Friday, September 23, 2011

Hudud Law if refined can be suited and acceptable to Non muslims.

Before rejecting outright the implementation of hudud law, Pakatan allies should try and find a solution acceptable to both muslims and non-muslims.If hudud laws can act as a form of deterrent to many of the crimes that we are currently facing today then many regardless of race and religion would welcome the timely intervention of laws that would deter crime.That law, the hudud law, which may sound medieval and ancient perhaps could be the answer to the lawlessness and corruption that we see in Malaysia.

Part of the hudud law which borders on morality however should not be applicable to the non muslims since their religion may not view it as serious to the extent that authorities should interfere in their practice. This include khalwat (close proximity) and adultery. The acceptance of such practice is not to say that it condones immorality but more because such sin if perpetuated by the individual is best left for him to be punished by God in the after life.

The common form of criminality such as murder, rape , theft corruption however can be applicable to everyone . Normal law abiding citizens of every race and religion would abhor such crimes and therefore should have no objections if harsh punishment is meted out to the perpetuators. There is no valid reason for any one to oppose such punishment even if it may involve the cruel form of hand chopping and head chopping.Such gruesome form of punishment may appear primitive but it certainly does serve a purpose of being a deterrent. Like in Saudi Arabia or in some Middle eastern country such form of punishment should even be publicly exhibited to have a more forceful impact.

Non-muslims who are law abiding citizens should not be afraid of the islamic laws if its implementation would ensure a safer and more peaceful environment to live in. However safeguards should also be in place that certain aspect of the religious laws that affect muslims should not be enforced on people of other faiths.