Thursday, May 02, 2013

Vote Pakatan for more B,N Goodies

Before voting on the 5th of May , voters should just ponder for a moment. For the last 50 years and the last 12 General Elections never was there so many goodies being given to the rakyat. The goodies mainly in financial terms were so comprehensive that no one was ignored. For the first time in our electoral history, the art of bribery for the buying of votes was so blatant and apparent that had it happened in other democracy the perpetuators would have been disqualified and perhaps charged with attempts to bribe the electorate. However with the common connivance of the ROS, the EC and the MACC  none of the perpetuators were brought to book.

Ask yourself why this election is so exceptional and why you are suddenly bestowed with so many goodies by the incumbent govt? The answer is simple. For the first time in the incumbent govt's history there is a distinct possibility that power may slip from their grasp.And for that reason alone they are pulling all stops to ensure that every effort is made to buy over the people's votes so that their 55 years of reign could be further extended for another five year term.

Ordinary citizens who yearn to have more of such goodies in the ensuing years after the General election should just vote the opposition.  Should B.N win with a strong majority and result in the demise of the opposition then it is unlikely any of the generous goodies would be continued. In the event that the opposition should win, voters can similarly expect the windfall to continue. With good governance and less corruption, the pakatan's coffers could be bolstered with good revenue collection and this may result in better subsidy policies been implemented.

Either way ,its a win win situation for voters if they vote for opposition . But the crucial thing for voters to remember is that if B.N wins with a strong majority , all the current goodies enjoyed will suddenly vanish as fast as it had appeared after the tsunami election of 2008.