Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ong Ka Ting Last Chance For greatness.

MCA's leaders should by now be aware of the political significance of the 8th march , 2008 election which swept the oppositon to power in five states.If there is still any doubts, the Permatang Pauh by-election which gave Pakatan Rakyat, Annuar Ibrahim a landslide victory should cast aside any reservation why the non malays have abandoned traditional race based party and gave their full support to the opposition parties of DAP and PKR.

From their current jockeying for MCA leadership one important aspect which most of them fail to take stock is the future direction of the party.None of the leaders seem to have any idea where the future direction of the party was heading.If the current groundswell of discontentment among the non-malays is any indication MCA would be history after the 13th General Election.Therefore it becomes irrelevant and of no consequence who shall lead MCA if their intent was to remain in the Barisan National.

MCA and all the other B.N component parties in the coalition will die a natural death after the next general election.That was further confirm by the Cross street polling station in Permatang Pauh where majority of the chinese voted for Annuar.And all these despite the promise of monetary contribution to the chinese schools. In previous elections such a strategy would bought support from the chinese community.But after 50 years the non-malay voters have become more savvy with their electoral preference.

Ong Ka Ting , the current President of MCA would do a great service to the chinese community if he should choose to make a momentous and history changing decision to take MCA out from the Barisan National and join the current popular Pakatan Rakyat.Ong's decision to change the future direction of MCA by joining Pakatan Rakyat would not only save an otherwise doom party but would rekindle its aspiration to represent the interest of the chinese community.Failure to do this would spell the death Knell of MCA as a party representing the chinese.

An astute leader would have seen the writing on the wall.The chinese would no longer want to play second fiddle to UMNO and be merely satisfied with the crumbs that they dish out to the MCA leaders .For too long, MCA leaders have remain silent while UMNO's racists members lashed out and threaten chinese leaders who vocalised a more equitable policy in education and business policies.In Anwar, they now have found a leader who would be fair and equitable to all races guided by the basic principle that need and poverty would supplant the policy of helping along racial lines.

The policy espoused by Pakatan Rakyat is a fair and equitable one.If 70% of the poor living in rural areas are malays then so be it, they would qualify for the bulk of the govt's help.The policy implemented would be to help 70% of the poor malays not along racial lines but because it so happen that 70% of the poor are malays.However, 30% poor indians and chinese are also not forgotten.The policy would automatically extend help to other communities who needs help because of their poverty levels and not because of racial factors.Such an equitable policy even though slanted to help the rural malays more would be acceptable to all races because govt assisstance is only extended to those who genuinely needs help and not to those who are rich and belong to one particular race.

Ong Ka Ting would go down in history as a great chinese leader if he can grasp this opportunity and lead MCA into a new and acceptable direction that would guarantee a brighter future for the chinese community.If Ong choose not to do so then he will go down in history as the President who could have changed the plight of the chinese people but choose not to do so.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Door To Putrajaya now open

The march 8th 2008 General Election was a defining moment which saw the Barisan National lost its 2/3 majority and the lost of five states to Pakatan Rakyat. That monumental defeat should have been the warning sign that there was immense dissatisfaction among the rakyat.Instead of focusing their energy redressing what had caused their abysmal defeat they conjured a plan to charge Anwar Ibrahim on a dubious sodomy charge.

However , whatever plans they still harbour to frame a sodomy charge on Anwar and deprive him of the Prime Ministership was totally banished when Anwar won the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat.It was fairly plain that with that victory the road to Putrajaya was now opened for Anwar.

What appears a simple march to Putrajaya may however be still paved with obstacles.The September 10th date at the court where Anwar will face the sodomy charge has a sinster motive. The swearing on the Koran by Saiful on the eve of nomination was for a political purpose.It was intended to cast aspersion on Anwar as a sodomist and to influence voters sentiment in favour of the Barisan National candidate.Now that this had failed and Anwar had won with a bigger majority than his wife, the ultimate plan now was to throw him to the court so that it would be the final nail in the coffin for the Pakatan Rakyat leader.It was no coincidence that the 10th sept date was to throw a spanner in the works of Anwar's 16th sept date of dethroning the Barisan National Govt.

The powers to be at Putrajaya will not allow Anwar to stroll to the capital without any semblance of resistance.The loser may well be answerable to a host of mismanagement and corruption issues .And for the victor, a chance to reform all the institutions that have been tainted when it was under Mahathir's 22 years legacy.That would have been good enough reason for both sides not to lose.But for Anwar, the road to Putrajaya will remain open and the rakyat do not expect him to falter.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

P.M finally show he is a leader for the Malays only.

I refer to the Malaysiakini article 'P.M vetos call to open UITM to non-malays'.
When Abdullah Badawi assumed the mantle of Prime Minister he vowed he would be a leader for all Malaysians.However his statement on 13th August, 2008 where he vetoed Pakatan Rakyat Selangor Menteri Besar's call for UITM to be opened to non-bumiputra clearly showed that what he espoused was not what he had meant.His veto of Tan Sri Abdul Khalid proposal of admitting non- malays in this tertiary institution is clear proof that the P.M is a leader of only one race.
No leader of a country that is diverse and multi-ethnic can ever perpetuate a policy that favours one race and yet claim magnanimously that he is a leader for all.
The myopic policy of enrolling one exclusive race in an institution of Higher learning will result in a generation of malays growing up without any contact with another race. Such a policy will have adverse implication on future race relations where religion has already created a wide chasm between the three major ethnic populace.
Tan Sri Abdul Khalid proposal for an initial 10% entry of non-malay is a legitimate plea to open up UITM so that some form of competition could be given to the otherwise exclusive malay students.This in turn would also allow some form of integration among the races and augurs well for a multi racial identity.
It is rather unfortunate that the University' Vice Chancellor Prof Datuk Seri Ibrahim Abu Shah should even oppose such a plan when you would expect an academic to be supportive of attaining academic excellent by opening its institution based on merit.It is ironical that an academic who choose mediocrity in its enrolment policy should be even appointed to be the Vice Chancellor of an institution that profess to be churning out students who 'now hold top positions in both the public and private sector