Thursday, February 26, 2009

MACC is Acting On Behalf of the B.N Govt.

When the B.N govt spend millions to send a spaceman to space using taxpayers money why was there no outcry that it was corruption?Now that the Pakatan Rakyat Govt is spending a fraction of the money to buy 46 cows that were slaughtered and distributed in his constituency during the Eid-Al-Adha muslim festival december the MACC has deemed the act as corruption.

MACC should first investigate those responsible for using taxpayers money to send a man to space before even to investigate why money was spent to buy 46 cows for the muslim religious festival.MACC 's action can only be construed as acting on behalf of the govt to cast aspersion on the Pakatan Rakyat's Menteri Besar.What was even more shocking was for the MACC leader's statement on the Selangor MB. Why did he not give a statement when the IGP and the A.G was being investigated?

The perception by the rakyat is that the MACC at the behest of the govt is merely targetting Pakatan Rakyat's politician.In Ipoh, the two state assemblyman who subsequently hopped to B.N was also investigated for corruption.Is it a mere coincident that the B.N politicians are not being investigated for any corrupt act while it seems the Pakatan Rakyat's are the only ones indulging in corrupt acts.?As suggested in the article in Malaysiakini, the MACC chief should perhaps join a political party so that it can further vocalised its support for the B.N govt.

Sultan Has Ruined His Impeccable reputation.

For someone whose past tenure as Lord President was outstanding, the decision of Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak to allow B.N to be installed as the govt of Perak would return to haunt him.His past credentials was impeccable and his son , the Raja Muda and his own frequent speeches was always about being neutral and bipartisan in their decision less as warned by them it will spell the doom of the monarchy.How prophetic it would become because after a few days of this speech it seems the royal monarch had failed to heed the very words it had espoused.

The backlash of anger by the Sultan's decision was obvious. Overnite the sultan was the subject of disdain and ridicule. Even his web site was deactivated because of the avalanche of criticsms and ridicule that had smeared his once revered blog. Not many people expected the once loved ruler to bow to the demands of the UMNO leaders when it was quite obvious that the rakyat wanted a snap election to give a new mandate to a legitimate govt.

The act of refusal to grant the M.B Nijar to dissolve the state assembly and call for fresh election was a betrayal of the people's trust that the ruler would protect. Instead, the ruler bowed to the wishes of the corrupt regime to usurp a rightful Govt elected by the people.The words that a ruler misdeed would cause the downfall of the monarchy has certainly being so prophetic.

Maybe there is still some modicum of hope that the sultan could salvage some of his previous pristine reputation if he could now dissolve the state assembly and call for a fresh state election to determine the mandate of the Perakians.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Corrupt politicians.

Can anyone believe when DPM Najib said that no money was involved?If that is true then the three who hopped over to B.N must be so impressed with UMNO's leadership to abandon Pakatan Rakyat. Clearly there was some incentive to lure the three assemblyman and woman to the B.N's fold. History has always shown us that politicians has a tendency to compromise on principles they professed when offered reward of power and money.

When you elect postman, clerks and retired penshioners to be their wakil Rakyat that is what you will likely end up with.Being offered $15million to change one's allegiance is alot of money and admittedly, not many can resist such a lucrative offer.Many opportunists are in politics not because they want to serve the people but because of what it can offer in terms of money and power.The moment they are not offered lucrative positions they start showing their true colours and the first opportunity they get they will abandon their principles and party's allegiance.

It was no coincidence that the two state assemblyman targeted to change their allegiance were going to face a corruption trial on 10th February. So it does not take a genius to reason why the two was easily persuaded to hop over to B.N.

However , the will of the people must be respected and cannot be thawarted merely because there were politicians who betrayed the trust of the people.

The only resolution to this dilemma is for the Perak sultan to dissolved the state assembly and order fresh election to determine the people's mandate to govern the state. Taking over the govt through the backdoor using dubious means is unacceptable and will not contribute to good governance.Let us hope and pray the sultan will do the right thing.

B.N's Power grab has Frustrate the will of the people.

Its sickening.Once again the will of the people has been frustrated by the B.N govt which has used their power and money to lure the numbers to take over the Perak Govt.

It does not take a genius to know where the Pakatan Rakyat weakness was centred.The Behrang Assemblyman,Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and the Changkat Jering assemblyman, Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu were involved in a corruption case which was scheduled for hearing on the 10th of february.

What was offered to them is a matter of conjecture but their disappearance during the first few days of the Chinese new Year holidays indicated some kind of deal was struck and the two PKR member was going to hop over to B.N in order to save their skin in the corruption case.With the deal now struck, it would be interesting to see how the corruption case will proceed.Most likely the powers behind the B.N govt will arrange some kind of trial which will eventually exonerate them of any guilt.

The only way for Perak to have a govt of the people and for the people is to have a snap election which will finally decide which party should have the mandate to form the govt.This can only happen if the Perak Sultan play a pivotal role by being non partisan in his decision to call for a snap election.

For a democracy to survive and flourish the sultan must pay heed to the wishes of its people. The march 8th Election of 2008 which swept Pakatan Rakyat to power was no accident. It was the wish of the people who were bent on seeing a change and if B.N was allowed to frustrate the will of the people then that change will not happen because the powers behind the govt which used their influence of power and money have deemed it fit to cast aside the aspiration of the people.This is a testing time for our democracy and the Perak sultan's decision will no doubt indicate which direction our fledgeling democracy will be heading.