Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mistake To Suspend sarawak tribunal

Our cabinet ministers have made the wrong decision in suspending the licence of the Sarawak Tribunal.The cabinet in taking such a drastic step fail to consider the plight of the 300 workers of the paper.If each worker has 3 dependents this means about 900 people will be affected by the decision to suspend the paper.It is liken to using the hammer to kill an ant.The appropriate punishment would be for those responsible to resign and that should have been the end of the matter.To punish the whole group of people for the mistake of probably one person is too extreme.Can the cabinet ministers tell the children of those dependents whose father or mother had to stop work and cannot bring food to the table because of what the govt did?It is a shame really that the real victims are the innocent workers.Frankly , our ministers just dont seem capable of even making a simple decision without making the whole issue into a mountain from a mole hill.