Monday, April 26, 2010

Najib: Swing in support of B.N

According to Najib the Hulu Selangor win was indicative of a swing in support of B.N. Despite the overwhelming heavy weights from the B.N arsenal headed first by the DPM and later by Najib himself the final poll of a majority win of 1725 is hardly any indication of a swing in support of B.N. One must remember that this has always been a B.N stronghold and in every election with the exception of the 2008 General election B.N had always won with a handsome majority. And now with the full force of B.N concentration of just the Hulu Selangor electorate, a win of merely 1725 votes is a forceful reminder that the days of B.N's rule is coming to an end.

The B.N govt had used every conceivable bait to lure the voters in Hulu Selangor. The long outstanding issue of felda land settlement was immediately resolved with cash distribution and chinese schools were immediately given on the spot grant of $3 million for their schools.

The prevalent use of money politics was so pervasive in this election that Dauk Zaid Ibrahim was moved to comment that it was the dirtiest election ever held in Malaysia.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hee the 'frog' rewarded with a Datukship.

It seems monetary reward for the ex-DAP assemblywoman of Perak is not enough. Now the perak sultan has bestowed the 'frog' with a datukship title.What has Hee achieved to deserve the honour of the title? From memory the only infamous act she did was to betray the mandate given to her by her own constituency and by latest account she has not even dare to step there for fear of being harm.

Once upon a time datukship was only given to deserving people who rendered invaluable service to the state or nation and certainly not for betraying the trust of the people.What kind of message is the perak royalty sending to potential receipient? That they will be rewarded for being a 'frog'?

Another turncoat defects to UMNO

PKR almost made a big blunder by selecting PKR Division treasurer Dr Halili Rahmat as the candidate to contest the Hulu selangor parliamentary seat.One can easily see the ramification of Dr. Halili being selected and consequently winning the by-election on a PKR ticket.If he can leave PKR and join UMNO just because he was not selected to be the candidate what more if he was elected and for some frivolous reasons he could similarly hopped over to UMNO under the most silly pretext.

Once again, we witness the true motives of some PKR members who joined the party to only fight for their own personal cause and not to fight for the party's cause.Not only were they not satisfied to merely leave the party but they were so vindictive to the extent of causing maximum harm to the PKR's chance of winning the bye-election by declaring their support for UMNO.

It certainly augurs well for PKR that it has now seen the true colour of Dr. Halili who was given not once but two opportunities to contest as a candidate for PKR in the 2004 and 2008 elections and who on both ocassions lost to the B.N candidates.It was in a way poetic justice that he did not win any of the seats he contested or he would have been also one of the 'frogs' who would have jumped to the B.N fold.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

B.N attack Zaid for not being 'local boy'

Why is B.N emphasizing on Zaid being not a 'local boy' and therefore not a suitable candidate.? Are B.N so bereft of issues that they can resort to such parochialism? Is this such a necessary criteria for a person to reside in that area before he can serve his constituency properly?Not in the case of Parliamentarians.A good member of Parliament is able to articulate in Parliament vital national issues and certainly not issues only confine to his own constituent.

Lim Guan Eng is not from Penang but having being elected in a penang Constituency and subsequently being made Chief minister of Penang has now in two years transformed the financial status of this island which have been suffering perpetual losses under the B.N and Gerakan administration.

So voters should not pay any heed to criticisms that zaid is not a 'local boy' and therefore not a suitable candidate.What is of paramount importance is the calibre of the candidate that is being elected to parliament.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim, the right choice.

At last, PKR are now more careful in selecting their candidate for the seat they are contesting at Hulu Selangor.PKR should by now learn a bitter lesson in their choice of rebellious candidates like, Zul Nordin,Zaharin, Tan Choo Beng and Wee Choo keong.Hopefully when the next election comes, we will see the last of these candidates who seemed to thrive on the arrogant belief that they were elected on the strength of their character and now on the strength of being a PKR member.

There is no dispute in the PKR camp that Zaid is the most suitable person to contest for PKR in Hulu selangor.Most malays and non -malays will defintely support this principle politician who choosed to resign as Minister rather than compromise on his beliefs and principles.

Malaysia needs person of his calibre and voters in Hulu Selangor must seize this opportunity to elect him to parliament so that our future can change for the better.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Whose Fault is it that the nation's wealth is in the hands of the non-malays?

According to the Deputy Prime minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin,' current records show that a large portion of the nation'swealth is in the hands of the non-malays'.

So whose fault is it?After 52 years of NEP and affirmative action, the non malays still managed to own a large portion of the nation's wealth. If $54 billion worth of shares were given to Bumiputras and that figure subsequently dwindle to $2 billion today. who should we put the blame on? Perhaps Perkasa Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir would love to blame the non-malays for their inabilty to cling to the $52 billion worth of shares.

Muhyiddin has suggested that the data on wealth distribution would be updated. But what affirmative action has the DPM has in mind if the data confirms that the wealth is mostly in non-malay hands.? By his revelation of the data that the wealth is indeed in non malay hands will that means that it is now justifiable for the govt to continue plying the bumis with affirmative action till they manage to retain 30% share of the economic pie?And what if they again fail to retain the 30% share and later fall back to their comfort zone of 18% share? Do we repeat the same policy over and over again till bysome miracle the 30% is finally achieved and retained by the bumis?

For the last 52 years UMNO was the leader in the B.N coalition. The Prime Minister and all the important porfolios were from UMNO. Petronas, and all state GLCs are controlled and managed by bumis. The Judiciary , the state and federal civil servants are mainly occupied by malays. Until the last 2008 general elections all the state Menteri Besar and Chief Ministers with the exception of Kelantan came from UMNO and B.N.

What this literary means is that UMNO controlled the state and federal govt and had overall control over the nation's resources and policy. So how could Ibrahim Ali and mahathir blamed the non-malays for their predicament in not being able to retain their share of the country's wealth?

If we were to apportion blame then it should rightly be fingered at the leaders from UMNO and certainly not the non-malays who had no control or influence in the distribution of the nation's wealth.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

PUTRAJAYA: Local Election will cause Racial imbalances.

It is to be expected when urban local elections takes place in an area populated by mainly chinese, those elected will of course come from that same community.And the same token applies to malay populated areas, whereby those election that take place there will be occupied by the malays. By this simple logic inevitably there will be racial imbalances because by virtue of its racial demograhy, the majority of the councillors elected will be from the majority of the race residing in that area.

However , with the present practice of appointing political appointees, most of those selected are also of one race and the sad part is that most if not all of them lack even the basic qualification to preside as councillors. Therefore the tendency of those elected Presidents and councillors is to partake in extravagant projects with no use to the municipality. Some even organise oversea trips under the guise of study tours and tax payers money is wastefully spent on such dubious expenditure.

Without local election , the present system of appointing local councillors have also created racial imbalances so this should not be an excuse to deny local elections to the the people.

UMNO cannot wrest Selangor alone.

At least UMNO has now come to the realisation that it is dependent on other B.N parties like MCA and MIC to help it regain Selangor. But this realisation must come with the admission that for the last 50 years it had administered Selangor, UMNO had ride rough shod over its B.N partners.

All state GLC are helmed by one race, state contracts are farmed to UMNO cronies, State civil servants employ only one race,majority of municipal councillors are occupied mostly by UMNO members. And of course to shut MCA and MIC mouths, some crumbs are thrown to appease MCA and MIC lackeys.

Based on B.N's past record of administering the state of Selangor, most likely it will be another 30 years before B.N will be able to wrest over Selangor from Pakatan and that if the Pakatan coalition make a mess of their tenure.

The last M.B of selangor, Mohd Toyo has left a tainted legacy of his administration and his abuse of state funds for his oversea trips and the revelation of his $24 million luxury mansion has all cast serious aspersion as to B.N's ability to govern in the rakyats interest.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Royal hospital Project

Why was the contract of the Shah Alam Hospital given to a sister of the Sel;angor Sultan? The $482 million contract was given to her company, Sunshine Fleet under the guise of a negotiated tender.

In other words it was a contract with a bloated price. Had there been an open tender the price would have been half of what it was given.
If that is not rent seeking than can somebody please tell me what it is?

Most likely some UMNO boys will also benefit from the project by been given the sub-contract and who after taking a cut would have again sub-contracted it to a chinaman company who would than do the work. But in most cases by the time the project reaches the chinaman , most of the profit would have been skimmed off and if the project is no longer profitable most likely it will be abandoned.

And to rescue the project, the govt will have to call for another tender or another round of negotiated tender and the whole vicious cycle of bleeding the nation's coffers is repeated.

I am a Malay First..........

Our Deputy Prime Minister has stated quite plainly that he is a malay first and a Malaysian second.

That statement will certainly now open a pandora box because from now chinese will be chinese first and indians will be indians first.That basically sums up our pride and love of our nation. Maybe to avoid any confusion it would be easier for us to just classify ourselves as malays, indians and chinese rather than say we are malaysians second.