Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Repeal ISA Now Before The Rakyat Repeal the Govt.

The Five Judges will Have to Face a tribunal

As correctly pointed out by former Court of Appeal Judge, N.H. Chan, the Federal Court Judges had failed the people.The judgement was delivered by the panel of Judges comprising, Court of Appeal President,Alauddin Mohd sheriff, Chief Judge Of Malaya,Arifin Zakaria, and Federal Court Judges, Nik Hashim Nik Abdul Rahman, S Augustine Paul, Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin. It was , he added a perverse judgement because it was a decision made in blatant disregard of Article 72(1) of the Federal Constitution.

Without a doubt, these five learned judge who delivered a unanimous verdict had failed the people when they chose to ignore our country's constitution and failed to administer justice according to the rule of law.Even a layman could see that the verdict was against the spirit of the provisions as embodied in the constitution. Then how can five supposedly learned judge in the apex court came to the conclusion that was contrary to every one's expectation?

This blatant act of betrayal of the people's trust in the judiciary should not go unpunish. When Pakatan Rakyat do take over the Govt after the 13th General Election, these five tainted judges must be made to face a tribunal to answer for their failure to administer justice according to the Law.If found guilty they should be stripped of their positions and sack from the judiciary.Their unshamedly act of acting in concert with the Executive to render a judgement that was perverse and in complete disregard to the Federal Constitution is a betrayal of the people's trust in the Judiciary. The decision of the five judges have caused irreparable damage and will have a serious impact on the credibilty and integrity of the Judiciary for many years to come.It would be poetic justice to see the five judges being punished and sent into disgrace for their treacherous role in subverting justice.

Najib shopuld return the Mandate to the People of Perak.

Despite the euphoria and all the rhetoric that came with his 1 Malaysia concept, Najib, the newly minted P.M has one important duty to perform in order to convince the rakyat that indeed he has the political will to reform B.N in general and UMNO in particular.That one important obstacle that has been the bane of his asscesension is the illegitimate takeover of the Perak Govt by dubious means. Using the Judiciary to strengthen his takeover will only cause further anger with Najib's Govt. If his mantra which he postulated earlier is to change or be changed then he has to revert the mandate to to the people to elect a govt of their choice.Any thing less would be unacceptable to the people of Perak.

The convincing victory by the former M.B, Nijar at Bukit Gantang have clearly and irrevocably shown that the people want the status quo of the previous PKR govt to continue .If Najib continue to ignore the people's plea for the State assembly to be dissolved and fresh election be held for a new mandate, then he will be doing it at his own peril.

All his rhetoric and appeal to the public for the acceptance of his 1 Malaysia concept will have no meaning if the rakyat cannot even be given the mandate to elect a govt of their choice. He must accept his role in the illegal takeover of the Perak Govt and exercise Statemanship by correcting the wrong he had done. If not it is most likely the tenure of the new P.M would be the shortest and predictably he would be the last UMNO President to be the P.M

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Judiciary Is a B.N Judiciary.

The whole episode displayed by our executive and the Judiciary is sickening to the core.It did not seem possible that the Judiciary would be blatant to disregard the constitution when they made the decision affecting the integrity of the Legislature. But on the 16th april , 2009, they did just that. They lifted the suspension imposed by the Perak Speaker on the Menteri Besar and the six excos.All this despite the fact the article 72 of the Federal Constitution disallowed the Legislature Proceedings to be subjected to any Judicial review. If the apex court can make judicial review on the proceedings of the Legislature then what does the Doctrine of separation means in the context of our Parliamentary democracy?If this is how it works then we might as well appoint federal court Judges to sit in the legislature and review all its proceedings.

It appears quite evident now why an UMNO stalwhat who was also a legal advisor to the party was parachuted to be the head of the apex court. It seems quite convenient that the two branches of govt, the executive and the Judiaicary has worked hand in glove to ensure that the illegitimate Govt of Zambry has a clear path to be installed as the legitimate govt before the May 13th deadline when it is mandatory for it to hold the next Legislative assembly meeting or face dissolution of the assembly.

With unseen hands interfering in the decision of the apex court to ensure that a illegitimate Govt is installed in Perak and thus frustrate a govt elected by the people, the whole sordid episode has brought our Judiciary to public ridicule.Its action has only seves to confirm the suspicions that it is not acting independently as a separate branch of the govt but is acting subserviently to the Executive.It also lends further credence to the suspicion that the Judiciary is a B.N judiciary

The two Murderers of the Mongolian Woman should Not escape Punishment

The blogosphere is innundated with alot of speculations that the two UTK police accused for the murder of the Mongolian model will escape the gallows. From day one of their trial every attempt was made by the police to conceal their identity. Now that the trial is over and the verdict has been given it is about time that their annoymity should no longer be kept in wraps. The public is entitled to catch a glimpse of these two evil persons who committed the dastedly act of taking the helpless, defenceless life of a woman who was the mother of a six year old child.

In evidence given during the initial part of the investigation it was revealed by one of them that the woman pleaded for her life and the unborn child she was carrying. But despite her passionate plea for mercy, the police officer coldly and mercilessly shot the woman not once but twice .In the second part of their premediated cruel act, explosives were planted in various part of the woman's body and blown to smithreens.

Like many Malaysians I have no sympathy for these two men who will face the gallows.They committed a cruel act on a defenceless woman. In short they both deserves to die although the main protagonist remains free and unindicted for the crime.

Because there are speculations that the two men will not face their punishment, the Govt should firstly reveal their identity to the public. Afterall why should they take their annoymity to their graves? Then on the date of their execution , independent observers should be invited to witness their executions. This will dispel any doubts that there is a conspiracy to free the two murderers and giving them another identity to live in freedom.

If the execution is carried out in accordance with the court's verdict, it will serve as a warning to all future police personnels that any murderous act carried out even with the connivance of their superiors will not escape punishment .

Monday, April 06, 2009

Muhyiddin Need to Change His Mindset.

Tan sri Muhyiddin's statement that chinese voters are ungrateful by voting for Pakatan Rakyat clearly shows that the mentality of UMNO leaders have not changed despite the march 8th electoral debacle.By throwing monetary assistance to chinese schools during election times, Muhyiddin naively thinks that the chinese electorates should be grateful and give their votes to B.N.

For the last 50 years that strategy worked because the chinese people trusted their MCA representative who told them that it was the correct thing to do.But MCA betrayed the chinese people .MCA leaders failed to elevate the position of the chinese and were merely contented with their ministerial posts and the honofiric title that went with it.And that certainly explain why MCA can no longer claim to represent the chinese people.With only 15 Parliament seats in mostly malay majority areas as opposed to DAP's 28 Parliament seats in chinese populated areas it would be correct to say that DAP is the voice of the chinese people.

Chinese schools had to survive mainly on public donations and once in a while if there is a bye-election in their area they were given token donations in order to secure chinese votes.Muhyiddin should be aware by now that such political bribery to obtain votes by giving donations during election time is now no longer tenable.The money disbursed are from taxes collected from the tax payers and Mahathir himself acknowledged that 90% of the taxpayers are chinese.So giving back money to chinese schools are not something they should be grateful for.As a matter of fact, such allocations for chinese schools should have been mandatory and given without any strings attached.The chinese are now wiser. They will take whatever that is given but there is no guarantee that they will give their votes in return.There is no trickery on the part of the chinese as claimed by Muhyiddin.They just merely accepted what was given and voted in accordance with their belief as to who deserve their votes.

Muhyiddin would do well to change his mindset that by throwing some crumbs to the chinese electorates they would in return be obliged to vote for him.The chinese people have no interest to be King maker or to have any political power. All they want is to effect some political change so that all Malaysian citizens irrespective of race and religion can have an equal stake in this country of ours.

The Ex-Home Minister was a strong ally of Pakatan Rakyat.

Pakatan Rakyat lost a strong ally when the Home Minister , Syed Hamid Albar was replaced by Najib's cousin, Hishamuddin.With Syed at ther helm of the Home ministry, Pakatan won alot of previously B.N supporters.Many were appalled at the authocratic manner in which the Home Ministry directed the police to curb what was harmless peaceful assembly. Even peaceful candle light vigils were met with brute force from the police who were suppose to be defenders and protectors of lawful citizens.Even small children handing flowers to the P.M were manhandled and taken into custody.

Even innocent reporters who reported on the racists and seditious words uttered by an UMNO member from Penang was not spared and was taken into custody but later because of public outcry the Home Minister offered the lame excuse that she was taken in for her own protection. Even the popular member of Parliament , Theresa Kok was arrested under the ISA purportedly because the ex-menteri Besar Toyo had wrongly reported that she had petitioned against the noise emanating from the mosque in Shah Alam .Because unfettered power was given to one man who suddenly inherited so much power that it was frivously applied without any regard to the truth or falsity of the accusation. Hence when it was later found to his chagrin that he had acted impulsely on both counts the Home Minister had to eat humble pie and released the two innocent victims.His other ridiculous forays of arresting and blasting tear gas to disperse peaceful assembly was so brutal that even B.N supporters turned against the govt.

The ex-Home Minister last contribution to Pakatan Rakyat's cause was during the tri-election when police issued warnings that the name Altantuya and the Perak sultan's decision not to dissolve the state Assembly should not be mentioned during the ceramahs.Obviously, the Home Minister was taking 'ampuism' to a new height by making sure that the incoming P.M''s name was not associated with the Mongolian model Altantuya. It really boggles the intelligent mind how a Minister could dictate such frivolous conditions and prohibited the utterance of the name a woman who was brutally murdered. To compound matters , opposition parties were not issued with permits to hold ceramahs and were constantly harrassed and force to disperse.All these measures by the Home Minister purportedly to help the B.N govt back-fired and support for the opposition increased many fold.

Pakatan Rakyat's success in both the bye-elections in Bukit Selambu and Bukit Gantang owe largely to the stupendous policies and actions of the Home Minister.With the removal of Syed Hamid Albar as Minister of the Home Ministry, Pakatan Rakyat lost one of its strongest ally. It remains to be seen whether the new Minister, Hishamuddin, the cousin of Najib would be an ally or foe of Pakatan Rakyat.

B.N is Beyond Redemption

The message from the two bye-elections, Bukit Selambu and Bukit Gantang is very clear.The people want a change and they now view B.N as beyond redemption.B.N's last cast of the die by bringing on the expired date Dr. Mahathir was of little help.The last thing the people wanted was more of the Mahathirism we had already endured for the last 22 years.Obviously the strategy back fired and Nizar, the former ousted M.B won with a handsome and improved majority.

The new P.M's touted reform of releasing the 13 ISA detainees , his well publicised walk about in the city before the election to win over chinese, indians and malay support apparently did not swing any last minute votes in the two constituencies.In the end it was just a walking exercise for him to meet the people in the city.Nothing more. The people repaid the courtesy of his visit by smiling and waving to him.

The result of the two bye-elections, especially the Bukit Gantang election clearly provided an indication to the P.M that they were not happy with his illegal takeover of the popular Govt under Pakatan Rakyat.And if he is listening he should now allow the dissolution of the Perak assembly and call for a fresh election to allow for a new mandate to be determined by the people of Perak. His failure to do this would cause irreparable harm to his current administration and adversely affect his reputation as the new P.M.

The current long protracted impasse in the Perak govt should not be allowed to continue now that the people have spoken through the ballot box that they want fresh elections for the state.Admittedly, a mistake was made in the initial takeover of the state but a bigger mistake would be to allow the current situation to deteriorate further without a final solution. It takes a good statesman to realise one's mistake and rectify it with the correct decision. After all the new P.M still have 4 more years to win back the people of Perak should the people decide to retain the Pakatan Rakyat Govt in the fresh election.

Why is MACC so slow to act on Khir Toyo's Disneyland escapade with his Family and maid?

After looking into PNSB's dealings , Selcat have revealed khir toyo's abuse of his position by using funds from Statutory Bodies to pay for his family trip to disneyland.He and his wife were given every opportunity to defend and rebut all those allegations adduced during the course of the Selcat hearing but both of them chose not to attend the hearing.The CEO of the GLC could not have contrived or manufactured the evidence which confirmed the trip was paid for his wife, children and maid.

These are serious allegations of a public servant using public funds for his personal expenditure. The payments made were all supported and documented by the Statutory Bodies accounts.The witnesses including the CEO have testified that the whole trip for Khir Toyo's family including the children and maid was paid by PNSB. The evidence adduced during Selcat's hearing should have been sufficient to indict Khir Toyo on several charges of corruption.Now the question remains to be answered is why is MACC adopting the 'elegant ' silence approach when it was quick to reproach M.B Khalid for donating a few cows to his constituency using PNSB's money?

Are we to believe that MACC is adopting a selective prosecution approach in discharging their duties? It appears quite evident that Opposition politicians are being selectively hounded by MACC whilst B.N's politicians corrupt practices are been ignored. As a concern public citizen I would demand the MACC Chief to account for his reason why they have not been impartial in carrying out their sacred duty of investigating and prosecuting all politicians irrespective of their political divide.If they are impartial as they claim to be then we demand an immediate investigation and prosecution of Khir Toyo's corrupt practices. Public servants who dipped their hands in govt coffers must be brought to book and we shall not accept any lesser punishment for the former menteri Besar, Khir Toyo.Any punishment meted and that includes custodial sentence imposed should served as a deterrent to all those public servants who have abused their position by dipping their grubby hands in govt funds to finance their family and personal lifestyle using taxpayers money.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

MCA, MIC and Gerakan Should all be Banished to the Dustbin of History.

While the unsavoury events unfolded with the take-over of the legitimate Govt of Perak by B.N, where were the voice of MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the rest of the B.N component parties?Credit must be given to these non malay component parties for maintaining an 'elegant silence'. To remain silent and supportive of B.N's illegitimate takeover of a state that had elected an opposition govt,the parties of MCA, MIC and Gerakan have once again demonstrated that they can no longer claim to represent the legitimate interest of the people it is suppose to represent.They have not only helped to thwart the democratic will of the Perak electorates by being part of the B.N party that wrested the legitimate govt but they have shown that their loyalty is not with the people it purports to defend and protect but instead their allegiance is towards the UMNO leaders .

This episode should serves as a reminder that MCA, MIC and Gerakan leaders have a vested interest in protecting and prolonging the rule of UMNO.Their interest is not to look after nor protect the interest of the members they have sworn to protect.The leaders of MCA, MIC and Gerakan are in there for money power and positions. They are not there to render service probono.In short they are there to enrich themselves .Look at all the MCA and MIC ministers who have retired. They all retire not only with Tan sri and Tuns, but also living a life far beyond their expected means.

Malaysians of all race should no longer be fooled by these so called leaders who enter politics as a means of enriching themselves. For once in our life we must exert our right to rid these parasites who have been plundering the nation's coffers.Let us all Malaysians of all denominations act in unison to banaish these leaders from UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all those in the B.N umbrella to the dustbin of history.We cannot afford not to act because if we allow them to continue to rape our nation's wealth then there would not be anything left for our future generation.Failure to rid these parasites is no longer an option, it is imperative that we act now.