Saturday, September 23, 2006

Singapore Has every Right to Comment.

Our former P.M, Tun Mahathir once said that
he would call spade a spade and that he would not
hesitate to criticise or condemn any nation that in
his opinion had faltered.In this vein he had
unhesitatingly criticise U.S for their role in the
middle east, the Israels in their conflict with the
Paletines, the insurgents in the southern Thailand,and
to a certain extent even Singapore whenever there was
a need to find a bogeyman to justify our shortcomings
.So if our leaders has no hesitation in criticising
every one and sundry whenever they feel like it what
is the rationale for not been able to accept criticism
from a foreign perspective?
Our leaders must accept the fact that the
right to speak the truth is not the exclusive domain
of our leaders alone.Others who view our system and
our citizens been harshly treated have every right to
voice their misgivings.More so with Singapore
especially where the citizens of both countries have
an embryonic,historical relationship.Most Singaporeans
have relatives in Malaysia and vice versa.How the govt
treats its subject in Malaysia invariably is felt by
the citizens of Singapore because of this close
It would be foolish for our leaders to deny that
what M.M Lee Kuan Yew said is not true.By the act of
denial our leaders are merely prolonging and
accentuating the disunity that is currently prevailing
in our country.However, M.M LKY is guilty of one
important ommission.The chinese are not the only
people being marginalised.The Indians, the aborigines,
and the rural malays should also be included in the
marginalised community.Quite obviously, the
beneficiaries have been the elite, politically
connected malays that have been in power for the last
49 years.

Mahathir should look at his own legacy

Mahathir should look at his own legacy before he comments. Compared to Singapore which has devolped to a modern developed country, Malaysia is still struggling to achieve that in 2020, nearly 14 years behind.Mahathir is jealous of LKY legacy compared to his.After 22 years he has not achieved anything noteworthy other than his abilty to spend on mega projects to feed his greedy cronies.He keeps on harping on racists comment without thinking for one moment that is a half indian.Not surprising that the people at Kubang Pasu has already ignored him.Compared to LKY who is still held in high esteem, Mahathir is now a pariah by his own admission.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What the Pope quoted was the truth.

What the pope said was quoted in full from the
own words of Emperor Manuelll Paleologos of the
Byzantime empire.So what is the Pope quilty of when
the actual words did not originate from his own words
and thoughts?What the Pope quoted was from a source of
a historical figure.If the Pope is guilty of quoting
the words of any person living or dead then daily
thousand of journalists are also gulty of such a
It is up to the islamic religious authorities to
disprove any fallacy in the claim by the Pope and not
to criticise him for bringing up something which have
stood the test of time.What we witness today is a
display of the truth in the statement of the
Pope.Muslim fanaticsm have reared its ulgly head and
now in the 21st century we still hear and see muslims
clamouring for apostates to be killed in the name of
the religion.We need not have to go far from our own
shores. Even in Malaysia the case of Lina Joy's
dilemma is a good example of how muslims have
degenerated to the dark period when Prophet Mohamad
and his band when round killing the non believers and
raping the wives of the slain husbands.These are
factual events depicted in the books of the revered
caliphs and the Holy Koran.Muslims should not be in a
denial mode.It is imperative for them to study the
errie and close resemblance of the terror that took
place in the medieval period of Prophet Mohamad and
the terror and fanticsm of the 21st
century.Revealation of those events bear a striking
resemblance of what is taking place currently in many
muslim countries.Unless and until such time when
muslims can look at themselves and bring changes that
are adaptable to the 21st century more and more
conflicts will bring the 'Clash of Civilsation' to a

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Housing Ministry should Review Antiquated Policies

Its about time the Housing ministry review some
of its antiquated policies that were introduced some
30 years ago.The country is propelling itself to be a
developed nation in 2020 and yet we persist in having
to build low cost houses.This mandatory polcy that
requires housing developers to set aside 30% of their
land for low cost houses has not only left alot of
areas with unsold and unihabitat low cost houses but
has become an eyesore in alot of housing estate.
The demand for low cost houses may have been
appropriate 30 years ago but with improve standard of
living few people would opt to buy low cost houses
now.So if there is no longer a demand for such houses
why do the Housing Ministry still continue to make it
mandatory to build low cost houses when there is no
demand?This policy if left uncheck would later
contribute to slums where it would be a haven for drug
Another policy that need to be reviewed is the 5%
to 10% per cent discount offered to bumiputra
buyers.when this policy was first introduced it was
intended to increase bumi ownership of houses.This is
especially in respect of properties that are within
the reach of the average Bumis.But now the policy has
lost its direction and purpose and have now included
high end property which were for the rich and
famous.What rationale is there for developers to give
discounts to those Bumis who can afford to buy luxury
high end property?The proper remedy is to put a cap on
a certain price range that will mandate the developer
to give discount to Bumis and certainly not a blanket
application of all property.The Housing Ministry must
keep up with the times and continue to review old
antiquated policies .If not our housing landscape
would be inundated with unwanted, unsold houses left
uninhabited for years to come.