Thursday, November 20, 2008

Najib:Razak Baginda is not involved.

The whole picture in the Altantuya saga would be more complete if Najib, the DPM should now come out and state irrevocably that Razak Baginda was not at all involved in the murder of the mongolian model.Yes, then it would be a classic case of you scratch my back and I scratch yours.Razak must be naive to think that people is going to believe his self confessed version of events when so many unresolve issues remained unresolved.

Hello, what happened to the Statutory Declaration of private Investigator, Balasubramanian, who in his first S.D made an unequivocal statement that Najib was acquainted with the murdered model and that their relationship was more than plutonic.Not only was it more than plutonic, their sexual tryst was luridly described in detail.And just as quickly as the first S.D appeared a second S.D was hastily authored by the private investigator to dismiss the first S.D on the grounds that it was made under duress.It was never made clear where that duress originated from.And after having made the second S.D to deny the authencity of the first S.D he made a disappearing act worthy of David Copperfield .And till today, the David copperfield protege has simply vanished without trace and the police acting with indifference over the two contradictory S.D's which would have thrown the Altantuya case wide open.

And what about blogger Raja Petra Kamarrudin's Statutory Declaration linking the wife of Najib to be present at the murder scene ?These three S.Ds should have been compelling evidence to implicate the personalities mentioned in the S.Ds and yet for some mysterious reasons were never exhaustively investigated by the police and pursued by the public prosecutor.

And the most shocking turn of events was the acquittal of Razak Baginda , the central figure in the murder case , without his defence being called.The acquittal has made the case virtually 'floating' with two protagonists involved in a murder without any motives or connection whatsoever .And quite expectantly, the prosecutor did not even attempt to appeal the decision of the acquittal with the lame excuse that the Judge made a finding of fact that according to them was indisputable.

Without further investigation of the role of the DPM and the subsequent acquittal of Razak Baginda in the Altantuya murder case, the whole case crumble for want of a motive by the two body guards of the DPM who had no rhyme or reason to execute the murder of the Mongolian beauty.

An even in the unlikely event that both the body guards were to be convicted for the murder of the mongolian woman, there is every likelihood that both will not serve any prison term.Has any one ever wondered why the identity of the two police personal has been zealously guarded to the extent that there is no media publication of photos of the two men?And is it not possible that even after conviction the two men could be surreptiously released without the knowledge of any one other than those who had planned to protect the identity of the two men?

The Altantuya murder case becomes even more perplexing when two men who are strangers to the murder victim are being charged with a violent crime that was designed to totally obliterate any evidence and trace of the Mongolian woman.And why would any one attempt to eradicate immigration records of the mongolian entry into the country?All these purported act to manipulate evidence lend further credence that unseen hands and unseen actors play a crucial role in the murder of the mongolian beauty.

It is a farcical attempt for the court to try and convict two men who at best would be scapegoats for the real perpetrators.

Friday, November 07, 2008

P.M's "Anyone can Be P.M' is an outright lie.

Our Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi never ceases to amaze me. Even in the last leg of his tenure, he is still telling lies which any one listening to would know is an outright lie.
His recent statement that ‘anyone can be prime minister' in Malaysia really tops the mother of all his lies.

How could anyone from a minority race - either an Indian, Chinese, Iban or Kadazan etc, - be accepted as a PM when the simple appointment of a Chinese woman to be the acting general manager of PKNS could create such a ruckus?

Where was our PM when the hue and cry over that appointment took place? Not even a whimper from him and yet he has the gall to tell his audience that 'anyone can be PM’.

What about in Perak after the recent general election when DAP won the majority of the state seats?
Instead of a Chinese assembly person from the major winning party being given the Menteri Besar’s post (which by convention should have gone to the party winning the most seats) it was instead given to Malay assembly person whose party only won a few seats.

Malaysia has a long way to go before it can emulate what Barack Obama has achieved in America.

Umno and our present Malay leaders are too deeply entrenched in their Ketuanan Melayu policy that it is unlikely they will ever discard this race-based ideology that has served them so well for the last 50 years.

Even the mere mention of the weaknesses of this policy has brought the wrath of the Umno leadership on the erstwhile former law minister Zaid Ibrahim.
What more if there is any concerted attempt to abandon this policy in favour of one that does not discriminate against race, colour , creed or religion?

Americans have the shown to the world that they have moved beyond politics based on race and that even a miniority race member can become the president of the world's most powerful nation .

Unfortunately, in Malaysia we are still mired in racial and religious bigotry. Instead of uniting the various races with a multi-racial policy, they have instead embraced a divide-and-rule policy.
This is a policy which emphasises the bumiputera and non-bumiputera dichotomy. And after 50 years of BN rule, our nation has never been more vulnerable.