Monday, January 26, 2009

Wishing All My Chinese Readers, Gong Xi Fa Chai and a Prosperous New Year.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

B.N Cannot Change

I refer to the article 'change or be voted out' where the DPM pleaded with his component party to change or be voted out.

The sad part about his statement is that it is not B.N that needs to change but tragically it is UMNO which helms the B.N and the govt that needs to change.For the DPM to say that B.N needs to change reflects his ignorance why B.N had suffered two consecutive defeats in the last two By-election.For the last 50 years UMNO has been the mainstay of first the Alliance Party and the now Barisan National Party.Other component race based parties like MCA,MIC , Gerakan and a host of other mosquito parties are merely passengers in the B.N party.They exercise very little influence in the direction and policy of the govt which principally is constituted by UMNO's dominance.

Mahathir left a legacy of political patronage which till today is strongly embedded in the UMNO members psche.This political patronage have now seeped into the party't election where party's position can be bought by the highest bidder.This practice have been so prevalent and widely accepted but done with utmost secrecy that it is unlikely it can be stopped by the top party leader.Most of the top UMNO echelon leaders are too comfortable with the old practice of accumulating wealth and political patronage that it is highly unlikely that they will be prepared to abandon it.

Therefore the writing is already on the wall. The demise of B.N constituting UMNO, MCA, MIC and all the other component parties is inevitable.With the arrogant and mindless Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar at the helm of the Home minister, the opposition has a strong ally.His boorish behaviour and authoritarian attitude has virtually alienated the population against the govt.With such Ministers at the helm of the current administration the opposition merely have to just sit back and see B.N self destruct.

The DPM's brazen and corrupt practice of doling out contracts to UMNO cronies during the Trengganu By-election was not only revolting but a sad statement that he himself was not even aware that such buying of votes was no longer acceptable in our society.So how could the B.N party in general and UMNO in particular reform when its leader who was suppose to take over from Abdullah Badawi does not even know what the people expect of its leaders.?

The only beacon of hope that Malaysians have is the death of UMNO, MCA , MIC , Gerakan and all the other small component parties that constitute the Barisan National Party.They have been too long entrenched in the Malaysian political landscape and for a change to take place, we need to sever the old appendages that have festered and corrupt our malaysian system.We need to bring in fresh blood without the old baggages and try to reform the machinery that has been corrupted by the ersthwhile B.N leaders.We need to start a new page in our country's history and transform our multi racial society to one that is united to face the globalised world of today.