Saturday, October 29, 2005

Proton Cars In Malaysia Not fitted with air bags.

Our govt,principally our former Prime
Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir, must bear full
responsibilty for the many deaths caused and
contributed by the inferior Proton cars that are
virtually forced upon unsuspecting malaysian
buyers.Because of the National Automative Policy which
made the price of foreign made cars almost prohibitive
for the average malaysian buyers, the average
Malaysians are left with no choice but to buy the
cheaper version of the local produced Proton cars
which are devoid of safety features such as air bags
and ABS brakes.
It is an established fact that cars fitted with
air bags have statistically saved lives in the event
of accident and yet Proton assemblers for reason of
cost had deliberately not fitted such safety device in
Proton assembled cars in Malaysia.And yet one
significant irony remains .Malaysian cars exported to
U.K were all fitted with air bags.By this act our govt
have deemed fit to derogate the lives of Malaysian as
insignificant and valueless compared to foreign user
of Proton cars.
The grave yards in Malaysia are littered with
the lives of Malaysians whose lives could have been
saved had our govt abandoned its protectionist policy
and allowed Malaysians the opportunity to buy foreign
cars that are fitted with the latest safety devices.
As long as this policy continue the lives of
those lost driving Proton cars shall continue to be on
the conscience of our govt.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ACA must do Its Job without fear or Favour.

The ACA appears to be super efficient in
investigating the alleged misappropriation of the
$150,000 from the St John's school's fund but seems to
be dragging its feet in the DBKL tender of the Masjid
India hawkers lot.Why is it so difficult to ascertain
whether proper procedures were adopted in the tender
exercise for the hawkers lot.?And if it was done in a
transparent manner how could they explain why majority
of the lots ended in VIP hands. Maybe DBKL can
explain how several of these lots could possibly fall
into the IGP sons hands if the tender exercise were
The speed with which ACA investigated the St
John misappropriation case and the reluctance it
proceeded with the Masjid India case confirms public
suspicion that ACA are slow to act where the felony
involves politicians.In the former case where only
school teachers are involve it is presumably safe to
investigate without fear or favour because of the
absence of any political backlash.In the case of the
DBKL, the ACA have to tip toe their way around the
political bigwits, fearing it might step on some
political bigshots.Hence very likely nothing will come
out of the DBKL investigation as a cover-up is most

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Indians Can Change Their Destiny.

I fail to agree with Samy Vellu's assertion
that the 3% equity for the Indians had been on the
national agenda for a long time and that nothing had
been planned and implemented for the community.The
failure to reach that equity level lies not with the
govt but with the MIC leader which Samy leads.
The dilemma facing the marginalised indian
community will continue as long as they are led by the
current MIC leaders.For 25 years the indian community
have been led by these leaders and in many ways the
trust bestowed to them have been repeatedly betrayed.
The pitiful and marginalised position the
Indian community are enduring would not have occurred
had their leaders placed community above self, service
and sacrifice above greed.
Partly to blame for this current dilemma are
the Indian community generally and the MIC members
specifically.Like the proverbial sheep been led to the
slaughter house, they had faithfully placed their
trust to these same leaders who had deemed fit to
plunder the wealth meant for the poor and destitute in
the Indian community.
During Dr. Mahathir's reign, a man not known
for his generosity, a few million Tenaga Nasional Bhd
newly Public listed shares were allocated to Maika,
the investment arm of MIC.The shares ostensibly for
Maika would indirectly benefit the many rural Indians
in estates and other low category jobs if equity in
the form of unit trust shares were taken up by the
community.MIC members went on a frantic campaign to
encourage the poor Indians from the rural areas to
Invest in Maika for a slice of the economic cake.It
was like manna from heaven and the poor uneducated
Indians got the bait together with the hook line and
sinker.They ploughed their hard earned savings meant
for their children's education in Maika shares with a
promise of a return many fold their original
investment.The TNB shares never reached
Maika.Somewhere along the way to Maika the TNB shares
were hijacked to another entity.
Subsequently ,Maika shares went into a tail-
spin and wiped off millions from its value.The
hard-earned savings of thousand of poor Indian
investors were left clinging to the valueless Maika
shares.The extent and untold hardship and misery this
episode had on the Indian community can never be
measured in monetary terms.In many poor Indian
households, the dreams and aspirations of young
ambitious children were destroyed forever.Today, we
see jobless, uneducated Indians whose only option is
to turn to a life of crime in order to survive.The
govt. has not opened its door in the civil service for
them and the private sector will continue to remain
elusive for the unqualified.
The plight and fate of the Indian community
will continue to remain bleak and diminish if it
places its faith in the same MIC leaders which had
hoodwinked them for the last 20 years.They have no one
else to blame but themselves if they persists in
choosing the same faces in the MIC leadership which
have brought them nothing but despair and
despondency.Through the present MIC leadership, the
Indians are now a marginalised community. Only the
Indian community can make a change for the better,
failing which they will have to endure another 20
years of destitution.