Monday, May 30, 2011

Scorpene Submarine 'kickbacks'

Suaram's French lawyers have informed the NGO that investigations by French prosectors have found evidence of commissions being paid.Payments of 114.96 million euros( Rm574.8 million)wass paid to Malaysian consulting company, Perimekar Sdn bhd,another 30 million euros ( RM150 million )to DCN's commercial network, Thales and another 2.5 million euros to an unknown recipient.
Initially in 2006,then Deputy Defence Minister Zainal Abidin Zin was quoted as saying that the commissions was paid 'voluntarily'( to Perimekar)by the French parties in the deal.In 2008, however, Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi told parliament that the govt had indeed paid the 114.96 million euros to Perimekar and that it was for 'coordination services' and not for commission
According to Suaram, French investigations revealed that the amount paid was a form of kickbacks ' for the sole purpose of circumventing the OECD convention'

What is most interesting in this whole sordid episode is that Perimekar is a subsidiary K.S Ombak Laut sdn Bhd,and the major shareholder is the wife of Abdul Razak Baginda, a close confidante of the current Premier, Najib abdul Razak. Abdul Razak Baginda was acquited of the murder of translator, Altantuya Shariibuu and instead two bodyguards of Najib was charged and convicted for the murder of the Mongolian model cum translator.

When the case do go to open trial it will becoming interesting to see how Najib was involved in the scorpene kickbacks.This reason alone will prompt Najib to call for an early election to circumvent the revelation of the Scorpene kickbacks which undoubtedly will leave a trail leading to Najib's doorstep.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Najib Should direct his warning to Utusan Malaysia.

When Najib warned to calm down and not exploit religious issues he should be directing his criticism at Utusan Malaysia.All malaysians with a bit of intelligence knows that the Utusan paper is trying its level best to stir up racial and religious emotions among the rural malays so that they will hopefully unite under UMNO's banner.Perhaps what disppoints and irks most Malaysians is the inabilty of the P.M to rein in Utusan's frequent foray in exploiting racial and religious sentiments amongst the malay populace.

What is even more disppointing is the double standard of the Home ministry in allowing Utusan to get away with such racial rhetorics which is bound to stir the emotions of the rural malays.With such leeway being given to the UMNO owned Utusan to print such fiery articles like the christians meeting to make christianity as the official Religion of the country and to appoint a christain Prime Minister, the govt is indirectly encouraging another may 13th incident.

The common perception by many political analyst is that the govt hopes to create another may 13th incident so that it can declare a state of emergency which will then allow the govt to rule under the emergency Act. Before that , it will have another 'operation lallang ' to rope in all the opposition members under the guise of security threats posed by them.

Perhaps that explains why Najib is maintaining an elegant silence while Utusan is running riot with its racial and religious publications.