Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Breeding Ground of Racism.

The cow head demonstration by the Shah Alam Section 23 residents clearly showed how far race relations have "progressed" after 52 years of independence.

No thanks to our former Prime Minister whose 22-year reign saw racial extremism rearing its ugly head in many of the institutions he created.

The Biro Tata Negara (BTN) was just one of them.

In Mara colleges and UITM institutions of higher learning, he made it exclusive only to the Malays and most, if not all, graduated without having any contact with non-Malays.

It was perhaps in these so-called exclusive Malay institutions that fertile minds are poisoned with racial bigotry and hatred.

What was spewed during the month of Ramadan on that day was not only seditious but the brutal act of stomping repeatedly on the severed head of the cow was so despicable.

What we saw could only have been performed by savages. Yes, our country is now reaping what we sowed.

Our leaders have sowed the seeds of racial hatred in order to perpetuate their hold on power and in doing so they have succeeded in poisoning the minds of our young.

In merely one generation, we have successfully created a hostile Malay race so intolerant of other races and their religions.

The cow head demonstration and the vitriolic speeches merely confirms the underlying venom that is festering in the Malay psyche that has been poisoned by the government.

Even as the prime minister preached the need to tear down walls that divide the races, his party controlled media, Utusan Malaysia, was spewing racial rhetoric to raise the anger of the Malays against the non-Malays.

There are still good intelligent Malays who could see the hypocrisy of Umno. And many of them have spoken vociferously against the cow head demonstration which was not only against the tenets of the Quran but to do the act in the holy month of Ramadan was just simply disrespectful to the religion of Islam.

Islam forbids Muslims to be disrespectful to other religions lest non-Malays retaliate and it was un-Islamic to desecrate the carcass of dead or living animals.

What is shocking is the home minister's defence of the perpetrators' actions. According to the incompetent minister, the perpetrators were blameless and somewhat justified in their act even though they had acted seditiously and incited racial hatred.

Law abiding citizens across every racial divide can now see how the laws are administered by the BN government controlled by Umno.

One begins to wonder whether the whole episode was indeed orchestrated by Umno on the behest of the PM in order to destabilise the Selangor state and bring an end to the Pakatan rule in Selangor.

Monday, September 07, 2009

PKR leadership must enforce discipline

Party PKR is currently in turmoil.Its members especially the elected representative are flaunting their position as if they had won their seats on their own merit.Some are even courting B.N to pay them a king ransom so they can switch allegiance.The latest now is in Kedah where the Lunas state Assembly person,Mohd Radzhi Salleh has declared he has left the party and is now an independent. Hardly has the simmering rumour that the Pelahburuhan Kelang Assemblyman, Badrul Hisham Abdullah is planning to jump ship we now have another maverick PKR politician flexing his muscle.

When are we going to see some discipline from the PKR leadership.? I blame all this insurbordination on the inabilty of the PKR leadership to reign in those loose cnnons who are actually testing the resolve of PKR leadership to discipline them. Sadly, PKR leadership has failed abysmally. They allowed Zulkefli Nordin a free reign to run riot and now they are paying for the price of other State assemblymen to similarly flex their muscle. Without discipline, PKR is a party in disaaray. There is no unity of purpose and every assemblyman seems to exercise their own vision of how the party should pander to their individual whims and fancy.PKR and the other Pakatan members can only expect support from the people if they can have a cohesive coalition that can govern the country better than what the B.N can do. Otherwise maybe it would be better for the people to put our faith in some other party that can provide a better alternative.