Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Najib dont want Local Govt Elections.

All local councils if not most of it are located in urban areas.And most urban areas are populated by chinese. If elections were to be held all local councils would be taken over by the urban chinese. The only exception would be in Trengganu and Kelantan and even these two states may see majority of them being presided by the chinese.Najib and his UMNO members know this and there fore are not supportive of local elections.

At the moment most B.N local councils are UMNO appointees and the councillors position have alot of invisible perks. Council money in most cases are lavishly spent on wasteful projects which are fronts to make some fast bucks.Some even spent council money on oversea trips under the guise of study tours.In all local councils most of its members especially the President Post are occupied by only one race.

The problem with appointing some one not accustom to living in an urban area is the lack of understanding as to priororise what urban environment demands. Cleanliness, efficient clearance of gabbage, clean drainage system, well lit street ,availabilty of parking in town centres and ensuring hygenic eateries are some of the mandatory duties of a local council.

Unfortunately, most present council members are political appointees and they are not well verse in what they are suppose to do. They are only there for the perks. Thus we see alot of inefficiency in local councils and removing these deadwoods is not an easy task since it has to be a political decision.

The benefits of local council election will ensure that people are appointed based on merit and their capabilities. Since they are elected if they dont perform then most likely they will be voted out in the next election. Based on past experience , the people elected are mostly professionals who lived in that area and who wish to contribute their expertise in the area where they live.Therefore its a good thing because they have a stake in improving their own neighbourhood.

So what is wrong if the local councils are being managed by the urban chinese? They lived in that area and whatever decision they make affects them. Therefore let them manage their own urban area. Why should they be managed by a malay appointees who are not familiar in an urban environment. Its akin to appointing a chinese urban man to be the village head of a malay kampong.