Wednesday, December 28, 2005

DBKL is not functioning

The Commonwealth Games is over for almost
10 years now.The apartments that housed the atheletes
were immediately sold after the games and those
unfortunate souls who had the misfortune to purchase
the apartments are now faced with a dilemma.Ten years
down the road the purchasers of those units have still
not received their strata titles despite certificate
of occupation been issued and all purchasers have
moved into their apartments.
The purchasers would like to pose the question
to DBKL.Why are strata titles not been issued after 10
years?The buildings were completed ten years ago and
certificate of fitness was issued for occupation.One
suspect that the developer has not given a bribe to
DBKL officers and that explain the lack of urgency in
issuing the strata titles.DBKL owes the purchasers an
explanation for such an inordinate delay and their
explanation should dispel any doubts over their
motives for not issuing the titles.