Thursday, February 28, 2013

Najib's last Hurrah

The old saying 'beware of Greeks bearing gifts ' is so true now even though it was common knowledge during ancient greek mythology..During the past year the frequency of Najib bearing gifts to every one and sundry has never been more obvious .Every spectrum of the society seems to be covered in his never ending craze to bear gifts to all and sundry.

But that is not the end. Najib the P.M then becomes the chinese drummer , the indian guru at Thaipusam,then the surprise of it all was his attendance of the Dong Zong chinese New year function. Of course all these generous contribution of his P.M's time was not for nothing. His main purpose for all his appearances were to garner support in the forthcoming general election.

But all these various antics by the P.M only display the uncertainty of his office after the next election.. Never in the history of Malaysian politics have an incumbent P.M being so compliant and his electorate especially the non malays who have bored the brunt of the govt's NEP policies. However , if the recent Gangnum star perfomance at the Penang concert is any indication, Najib's participation in the next election would be his last hurrah.

And the best indication would be the deportation of the Australian senator, Nick Xenophon. People say, desperate man always resort to desperate measures. Najib must have lost total confidence of wining the election if the presence of a foreign senator can appear to threaten his position albeit the senator may only just. be critical of his administration.

The straw that perhaps broke the camel's back was his purported instruction to his Deputy Minister, Ahmad Maslan to show the may 13th movie ' Tanda Putera ' to 3000 Felda settlers.If it was any other movie there would not have been any public outrage but this may 13 movie was about putting the blame on the chinese bent on instigating the malays and thus resulting in the may 13 debacle. Now what was Najib's strategy if it ever there was one? To incite the rural Felda malays to create another may 13th so that going into the election, the malays would give undivided support to UMNO.?. That perhaps was his intention but like all his bad strategy this would not likely work .Thanks to alternative media. The people have now reallised that Najib is playing a double game. ,espousing One Malaysia in front of a chinese audience and inciting the rural malays to unite in order for UMNO to remain in power.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

RPK Spin Against Chinese Support For Pakatan

Discerning readers of RPK's ( Raja Petra Kamaruddin) blog will observe lately in many of his articles he has criticised and castigated the chinese. For some inexplicable reason his has shown his ire against the chinese for many of the things that has lately happened in the current political landscape in Malaysia.. Ever since his appearance in a mainstream television media where he recanted his earlier Statutory Declaration regarding Rosmah's presence at the scene of Altantuya's murder,, RPK since have moved away from his pro opposition stance towards favouring the B.N.

His latest article in his blog, ' Feel like kicking yourself ' perhaps deserves some mention.First he criticise the non malays for incessantly criticisng Maharthir's indian heritage.. Because of this criticism of Maharthir's indian heritage he concludes the chinese and indians to be racist and more concern with Mahathir's indian blood. But why does RPK not direct his anger at Mahathir for always raising the spectre of his own race ? He seems to always project himself as a full blooded malay forgetting his own indian heritage.Is it not a fact that his father is of part indian blood and that his grandfather was an indian from Kerala?In 22 years of his tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia had he admitted in public or in private his indian heritage?. His morbid secrecy of his own heritage reminds me of Adolf Hitler who was of Austrian heritage but in public always trying to act his part as a full blooded German. Closer to home we have another classic example of another personage by the name of Reduan Tee... Like Mahathir, he seems to confuse with the difference between race and religion .You can change your religion but you cannot change your race. Your genes dictate what race you are and your beliefs merely dictates what religion you follow. Therefore even though you profess to be a devout muslim that doesnt change the fact that Reduan genes is chinese and for him to say that the chinese should go back to china is like cutting his own nose to spite his face.Mahathir and Reduan Tee should accept the fact that they are constitutional malays as provided in the constituition because they speak and follow malay customs but genetically both are indians and chinese respectively.Mahathir being indian because his father is an indian muslim and genetically the father's genes supercede his malay mother's genes.As for Reduan Tee he is 100% chinese as both his parents are of chinese heritage.

Next, RPK virtually laid the blame on the chinese for B.N's victory in the 1999, 2004 election. To lay the blame on the chinese support for B.N's victory in both the elections is a blatant lie.. As someone who have lived through six Prime Minister the simple and ulgly truth is that the chinese have never supported the B.N govt after May13 1969.. For those who still supported B.N after that date it was because they had vested interested and not because of their belief in the B.N's policy or their governance.RPK must be living in a different planet to even think that the chinese would support the B.N govt after 1969.Why? Because after 1969, the NEP policies virtually locked out the chinese from every sphere of govt policies.Education opportunities were closed, civil service employment were restricted, Govt contracts were non existence for the chinese and practically all opportunities for advancement in govt GLC were vitually closed to the chinese and indians.

In short they were marginalised under the B.N govt. Those chinese that still supported the UMNO govt was MCA, MIC and Gerakan members who stood to personally benefit from the position of cabinet post offered to them.And to show some semblance of support from the chinese populace these MCA puppets won their seats in mixed constituencies where they derived evergreen support from the malay UMNO supporters.And to prove this point, most if not all chinese majorities constituents were won by the opposition parties principally DAP

Therefore it is really mischievous for RPK to totally blame the chinese for B.N's victory in the 1999 and 2004 General Election.RPK perhaps can be faulted for his failure to be acquainted with the frailities of human nature. He should know that no citizen can ever be supportive of a govt that treat its citizens as second class and after having done so expect support from the same citizen..