Thursday, May 26, 2005

No Vacancies For towering Malaysians, only Towering Malays.

The sobering fact about Dr. Terence Edmund Gomez
saga is that in Malaysia we have no vacanccies for
towering Malaysians only towering malays.If Gomez had
been a malay he would be feted, given a Tan Sri and
packed to U.N posting with all the fanfare extended to
only towering malays.Not only will the towering Malay
be given 2 years paid leave but most likely a plum,
cushy towering job will be waiting for him on his
The dilemma created by Gomez with his
secondment to the U.N job is that he would have to be
promoted after his secondment and his superior at U.M.
certainly would not have that.So the safest bet is to
prevent him from going.
Frankly, those that are at U.M are not there
because of their credentials. They are there because
of their bumiputra status and if it was based on meritocracy,
most of them would be out of their jobs.

Rotation Of Chief Minister's Post In Penang

Many years ago in Sabah some smart guy from
Umno suggested that the chief Minister post which was
then held by a non-bumi be rotated.And so it was
rotated. But after sometime some one again opinioned
that the rotation system was not working and that
there was no continuity in the administration.So it
was decided that an Umno member should hold the Chief
Minister Post.That decision has become a permanent
fixture and there is no likelihood a non bumi will
ever hold the Chief Minister Post again in Sabah.That
Chief Minister post is now safely entrenched with an
Umno member and will remain so permanently.
Now the same ploy is being used by an Umno
member from the Bukit Mertajam division to suggest
that the Chief Minister post be rotated among the
other races.The reason given by the Umno member was
that the Chief Minister post should 'be rotated among
the Barisan Nasional parties to prove tolerance and
understanding among them'.
What I fail to understand is why Umno members
are always asking for rotation in the state where non
bumis have a majority in sabah and Penang.? If they
say that by rotation it will prove tolerance and
understanding among the B.N parties then by the same
token shouldn't we also rotate in states with malay
majority like in Selangor, Johore, Perak and all the
other malay majority states?
Penang Umno need to be taught a lesson and
Gerakan can help it by giving the Chief Minister post
to an Umno member.When the next election comes I am
quite certain Gerakan, MCA and UMNO will lose most of
their seats and DAP will be in power.When that happens
UMNO will not even have the Deputy C.M post which it
now holds.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Japanese Atrocities In world War 2.

The world must not allow Japan and its people
to forget the atrocities it perpetuated during the 2nd
world war.The cruelty and torture the japanese army
inflicted on innocent civilians across Asia and south
east Asia was so inhumane and uncivilise that it will
go down in the annals of human history as unparallel
to that of any period in its history of human
Survivors of the Nanking Massacre recounted
how Japanese forcibly took young teenage girls as
young as 10 yrs old and rape them and after having
satisfied their lust killed and buried them in a mass
grave. Elderly men, women and children were not spared
and when the carnage was finally over, 200,000
civilians were murdered in an orgy of killing that has
no parallel in human conflict.Selected young woman was
sent to army camps as sex slaves to satisfy the
Japanese army. Some young healthy young men were
shipped to Japan to be slaves.
All this took place during the japanese invasion
of China and the testimonials of survivors of this
holocast have been properly documented and
recorded.The Japanese govt cannot gloss over this dark
and evil period of its history and try to deceive the
present generation of its people that they did not
commit such atrocities.
The people of Asia and South East asia must not
allow the present and future generation of Japanese to
forget the pain and cruelty the Japanese had inflicted
on the people it had occupied during the 2nd world
war. By trying to alter and change the text in their
school books of Japanese schools the govt of Japan has
perpetuated a lie . We must not allow this lie to
fester because by accepting responsibilty for their
act only can we ensure that such horrific acts against
humanity will not be repeated in the future.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Diesel Profiteers In Kelantan

Its an open secret in kelantan that alot of
people living in this border state with Thailand are
profiteering by selling subsidised diesel.The
fisherman here mostly do not fish because its more
lucrative to sell subsidised diesel.The fishermen
fishing vessel are modified with tanks capable of
replenishing 20,000 litres of diesel fuel each
trip.With a clean profit of 30 to 40 cts per litre by
selling to Thais trawlers one can reason why it is
more profitable than fishing.Therefore its not
uncommon to sometime see fishermen returning without
any catch of fish but a completely depleted tank of
Instead of selling subsidised diesel to fishermen,
the authorities should provide cash incentives to
genuine fishermen.This will eliminate those who are
not genuine fishermen and cash subsidy will only be
channel to those who are really fishermen rather than
diesel profiteers.