Monday, May 14, 2012

Negri Sembilan must Fall to Pakatan

Negri Sembilan's  present B.N model of government is no longer sustainable. Many pundits has predicted its downfall in the next election and the people believed that it would be good for the state if there is indeed a change of govt. The present and the past government under Isa Samad is no different.The state administrative civil servants are inefficient and things get done in a usual 'tidak apa' manner.
Investors are stuck in a time zone where any kind of approvals are either rejected or simply approved with impossible conditions. The state excos seem to think that every approval have a price to be paid and no payments means no approval.
The recent billboard privatisation was another example of the action to impose surchage which was many times the previous price. Someone in the state govt saw an opportunity to make a quick buck and immediately gave the monopoly to a company that had no expertise in the enterprise. Such practice has become prevalent in Negri Sembilan . You dont need experience or expertise. All you need is political connection and the right cables.
Sand business in Negri sembilan is a lucrative enterprise. More so when it is being monopolised by the chief Minister sibling. A businessman lamented that he sought approval from the exco to mine sand in his own private land and each time it was rejected without any reason being given. He had obtained all his 'sokongan' from the environment dept and the majlis Bandaran but each time his application was rejected by the exco.Altogether his application was rejected three times and he has given up on further application. He couldnt understand  why his application was rejected when the state could collect revenue from the royalty from the sand mined. That perhaps summed up the present Negri administration . Its not what you can give to the state that is important but what you can give to the right people for your application to be approved.