Friday, March 29, 2013

Demise of MCA and MIC for B.N to Lose

The unkindest cut that Chua soi Lek experienced beside the porno video revelation is to find that former MCA President Ong Tee kiat will be once again fielded for the Pandan Parliamentary constituency which he won in the 2008 election. It would not have been embarrassing for him had he not on his own accord earlier announced that Ong would not be fielded in the coming election. To publicly announced that Ong would not be fielded and then later found to be over ruled by the P.M was tantamount to a big slap in the face of the MCA President.

His dignity at least would have remained intact if he had the hindside to know of his limited powers in the B,N hierachy. Najib had already made it clear from the onset that his strategy was to field winnable candidate and for Ong to survive the tsunami of 2008 , that was a clear indication that he would be fielded. Despite this obvious decision by the P.M , Chua foolishly wanted to preempt the decision by announcing unilaterally and obviously without consultation with the P.M that Ong would not be fielded. The obvious fear of Chua is that if Ong was fielded and he had won while Chua himself had lost then that would paved the way for Ong's return to the MCA mantle. Hence it would not be too far fetch to assume that Chua's intent was to kill off Ong's comeback by not making him a candidate

This unsavoury episode for Chua clearly is writing on the wall that Chua and his band of MCA adherents are on their last leg of MCA survival. After 50 years of MCA and UMNO's cooperation, one thing remains evident. It has always being an unequal partnership where UMNO virtually call all the shots while MCA and MIC are obedient servants that are at UMNO's beck and call.

The polical tsunami of 2008 should have been a wake up call for MCA and a more intelligent leader would have seek reforms to transform the old party concepts and strategy. But like the old saying a leopard cannot change its spot. Instead of flowing with the tide against corruption ,racism and religious fanaticsm, Chua and his band of MCA men continued to harp on PAS islamic agenda. At the same time they were totally blind to the corrupt and wanton waste of public funds by the govt dishing inflated contracts to their merry band of cronies and families.

The chinese have by now come to the realization that this nation cannot continue on this path of governance . For this nation to survive and prosper there must be a change of govt and leadership. The old govt cannot reform neither can it transform. It has been too familiar and comfortable with their old ways of doing things that it is unlikely they will change All chinese and hopefully the indians will follow suit to effect this change. The first step towards this change is to ensure the demise of MCA and MIC and all its component parties. For every vote that is cast for MCA and MIC candidates is a vote cast for UMNO. And for UMNO to lose MCA and MIC candidates must failed.

The people of this beloved country is at the crossroad where a right or wrong decision will determine a bright or bleak future.The power is in our hands to make that change. If you love this country, if you value your children's future I urge you as a patriotic Malaysian to vote for a change. Vote for Pakatan or this country is doomed.