt civil
service, our lack of transparency in awarding govt
contracts, the govt bailing out of badly managed
companies using Govt-linked companies funds,our
corrupt politicians,our poorly managed finance
ministry manned by an incapable 2nd Finance minister
and a Bank Governor who does not even know the meaning
of misalignment.To be honest, the list of bad
corporate governance of our public listed companies
have led foreign investors to shun our equity
market.By just looking at our stock market index of
800 plus tells a simple story that investors are not
interested in our market that lacks transparency.
In short the world knows about our poorly
managed economy and all the nuts and bolts of our govt
apparatus.There is simply nothing to tell the world
what they already know.

Corrupt LLN and Indah water Officials.

The ulgly tentacles of corruption has now spread from the police, civil service to LLN and the sewerage company Indah water.Last week a business colleague of mine confided that he was so exaperated with the attitude of the engineer who reportedlythreatened that no electricity would be provided for his housing project.The reason being that he started his project after two years of LLN approval to provide him with electricity.My friend was adamant that therewas no delay because after obtaining approval from LLN he still had to obtain approval from other govt authorities and this took almost two years before it was finally approved. Needless to say, my friend was desperate as any delay in completing his project would inccur more cost.Finally, he ask his project manager to approach the engineer and money changed hands. A week later he received a letter from the LLN engineer that theywould now supply electricity for his project. Next encounter was with the Indah water authorities.The contractor for my friend's sewerage could not commence his work. Each time he went to the Indah water office he was told that they could not find his file.Without the file and the approved plans my friend's contractor could not proceed with his work.Finally in desperation he approached one of the officials and again money changed hands and miraculously next day the file was found. When confronted with such a situation, most businessman would find it more convenient to give than suffer severe economic losses.Nobody enjoy parting with their hard earned money but what recourse did my friend had?Its easy to condemn my friend and say that he should have refrained from giving money to those crooked officials. But the economic consequences of failing to deliver houses on time could be disastous. Yes, sad to say, it appears corruption has spread its tentacles to practically every aspect of our lives.As long as our leaders do not have the political will and the personal determination to eradicate this menace it will gradually become part of our culture and entrenched in our society.

Scholarships And Patriotism

Every year at this time there is alot of heart break for parents and students with exemplary results.The same tune is repeated year in and year out and despite the obvious lack of transparency in its selection criteria, the authorities dont seem to care or simply dont give a damn about it.From the media hue and cry it is quite obvious that the affected parties are always the non bumiputra students. The stark silence from the bumiputra students can only mean that they are quite happy with the selection criteria. And why not when you see bumiputra with mediocre results getting scholarships in critical courses. Frankly I dont know what kind of message our govt is sending to these young intelligent malaysians who have attained brilliant,excellent academic results.We are talking about the cream of the malaysian students. Students who manage to obtain 13 and 12 straight A'S being denied scholarships to do courses of their choice.As one student succinctly put it,the govt wants us to love our country and be patriotic but is this their way of winning our love for the country.? The present govt policy has created a generation of bitter, angry malaysians.In order to have loyalty and patriotism from its citizenry the govt has to earn it.It doesnt come easy on a platter.The govt cannot expect its citizens to remain loyal and patriotic when it treats its citizens with contempt.At the moment our govt seem to be imbued with jealousy at the remarkable academic success of its non bumiputra citizens that it is contriving every means possible to deprive them of any success at all. I wish the govt have the opportunity to hear the angry voices of parents and students vented at them. Any govt worth its salt would take heed of this, for a govt that choose to ignore this angry cry would do so at their own peril.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

No Vacancies For towering Malaysians, only Towering Malays.

The sobering fact about Dr. Terence Edmund Gomez
saga is that in Malaysia we have no vacanccies for
towering Malaysians only towering malays.If Gomez had
been a malay he would be feted, given a Tan Sri and
packed to U.N posting with all the fanfare extended to
only towering malays.Not only will the towering Malay
be given 2 years paid leave but most likely a plum,
cushy towering job will be waiting for him on his
The dilemma created by Gomez with his
secondment to the U.N job is that he would have to be
promoted after his secondment and his superior at U.M.
certainly would not have that.So the safest bet is to
prevent him from going.
Frankly, those that are at U.M are not there
because of their credentials. They are there because
of their bumiputra status and if it was based on meritocracy,
most of them would be out of their jobs.

Rotation Of Chief Minister's Post In Penang

Many years ago in Sabah some smart guy from
Umno suggested that the chief Minister post which was
then held by a non-bumi be rotated.And so it was
rotated. But after sometime some one again opinioned
that the rotation system was not working and that
there was no continuity in the administration.So it
was decided that an Umno member should hold the Chief
Minister Post.That decision has become a permanent
fixture and there is no likelihood a non bumi will
ever hold the Chief Minister Post again in Sabah.That
Chief Minister post is now safely entrenched with an
Umno member and will remain so permanently.
Now the same ploy is being used by an Umno
member from the Bukit Mertajam division to suggest
that the Chief Minister post be rotated among the
other races.The reason given by the Umno member was
that the Chief Minister post should 'be rotated among
the Barisan Nasional parties to prove tolerance and
understanding among them'.
What I fail to understand is why Umno members
are always asking for rotation in the state where non
bumis have a majority in sabah and Penang.? If they
say that by rotation it will prove tolerance and
understanding among the B.N parties then by the same
token shouldn't we also rotate in states with malay
majority like in Selangor, Johore, Perak and all the
other malay majority states?
Penang Umno need to be taught a lesson and
Gerakan can help it by giving the Chief Minister post
to an Umno member.When the next election comes I am
quite certain Gerakan, MCA and UMNO will lose most of
their seats and DAP will be in power.When that happens
UMNO will not even have the Deputy C.M post which it
now holds.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Japanese Atrocities In world War 2.

The world must not allow Japan and its people
to forget the atrocities it perpetuated during the 2nd
world war.The cruelty and torture the japanese army
inflicted on innocent civilians across Asia and south
east Asia was so inhumane and uncivilise that it will
go down in the annals of human history as unparallel
to that of any period in its history of human
Survivors of the Nanking Massacre recounted
how Japanese forcibly took young teenage girls as
young as 10 yrs old and rape them and after having
satisfied their lust killed and buried them in a mass
grave. Elderly men, women and children were not spared
and when the carnage was finally over, 200,000
civilians were murdered in an orgy of killing that has
no parallel in human conflict.Selected young woman was
sent to army camps as sex slaves to satisfy the
Japanese army. Some young healthy young men were
shipped to Japan to be slaves.
All this took place during the japanese invasion
of China and the testimonials of survivors of this
holocast have been properly documented and
recorded.The Japanese govt cannot gloss over this dark
and evil period of its history and try to deceive the
present generation of its people that they did not
commit such atrocities.
The people of Asia and South East asia must not
allow the present and future generation of Japanese to
forget the pain and cruelty the Japanese had inflicted
on the people it had occupied during the 2nd world
war. By trying to alter and change the text in their
school books of Japanese schools the govt of Japan has
perpetuated a lie . We must not allow this lie to
fester because by accepting responsibilty for their
act only can we ensure that such horrific acts against
humanity will not be repeated in the future.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Diesel Profiteers In Kelantan

Its an open secret in kelantan that alot of
people living in this border state with Thailand are
profiteering by selling subsidised diesel.The
fisherman here mostly do not fish because its more
lucrative to sell subsidised diesel.The fishermen
fishing vessel are modified with tanks capable of
replenishing 20,000 litres of diesel fuel each
trip.With a clean profit of 30 to 40 cts per litre by
selling to Thais trawlers one can reason why it is
more profitable than fishing.Therefore its not
uncommon to sometime see fishermen returning without
any catch of fish but a completely depleted tank of
Instead of selling subsidised diesel to fishermen,
the authorities should provide cash incentives to
genuine fishermen.This will eliminate those who are
not genuine fishermen and cash subsidy will only be
channel to those who are really fishermen rather than
diesel profiteers.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Kapar Land Grab

The TOL holders of Kampung Perepat in Kapar
has a genuine right to be aggrieved at the shabby
treatment from the Klang land office.For so many years
they were told that their TOL land was been processed
and waiting to be issued titles and finally found to
their disbelief that the land title was issued to a
Datuk and his relatives.Can some one please tell me
what the A.C.A is doing?Clearly there is a case of
corruption here and the silence from the anti-
corruption body is really pathetic.
How could the authorities at the land office
merely dismiss the whole thing as just an
oversight.Datuk Ramlan Othman statement that since the
title was issued there is nothing can be done is a
simplification of the whole matter.If there is
negligence on the part of the land office then
restituition can be obtained from the court of law.The
fact that they have made a mistake does not absolve
them of any responsibilty.If it can be proven that the
land office through their neglect or even oversight
had issued the title wrongly to another party then
they have to be liable.But looking at the facts of the
case it appears quite evident that the whole episode
involves alot of shady deals and that is why the A.C.A
must investigate thoroughly

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Attorney-general Should Focus On his work

Instead of chastising malaysiakini for its
april fool joke, the attorney-general should focus
more on his duties as an A.G.Sadly, in the last few
years, statistic will reveal that firearms cases have
reached an alarmingly high rate and this can be
attributed to the failure of the A.G to properly
address the problem.In the early 1970s when the
firearms act 1968 was tightened with the firearms
increased act 1971 , criminal elements was wary of
using firearms in the commission of their crimes
because the A.G then did not hesitate to use the
increased firearms act of 1971 which provided for a
mandatory death sentence for any one caught with a
Lately , we see a surge in criminal elements using
firearms for robbery, murder and hire killings because
the A.G department have been charging criminals under
the old firearms act 1968 which only provide for 5 to
20 years imprisonment.Criminals have taken full
advantage of the A.G laxity and have gone in droves
across a neighbouring country to purchase easily
available firearms.
Apparently, the grape vine is that hire killers
are available at a price and this simply reflect their
confidence that should they be caught it will only be
a few years behind bars because the A.G will only
charge them under the 1968 firearms act.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Our Extravagance will Bankrupt the Nation.

Our national leaders should exercise
restraint in using public funds for unnecessary
expenditure which will deplete our country's
coffers.Using public funds to build 10 units of
bungalows and a club house for State exco members at a
cost of $40 million is a sheer waste of money.It does
not make economic sense to save $1000 per month on
housing allowance for exco member by building bungalow
units that cost few millions.
Half a century after independence and with
all our country's wealth at our disposal, our
country's money reserve is practically empty and we
have to resort to borrow from other nations for our
developemental expenditure.Our national leaders must
ask themselves why we have come to this state of
finincial ruins when neighbouring countries like
Taiwan, Hong Kong and our closer neighbour Singapore
although devoid of any natural resources have
accumulated reserves far in excess of what we have.The
simple answer to this obvious question is our leaders
have failed to manage our natural resources with
prudence, accountabilty and integrity.Government
Projects that were undertaken by contractors with
close political connections were farmed out at
exorbitant cost and infrastrature and highways project
came with a guarantee for profits guaranteed by the
government.How can a country not suffer financially
when projects costing $100 million are given out for
$200million?While private coffers fill to the brim,
the country bleeds its way to financial bankruptcy.
Like the Bukit Cahaya Agricultural Park,
when there are no longer any more Prime land left for
greedy politicians to alienate for themselves, they
will look for Agriccultural Parks and Gazetted forest
reserve(sungai Buloh Forest Reserve) to alienate for
themselves and thier political cronies
Malaysians as a whole must now rise up to
the challenge and demand a more transparent and honest
government. If the government cannot meet our
expectation to that challenge then its time Malaysians
seek a change in that government.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Allow self certification by Professionals.

I wish to respond to the several viewpoint
articles that appear in Property times dated february
19th instant.
As a housing developer with 15 years
experience I would like to assure house buyers that
their fears of shoddy workmanship and fictitious
certification by professional engineers and architects
are totally unfounded.To imply that professionals
would compromise their reputation and risking their
rice bowl merely for the sake of expedient
certification is really going a bit too far.In fact ,
to the contrary,most of these professionals are more
conscious of their responsibilty that the local
authorities. In most local authorities, the people who
are given the task of certification are less qualified
than the professional engineers and architects.Not
only do we developers have to grease the palm of the
officers in the local authorities but the whole
process of approval is bogged down in bureacracy.
When approval is required from six or seven
local authorities one can imagine the inordinate delay
in obtaining the certification for the building.It is
through this bureacracy and time consuming delay in
obtaining approval for certification of building that
has contributed to the present state of affairs where
buyers complain of their inability to obtain
certificate of fitness.
For so long we have allowed local
authorities to issue certificate of fitness and sad to
say it has not work out satisfactorily. The
established system of CF issuance is simply not
working and has contributed to the present unnecessary
delay in the issuance of the certificate.It is not
realistic to expedite CF issuance if the procedure
involves going through six or seven departments for
approvals.When one department delay or sits on the
application the whole process remains bogged down.To
allow self-cerification by professional is to
streamline the procedure and at the same time create
an efficient mechanism for the issuance of CF.This
mechanism allows the professionals the freedom to
decide when to issue CF but this freedopm comes with
the added responsibilty of ensuring that certification
is only given when all necessary structures are built
in accordance with specifications and have complied
with building plans. It is time for us to move on and
try a different method.Surely, the new
self-certification method cannot be as bad as the
present one.Let us give the professional engineers and
architects the benfit of doubt and allow them the
opportunity to shoulder the responsibilty of issuing
the certificate of fitness.Let us not be too hasty in
condemning their ability even before giving them a

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

False P.R. Holders.

Now that the truth is out, we now know how
the chow kit Indonesians obtained their Malaysians
P.R.The Home Ministry estimate is there are about
300,000 P.R holders.The question that need to be asked
is how many among them are genuine P.R holders and how
many were bought from unscrupulous NRD
officials.Surely there would have to be an exercise by
the NRD dept to investigate and screen all those P.R
holders and weed out the fictitious ones.The Malaysian
taxi Association estimate that among 26,000 of its
members, 20% of them are Indonesians. It would be
interesting to find out how many of the 5,200 taxi
drivers of Indonesian P.R holders are genuine and how
many are false.
The next place where P.R holders seem to be
flourishing is in Sabah and Sarawak.The NRD officials
there seem to be very liberal in issuing P.R. Every
Indonesians you see on the street apppears to have a
P.R.Can the authorities make a check to see if there
is any hanky panky there too.

NRD officials Should Be Imprisoned For a Long Time.

The detention of NRD officials who were
involved in the sale of MyKad P.Rs under ISA is
certainly an inadequate punishment.Judging by the
number of Indonesians P.R who commit crimes here it is
quite apparent that the sale of Malaysian P.R have
been ongoing for along time.The calibre of the
Indonesian P.R holders seem to confirm that any one
who could afford to pay $25,000 to $30,000 could buy a
P.R.It seems a paradox that Malaysians married to
higly qualified expartriates cannot get a sniff of P.R
while Indonesians labourers and construction workers
were liberally getting P.Rs.
It is interesting to note that in their pursuit of
buying P.Rs, most Indonesians have resorted to crime
in order to come up with the money to buy P.Rs.This
indirectly have contributed to a rise in crimes
committed by Indonesian national.With this in mind it
would be correct to say that the unscrupulous
officials who sold the Mykad P.Rs to the Indonesians
were partly responsible for the surge in crimes .The
NRD officials should be hauled to court and put away
for along time. What they did in the words of our P.M
was unpardonable. Their imprisonment should be a
lesson to civil servants that they should not treat
their position as an opportunity to make a quick buck
even at the expense of selling our citizenship to

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Castrate Sex Offenders.

I would like to refer to the propose
amendments to the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure
Code presently being prepared by the Select
Committee.The proposed amendments to the CPC,
especially changes to section 376 by increasing the
jail terms for male sex offenders over 50 raised by 15
to 30 years is certainly not a good idea.
Increasing long prison term will tax the govt.
as more space will be required to put up the offenders
and this will correspondingly increase govt.
expenditure.Further, more prisons may have to be built
to accomodate the longer period of time to be served
in prison.
A better alternative and a win-win situation
is to introduce castration of sex offenders.. That
way, an offender , after castration can be freed
immediately and return to society without serving
prison term.Such an alternative would mean an offender
would gain his freedom albeit less his manhood and the
govt would not have the burden of looking after him
for 30yrs of his incarceration.
If the govt is worried about the moral issue
of castration then perhaps the choice would be given
to sex offenders.Either they undergo castration and
get immediate freedom or spend 30 yrs in
prison.However, this choice should only be given to
first time offenders. For repeat offenders the law
should be mandatory castration.

Executions of Criminals Should be Made Public.

I disagree with the notion that stiffer
penalties should be imposed to curb rising crime
rates.(Nst. 31st jan. 2005.)Criminals are mostly
uneducated and they do not study the latest law before
committing a crime.So its pointless to increase
stiffer penalties if they are unaware of it.
I think our Penal system should take a closer
look at Saudi Arabia and China.In Saudi Arabia, public
executions are a common thing and usually done after
friday prayers so that it will be shown to a wider
audience.In China, public executions of criminals are
carried out with a single bullet to the head and in a
public domain.That way would-be criminals would be
deterred as they can witness the consequences of their
action.With a population of 1.3 billion people, this
have to be an effective deterrent. Otherwise , China
would be in anachy.
What is the point of carrying out executions
behind close and secluded prisons where potential
criminals cannot witness the executions?It really
serve no purpose as a form of deterent.Criminals will
only be deterred if they are exposed to the executions
of other criminals.
Many people may consider it as barbaric and
uncivilise to have public executions but what about
the action of the criminals who rape, kill and murder
another person?Surely they are just as barbaric.The
only way to curb the rising crime rate is to have
public executions so that criminals are exposed to the
type of punishment they can expect if they commit a

Friday, January 28, 2005

Malaysians can commit crimes in Thailand without fear of extradiction.

Our government seems to be fond of shooting itself
on the foot.The latest incident involves the Thai man
with malaysian citizenship.Now what business do we
have against this man to be put under our ISA? He is
accused by the Thai authorities of militant activities
in Thailand and like a good neighbour we should just
hand that person to face justice in Thailand.So why is
our govt. putting him under ISA?If the purpose of his
detention is to prevent him from been given to
Thailand to face trial for his militant activities
then the govt is certainly sending the wrong signal to
such people.Does it mean it is alright to commit a
crime in Thailand and escape punishment because of the
absence of an extradiction treaty?
Our Minister, Syed hamid Albar have
taken great pains to antoganise our Thai neighbours by
his intransigent stand in not granting extradiciton of
the militant man with malaysian credentials thus
confirming their earlier accusations that we are in
cahoot with the Thai separatists movement.Frankly , I
cannot understand why our govt is putting such a
stand. Surely if the the man is guilty of perpetuating
treasonable activities in Thailand it is certainly our
duty to ensure that justice prevail by handing the
person over to face trial.By not doing so it certainly

seems to indicate that we condone his criminal acts in

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Terrorists, Rapists and Robbers will have first preference for Malaysian citizenship.

It seems the immigration department are giving out
malaysian citizenship to alot of undesirable
candidates.First it was an indonesian with Malaysian
P.R who was convicted of raping his step daughter,
then it was an Indonesian with malaysian citizenship
caught robbing some people in Johore.Then we have
terrorist Hambali given malaysian citizenship. Now we
have a militant from Thailand with a malaysian
citizenship.Kudos to the Minister who is doing a great
job giving out our citizenship. Keep up the good
work.You are doing just fine.Meanwhile all those
qualified professionals who happen to be married to
malaysians and who have been waiting for umpteen years
please be patient.At the moment you are not qualified
yet.The ministry guideline is to give preference to
terrorists, rapists and robbers. If you belong to one
of the above category we can expedite your
By the way , if you are an Indonesian and of Muslim
religion we will even fast track your application