Sunday, August 19, 2012

An Advice To Tunku Aziz

Your recent outbursts against DAP specifically and Pakatan generally has shown you to be one vindictive old man..So you think its not funny any more for us to consider Annuar as Prime Minister but its alright to continue the 'charade ' for Najib to be Prime Minister. How you arrive such a conclusion is beyond our comprehension

You claimed that your perception of Annuar has not changed. Then knowing this about the Pakatan leader then why did you join DAP when you were fully aware and conscious that you would in effect be under the lead of the same man you now despise.? Is that not hypocrisy of the highest order? Therefore  was  it not the lure of senatorship that prompted you to accept the post?All this confirm one supreme reality. You are nothing but a hypocrite.

.You have lived under six Prime Minister and so do I. For over 55 years we have lived under the rule of first Alliance and then under Barisan National. Therefore we have experienced a continuoes rule under the UMNO lead with underlings MCA, MIC and Gerakan and a host of other mosquito parties making up the minor casts.
Because of your past association with Transparency International and other NGOs fighting against corruption and being a champion of good governance, we applaud your decision to join DAP and continue your struggle for a just Malaysia.
But all these past glory is now water under the bridge. Malaysians who take pride in your cause no longer view you as a person of integrity and honesty..You let yourself down and most of all you let down all those who pinned their hope on a man who pretended  to be what he is not.

When you were not offered another term for the Senatorship, you immediately showed your true colour. You spewed venom at the very same people whom you had earlier supported. Is that not a selfish act of vengeance unlike that of a woman scorned?
Now to climax it all you direct your. ire at the leader of Pakatan disparaging him as not suitable to be our next Prime Minister..So it appears you have now awaken from your brief slumber in DAP and have realised that Najib and UMNO should continue to reign at Putrajaya . It seems you now no longer feel nor sense that Pakatan should be given a chance to displace UMNO who have reigned for the most part of our 54 years history. All these because you were rightly or wrongly deprived of the senatorship which you craved for your own selfish interest..
Tunku Aziz, it would do well for you to remember those famous words that you can fool some people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.. God gave you a simple test to show the world your real personna and you failed miserably. For most of your life, you pretended to fight for a cause that you believe was just and noble but alas instead it has shown that it was all indeed a charade of your own design, not Annuar, not Najib but your very own.