Friday, July 27, 2012

Time To Change Our Govt.

Everything this govt does now is merely an attempt to secure another term of office..That is totally contrary to the principle that a govt's duty is to provide good governance not doling out money in order to buy votes from the rakyat. The irony of it all is that Najib himself said that a good govt should not be doling out goodies and promises and yet for the past year he has been precisely doing that. That gesture of Najib has certainly not lost on the urban intelligentsia who has been quick to comment that this only once again reveal Najib's hypocritical character. Saying one thing and doing exactly the opposite.

The country is facing an unprecedented financial catastrophy with its borrowing reaching a critical level of 49.8% when the maximum allowed under the constituition is only 50% of GDP. And amidst such a gloomy scenario the country's Deputy Finance Minister can give an assurance that everything is hunky dory and fine.

Such is the dire straits our country is facing and if the situation is not reversed the only realistic possibility would be another Greece debacle. Malaysians of all creed , race and religion must awake from their 54 years of slumber and change this govt which no longer can reform itself.Otherwise this country is doomed.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Mahathir's worst nighmare.

For a long time since Annuar was dethroned as the Deputy Prime Minister, Mahathir has not ceased to unrelentlessly attack his former deputy. At every turn and at every opportunity he made sacarstic swipe at Annuar.And to Annuar's credit , he did not response in kind but did make a remark that the old man should retire gracefully.That perhaps was his only polite response.
Annuar could have poured scorned at Mahathir for his legacy of leaving behind failed and corrupt instituitions but he didnt. He could have exposed his dubious deals to enrich his cronies and sons but he didnt. Even if he did mentioned vaguely it was only done in whispers but never in vocal condemnation..
 Mahathir has  alot to answer for. His frequent retort and rehetorical speech was to help the benign malay populace but the reality of his deed proved that he was more concerned in enriching his family and cronies.
What perhaps will remain a mystery is whether Mahathir will  be made to pay for his past deeds should Annuar ascend to Putrajaya. Mahathir's perception and fear is that Annuar will launched a full scale investigation into his 22 years of corrupt practice which culminated in many dubious deals that enriched his children and cronies. Many of those deals were done in blatant and total disregard to the principles of good governanace. Annuar's ascendancy to be the next Prime Minister would therefore be Mahathir's worst nightmare. A nightmare that has haunted him since 2008  when Annuar at the helm of Pakatan took five states in the last General election.