Friday, February 19, 2010

Najib's Days are numbered

The knieves are out.The UMNO grassroot news is that there is a move to topple Najib from his P.M post. Muhyiddin is waiting in the wing to assume the mantle of P.M sooner than expected.
Hardly one year taking over from Badawi, he had already blundered in several of his policies. His gamble in the Perak debacle backfired and he virtually lost whatever support he had from the chinese community.
Then his stupifying decision to allow for the Allah demonstration which precipitated in the burning of the church.That error of judgement not only crowned his poor leadership qualities but also turned the tide of popularity towards the opposition which seems to gain momentum with every bad decision he made.
Then of course his dogged determination to bring Anwar to trial for the sodomy charge has virtually turned the majority of the people against him. Whatever the outcome of Anwar's trial one thing remain certain. Najib's tenure would be a short and uneventful one. With UMNO's unseen hands reaching out to topple him now, it remains a question whether he can survive his first term in office.

Looming in the picture is the ever present saga of the Altantuya episode which is constantly surfacing to cast a pale shadow over his sordid involvement.

So good bye, Najib and Rosmah. I dont think the people will miss you .After all we didnt elect you to your office. You were elected to the office by 2000 class F contractors from UMNO, remember?

Injustice in Adorna case must be corrected.

It was with great relief that the Federal court in Tan Ying Hong's case set aside the controversial judgement of the then Chief Justice Tun Eusoff Chin in 2000.However it is regretful that the decision of the Federal court will not restore the rights of Boonsom whose land was fraudulently transferred to Adorna.It is Tan Ying Hong who will benefit from the landmark reversal of the Boonsom Vs Adorna case.

There was never in doubt that Boonsom's land was fraudulently transferred to Adorna and the transfer was an error in judgement that was ' obvious and blatant'.

If it was now proven that there indeed there was fraud involved in the transfer of the Boonsom property then is it not logical and justifiable that the rightful ownership of the property should be restored to the agrieved party which was Boonsom.

Justice cannot be so blind that after knowing that an injustice has occurred and the judiciary have corrected that injustice should now remain oblivious to the plight of Boonsom whose land was transferred to another party through fraudulent means.Boonsom has every right to expect the judiciary to correct the injustice which was no fault of Boonsom but the fault of the judiciary that decided the case under the former Chief Justice, Tun Eusof Chin. The common adage that justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done is certainly applicable in this instance.