Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I refer to Malaysiakini's article by Manjit Bhatia 'PKR's only policy is 'MAD' '.

Like most political pundits we have, sadly most of them including this writer does not know what is actually happening on the ground. As a result alot of garbage like this article is printed and dessiminated. To say that PKR is listing and and perhaps by implication that it is about to sink is exagerating the truth. PKR is as strong as never before. At the moment it is merely cleansing the party of those who joined to obtain power and position. After this cleansing period PKR will be stronger than ever before. Every Malaysians with abit of intelligence can see that Malaysia is on its way to destruction if we allow the present govt to remain in power.In fact it will be sheer madness to even allow it to continue for another term. The writer of this article doesnt seem to comprehend the dire consequences Malaysians are facing and to say that majority have abandoned PKR to go back to the devil is purely a figment of the writer's imagination without an iota of truth.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Look in the mirror before taking swipes, Najib

I refer to the article where Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak called Pakatan coalition as being 'anti -national'.

It must come as a shock to those that support Pakatan Rakyat that the PM should construe those aligned to the opposition as 'evil' and 'traitors' to the nation.

Is he to implying that BN is the only legitimate party in this nation?

Let us not forget that BN has governed this nation for 53 years.

Instead of forging closer relations between various races, the present government of BN has caused the nation's races to be more divided than ever.

BN has compromised all our parliamentary institutions to the extent they are no longer competent, transparent and independent.

Najib criticised the PKR electoral voting system by saying that it is flawed. Before saying this, Najib should be aware that his election as the Umno president and subsequently as the PM of this country, was the result of an election executed by 2,000 class F contractors.

He therefore cannot bask in his own glory that his election was done in a perfect and transparent manner.

He later went on to criticise PKR for practising nepotism. He should be circumspect on criticising PKR on this. Did he win the Pekan parliamentary seat on his own ability or was it due to his father's influence? What about his cousin Hishammuddin? Did he not win because of his father's position as a former PM?

Both of them would not be what they are today if not because of nepotism. To date, neither has shown any exemplary qualities to merit being in the position they are in. Based on merit, there are countless other candidates who more worthy than them.

So please be grateful rather than pointing fingers at others.

Najib seems to imply that only BN has the legitimate right claim to Putrajaya, and that all others who aspire to Putrajaya are evil and anti-national.

But he should not forget that it is not his own decision that will determine his reign in Putrajaya.

Only the ones who are given mandate by the people will be given the legitimacy to Putrajaya, and the people will only vote after gauging the performance of these politicians.

His words echo that of a person, and an administration that is desperate to cling to power at all costs.