Tuesday, March 21, 2006

When 15 is better than 16

Before attempting to reform the country's
education system, the education ministry should learn
how to define what constitute a top scorer. Such basic
principles in determining a top scorer seems to be an
enigma to our education ministry and reflects poorly
on their ability to perform a simple task properly.
What logic and rationale can they conclude that
a student who takes 15 subjects and obtain 15A1s is
better than a student who takes 16 subjects and obtain
15A1s and 1A2? By any stretch of imagination , common
sense tell us that Chong Huey Ee should be the top
student by virtue of her extra 1A2 nothwithstanding
that it was an A2. The fact that she had already
obtained 15 A1s is already equivalent to the declared
top student of 15A1s but in addition has an extra
A2.If such simple logic is lost at the education
ministry then better not resort to try an reform the
education system.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Reduce Import duty on cars

The response to the price increase of petrol
has not being encouraging.For the first time in its
history of petrol price increase it has to review and
convince the general populace why it is essential to
impose such a drastic hike.The govt's petrol price
increase is justified in view of the increase in the
world's petroleum price but the increase of petrol
price should be followed by a corresponding decrease
in the import duties of car.The govt cannot have both
i.e. increase in petrol price and retention of the
current high import duties on car.
Our import duties on car is already one of
the highest in the world and to increase the price of
petrol without a corresponding decrease in import
duties in car price would be a double whammy for
There is no longer any justification for the
govt to continue petrol subsidy.Over a period of time
all petrol and diesel subsidy should be removed.The
daily long queues of foreign cars at petrol station at
Bukit Kayu Hitam, Rantau Panjang and further south at
Johore Bharu should be sufficient reason enough why
subsidy cannot continue.At a subsidy price of 50cts
per liter our nation is losing millions daily to
foreigners who capitalise on the price differential
between the neighbouring country.
Then there are the profiteers, the fishermen in
Kelantan and Kedah who filled their subsidised diesel
and sell them to Thai Trawlers in mid sea.This
practice will continue as long as there are easy money
to be made.
The decision to increase the price of petrol
has been made and the people have to live with it but
the govt can be compassionate by ameliorating the
effect by decreasing the price of import duties on car

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Our Judiciary is inconsistent

Dear Editor,
Recently a rapist received a 20 year sentence
and a couple of strokes of rotan for his crime. A few
days later the murderers of Darren Kang pleaded guilty
and were sentence to 5 years each.
Next, eleven KLIA workers were caught stealing from
the baggages of airport passengers and they were fined
each between $1000 and $1500.The money and valuables
they stole amounted to $19500.
Then on march 4th at Shah Alam court, judge Azimah
Omar sentenced a Chinese national to a fine of $10,000
in default 12 months jail for selling VCD.
What message is the judiaciary trying to convey
to criminals? That the sentence for murder is lighter
than rape and that it is alright to steal but a more
serious offence to sell illegal VCD?
Frankly such ridiculous decisions have cast a
doubt on some of the ability of our judges to preside
and past judgement.Its absolutely shocking when you
compare the gravity of the offence that they can be so inconsistent.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

AllPetrol and Diesel Subsidy should be removed.

Malaysians should support the govt's decision
to increase petrol and diesel price by 30 cts per
litre.This decision in fact should have been gradually
implemented a long time ago so that by now all vestige
of subsidy should have been removed by now.Any
artificial pricing not supported by economic
principle cannot be sustained over a period of
time.Subsidies tend to manipulate the pricing system
and creates a situation for profiteering and black
marketeering.Such a situation normally will benefit a
section of the population such as fisherman and
certain transportation sectors.
If Thailand and Indonesia can move towards
abolition of subsidy there is no reason why Malaysia
cannot do so.The fundamental principle to adhere is to
let supply and demand determine the market price.Over
time all other prices will be determined by market
forces and will be accordingly priced.
However, the govt should proceed with caution
its intention to divert the subsidy saved to be
chanelled for developement and the transportation
sector.Malaysians will certainly not accept a
situation where the benefits of the majority from the
subsidy be diverted to a few political cronies who
will benefit from the contracts dished out for
political motives.If this was to happen then its like
taking the subsidy of the majority and putting it into
the pockets of the miniority.Hopefully, this will not