Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Deport Bourdon?

Why was French civil rights lawyer Bourdon deported from Malaysia on the eve of giving a talk in support of fund raising at Petaling Jaya.?Bourdon was the civil rights lawyer acting on behalf of Suaram which had pursued the 'scorpene submarine ' case in the French court.
The only plausible reason for any one to draw a conclusion is that Najib and the govt had something to hide from public eyes. If Bourdon had uttered any defamatory words that are not true then there are adequate laws to prevent him from doing so. There is no neede to use draconian laws and high handed action of deporting Bourdon in a dramatic fashion .In the Penang fund raising function , Bourdon had only raised and mentioned issues that was already in the public domain. So why did Najib and Hishammuddin, the Home Minister pressed the panic button by deporting Bourdon?

The forthcoming hearing of the scorpene submarine case in the French court should provide an interesting insight as to the receipient of further commissions being paid to a mysterious person.A commission that far surpassed the earlier two commissions.That should prove interesting revealation for the Malaysian public.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Govt's illegal Act should be Documented

The current govt has abandoned the rule of Law and instead has implemented rules in accordance with their whims and fancy.How can they declare an assembly provided in the constituition as illegal?Their paranoid behaviour has even extended to the ridiculous pronoucement that wearing yellow shirts and campaigning for the people to attend the assembly is illegal.

Malaysians across all political divide must come to the realization that B.N's time is up. We cannot allow a govt that continue to abuse the process of law to remain in power for another term because that would prove fatal for our future generation. Let all Malaysians unite in the same resolve to change this govt by the use of ballot in the next General Election. Every vote that is cast to change the govt will be an enduring legacy for our future genearion.

Bersih's Peaceful assembly for Electoral Reforms.

The constituition provides for peaceful assembly. Then why is the govt so paranoid about the 9th July peaceful demonstration in support of electoral reforms?The answer can be found in the last Bersih's assembly clamouring for electoral reforms. After nearly two years the Election Commission has done little or nothing to the demands of Bersih for electoral reforms.The last Bersih's assmbly attracted about 50,000 demonstrators and they were repulsed by water canons by the police.The net effect of the brutal reaction by the police translated in votes for the opposition.And in the march 2008 election, B.N lost 5 states to the opposition and two thirds majority in parliament.

Fast forward, 2011, Bersih has again decided to take their cause to the street amidst the Home Minister declaring the proposed assembly as illegal.Using draconian laws which is contrary to the provisions of the constituition will not deter civic minded people from seeking peaceful recourse for changes which will ensure a democratic election of a govt that is voted by the people.Leaders who seek to hold on to power using public instituition to deny the people of their rights will find that history is not on their side.Recent upheavels in the countries of Tunesia, Bahrain, Libya,Egypt and Yemen will bear testimony to the fate of those despotic rulers.Some may continue to cling on to their seats of power by employing ruthless and draconian measures to suppress and deny the people their unalienable rights to a govt that is elected by the people .

The govt of Malaysia should take heed to what has transpired in the middle eastern countries and should listen to the cries of the people to implement transparent reforms in the various flaws perpetuated by the Election commission. Preventing ordinary rakyats from attending an assembly to express their dissatisfaction in the manner in which the Election Commission has performed its role is certainly not the receipe for reforms in the electoral process.